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  1. The story ended positively. Betfair opened the account. Thank you all for making this case public.
  2. Update for the last 3 days: On September 1, I receive a response from Betfair with the information that if I want to send a complaint to IBAS, I must confirm this in a reply letter (see photo 13) My answer was given on September 1 at 19:39 (Moscow time). On September 2, I opened a complaint in «Resolver»(it is an aggregator of complaints about providers) it will help to send a complaint to the right department (in my case is IBAS) I also tried to write to Malta (MGA), but received renouncement (see photo 14): «Please be informed that all B2C licensees are now required to make readily available to players the applicable procedures for referring a dispute to the operator’s appointed Alternative Dispute Resolution provider (ADR). The approved ADR provider for PPB Counterparty Services Limited ( is IBAS. Kindly direct your dispute to the appointed entity accordingly.» As I found out, there is a chain of work with licensed casinos / bookmakers if they cheated you. It could help you: 1.Usual customers support 2.Higher managers, they usually have a separate email. In the case of Betfair - “Escalation Management Team” 3.Resolver and direct appeal to the appropriate ADR - in my case is IBAS A list of ADR providers can be found at «gamblingcommission» 4.If ADR does not satisfy you, you have the rights : -sue and get free legal consultation, you have to work with the lawyers of the country where is located the main office of the company. In my case it is England. -make a complaint on ADR directly to "gamblingcommission" - there is a special form. -make a complaint on ADR directly to Malta (MGA) Immediately on the 2nd of September I sent to Betfair, particularly in «Escalation Management Team», a message from MGA and requested "deadlock". As I understood I should get a special form from them(betfair) in order to make a complaint to IBAS directly. I got an answer some hours later(see photo 15) At the time of writing the update, “deadlock” has not yet been received, although almost 3 days have passed since the first time sent the request. I also called to the call center and tried get any new information about my case but nothing. The answer was the same like in email Guys, give me advice and share your opinion about this situation.
  3. My account was closed by Betfair security as a result of check without the right to a refund money(on my account was more than 32k EURO). (sorry for my English I am not native speaker) For the first time when I tried to log-in the account on August 21 I saw a message:«Access to this account is denied - this account has been closed. Please contact us if you have any questions». When I saw this message, I naturally started contacting with the live support and wrote to the email. I received a response that my account is being verified. Next day, August 22, I turned to the Russian-speaking support by email to find out the deadlines of the verification (see photo 1) On the same day I receive an answer (see photo 2). They said that I must to send them a documents like passport, skrill screenshot and proof of the living-address. and I have sent it and asked What is the reason of the closing my account and Is using VPN legal(see photo 3) The next day I got an answer(see photo 4) : «Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience, this is a periodic check.. Using VPN and Proxy is contrary to our rules and regulations, but for players from Russia we make concessions and do not prohibit using our site in this way.» I answered: I understand, thank you very much. I will wait for the result. The next day - August 24, I received a response from the security service regarding verification(see photo 5). They asked to change a format of the photo from HEIC to Jpeg or pdf. So, I sent it to JPG format. The most interesting begin from this moment : documents were sent on August 24. Average verifying time is 72 hours : «Verifying your account: Average Time to answer is 72 hours». Two days has passed, I began to write in live chat…. They apologized for the delay and wrote that they are needed more time (see photo 6) The next day, I called directly to the English-speaking support - they said that all of the documents were accepted except the utility bill and they needed more time. Then, on August 28, I wrote again for Russian-language support and try to find out if everything is fine and when my account be unlocked (see photo 7) I have not got a reply to this message, I waited a couple of days before August 30 and wrote to Russian-speaking live support (see photo 8 ) She sent a request to update the data to security department. She said that they will answer me during the day on email. So, I did not get an answer and August 31 I wrote to Russian-speaking live support again(see photo 9). She wrote that my account is closed and I can not withdraw my money! Also they will not tell me the reason. +letter which is confirming the closing my account (see photo 10) On possibility to dispute this decision, money back or receiving the result of the security check I got the answer that this decision is final and I can not(see photo 11) I wrote to the higher department of the "Escalation Management Team" they answered the same (see photo 12) I will try to back my money from account because I didn't do anything illegal I really need your support guys, any ideas what can be done