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  1. FINAL SCORE 0:2 AGAIN WIN!!!! // TODAY 15:00/23.05 RTP Arena Cup / Movistar Riders vs Giants CSGO pick from Giants + 1,5 @ 2.15 The odds have definitely fallen down for several hours. It was 7 - now about 4 - 5. Whoever managed to play yesterday definitely gained a lot. Of course, the Movistar class is bigger and the recent results have not changed much while the Giants is playing solidly recently. Richard PAacheco (fox) has been in good shape for a long time, but more importantly, other players are following in his footsteps and have clearly improved their communication. renatoohaxx and NOPEEJ . All three of them have a big share in the recently won matches against x6tence and Havu. Movistar does not have any weak points, but results are unstable. The odds are still a little too high for the favorites. It will be difficult to win the Giants, but comparing the map pool, one map or + 11,5 is very accurate today after a good rate.
  2. Counter Strike - Home Sweet Home Cup / 16 May 2020 - 16:50 Team Secret vs SMASH For me, currently Team Secret is exactly the same level and comparable to Smash players. Don't understand these odds. Although they lost to Avez I think it was a tough rival. Today 50/50. Not the worst rallen game lately, but sinnopsyy keeps the level from match to match. Smash has won the game with Skade, but it's because of fejtZ and bubble - the rest is definitely standing still. 2.2 on betfair is worth it for me today. Bettor analysis from @ Team Secret @ 2.2
  3. Alinace played her last game in the grid Winning against Team Liquid played against Natus Vincere ,losing against Virtus Pro, winning against Nigma . Their opponents today, despite the fact that they are being crossed out by the bookmakers looked pretty good recently, unfortunately FlyToMoon put a very tough condition. Aliance is just starting to play their first match in this league. Viking is a team that lacks familiarity with the lead but today's game is a good opportunity to prove that they can fight better than themselves. Tipster bet for Dota 2 - OGA Dota PIT Minor 14 May 2020 - 14:00 vs Alliance Pick Vikin +,8,5 1st map @ 1,8
  4. Avez - Pompa 05/10 15:00 PICK: AVEZ (-1,5) @2.850 2/10 Tipster analysis from as for me, AVEZ is the only team that stands out in this country at this point and even against the background of AGO, they have recently played much more solid and better against strong rivals. The form of this team is much better than Pompa and I won't even be surprised how easy it will be today 2:0 because the course encourages me to do so. Splawik wont exist at all in the last game with Skade. Winning alone doesn't necessarily pay off anymore because, as we know, players can approach a match at a tournament with an average stake. I prefer to take a risk in the pinnacle.
  5. FINAL SCORE 2:0 WIN AGAIN ++++++++++++ Today / League of legends match: EU Masters semifinals It is hard to find a really profitable course here. We already have a lot of statistics and matches behind us. In many of the matches the form of the day was simply decided and basically this is where you can finish the analysis. AGO player - Szygenda is in 1 of the top five KDA players - most played: Aatrox and Renekton. The second good player in the best five of this team is Chocolate which is in the lead with KDA at 7.5 and 420 gold per minute. Syndra and Azir play most often. It will certainly depend a lot on their form today and we think they can do it. The opponent has limited room for manoeuvre in the banes and each of their favourite champs is very versatile. In last 2019 season Polish formations were strong but they didn't stand the pressure and made very stupid mistakes. The level of this league, however, does not differ as far as the allocated places in the line-up indicate. Today this pressure will also be there, but as you can see from the previous matches, the level of the league is good. Of course, the higher the stakes, the more nerves will grow. I think that the players from Poland are better than LDLC, who also surprised me positively this year. The French organization that is in the gas will undoubtedly be a very good rival today. game: AGO ROGUE vs Team LDLC pick and prediction from Pick: AGO ROGUE @ 1.8 Date & Time: 18:00 9.05.2020
  6. Esport bet for ESL One Today I chose the Unique Team vs Nemiga game and a big difference in courses caught my attention. The +12.5 line is quite safe for me for today. Nemiga is weak recently and Belarus Igor Solodkov ( lollipop21k) started shooting a little bit worse. Team Unique on the other hand is probably one of the worst teams here, however the form of both teams has been hopeless lately. Nemiga had a good match with Gambit recently but apart from that I still don't see such certainty and consistency in the game. Team Unique and Nemiga have played with Spirit recently and you can compare their matches which were not much different from each other but should. Spirit can quite easily cope with the difference between the two teams that they needed 3 maps for Nemige and not two but with similar and equally weak game. Road to Rio Unique Team vs Nemiga | 15:00 PICK : Unique +12,5 @ 1.9
  7. Invictus Gaming - Royal Never Give Up 11:00 5.08.2020 pick: INVICTUS GAMING @2.450 pick or DOTA 2 from esports talk tipster I feel much better in the league of legends, so keep that in mind. The lot is less predictable for me and unfortunately there is an additional risk factor which is a very high rate of dishonesty in this region when it comes to players. The insiders know what I mean. In this tournament the prize pool is $60,000 which makes you think differently. The RNG has recently played surprisingly poorly and I am not convinced that it was just a poor form of day. The RNG also barely managed to win the match with CDEC 2-1.We have a profitable factor this morning to win Invictus because as much as 2.45 in the pinnacle even though the initial one was just over 2. Both teams ended up in their groups on 2nd place in the table. RNG with a stack of won maps 5-2 and IG 5-4. The groups were quite balanced. RNG lost UB to PSG but still has a chance in the low basket. With this form of IG, it is very real, but I think IG can be on the podium this season. The last clash between IG and RNG was won by IG. I think that this team, although not a favorite, has the same chance to win today as the opponent.
  8. Team Heretics vs AVEZ // 17 7.05 Pick : Avez +3,5 @ 1.95 nowing the Team Heretics mentality, AVEZ will be treated with disregard today. On the one hand, it's hard not to be surprised when you've just played with the world's top players. But Heretics unfortunately didn't manage and lost another game. Avez has also had quite uneven results at a much lower level, but they play a lot more matches in regional league and that could be their advantage in this Blade, being in a better match pace. The Avez have nothing to lose and they have to maximize this match while the TH will not necessarily be 100% mobilized on this game. Of course nobody knows that. It was clear from Secret that even a good Mac game didn't help, and besides that there is a deeper problem with communication within the team. tipster info from
  9. Nemiga vs Gambit Youngsters ESL One: Road to Rio Time: 15:00 Nemiga @ 2.32 Both teams have a few class players who should be doing well and this match is an attractive one. The gambit is a great sh1ro. Nafany and Ax1LE also score well. Speed4k is very talented in Nemiga, but he can be different with stability. But for him the drive is lollipop21k - if they both play well, the whole team gets wings. The NEM team is distinguished by the lollipop21k, Speed4k both have a mean of over 1.1 and 0.7 kill. In fact, I see here the competition between the form of the day of these two players with the leader Gambit sh1ro. The minimum favorite for me is Gambit but I risk nemiga here at a much better odds today. Bet source:
  10. WIN !! 1:0 ! Team LDLC vs BT Excel / 5.05 / 21:00 pick: LDLC odds: 1.95 @ pinnacle source: esport betting EU MASTERS - League of legends. The courses on LDLC that I've been seenrecently are behaving quite strangely. Initially put in the role of a favorite, but now less considered by the general public. Odds have gone up a bit too much in my opinion. The initial offer was 1.6 and after a few hours the odds even reached the limit of 1.9 and now basically the odds of bookmakers are rated as 50/50. In fact, having such amounts of data and comparisons it's hard to argue here whether it's right or wrong. I only judge the game and rivals of both teams. And here, in my opinion, LDLC had a harder crossing. The LDLC has an easier task today in draft. Their main role today is to limit the very dangerous ADC carry, which inflicts almost 1/3 of the total damage in the Excel team, and recently the match with RGO showed that they can choose the right heroes. Excel actually won against Gamer Legion and YDN, who were put up before the tournament as one of the ones to fight but their matches against Excel were one-sided. The LDLC is in good gas has a lot more matches played and they certainly feel their power. One risk is that they play over-relaxed. Both teams have passe winners but LDLC should have a mental advantage here.
  11. Virtus.Pro vs NaVi Virtus Pro +1,5 @ 2,18 Simple is still mourning his porshe, which was brutally treated in one of the shopping parking lots -: ) But people are jealous of it. Today he won't be able to play and he will mourn. Just kidding. Natus is an obvious favorite of this match but today they can play very loose with Virtus and they will not come to the match 100% unconcerned. Navi is a team that finally won the team championship and deservedly won the IEMa, but NaVi is not yet a team like Astralis, which when necessary will force itself and compete on every rival (even Astralis has problems with that). I think that today's match could be one of them. Virtus Pro faded out a long time ago now practically nobody is counting on them but nothing motivates as much as a chance to rebound against the best team in the world from the last IEM. Stable form of Buster and Jamie despite the losses are a good predictor before this match. The interesting thing is that Inferno is the best VP map today.
  12. 1st map score 4:12 WIN +++++ Today, 18:00 3/05 esports eu masters Giants Gaming vs LDLC bet: LDLC @ 2,48 Both teams have over 70% of the winnings. Giant Gaming has played more matches making the statistics more reliable. VODAFONE GIANTS mainly concentrates around their Mid and AD carry while the LDLC has an equal distribution of players. And today that can be their advantage because when comparing their favourite champions they have more room for manoeuvre in the drafts and that can give a big advantage. And here again there is a place for analysts to play live - if you know your way around the current finish line you can see and make a lot of money. In the VGIA big unknown is Th3Antonio, although he played very well in both previous matches with LDLC. Although Vatheo has quite a low KDA, maybe that's why there's more room in LDLC where jungler and ADC stand out instead. At this stage it's much harder to predict the result so I wouldn't risk it with a stake however, the LDLC should have a balanced fight.
  13. eSports , China Pro League of Legends FINNALS / TES vs JDG , 11:00 2.05 Bet: Under 26,5 kills 1st map Bookie 1.86 @ ggbet JD GAMING will be playing in a composition today: Loken, LvMao, Zoom, Kanavi, Yagao. On the opposite team we will see JackeyLove, QiuQiu (oddly for some people instead of Yuyanjia) 369, Karsa, Knight. So, today we will see QiuQiu in action - not sure if it's good for them. I deliberately do not choose to win the JDG, but I think the odds are well balanced. But playing for 1.6 is not worth the price of favorites to me. I was interested in betting on a number below 26.5 killings during this final. Although the average of these teams is a little bit higher, let's not forget that it has changed a little bit with the stages of the season and this average is a little bit inadequate. Secondly, the finalls are always played much more carefully and we'll wait for a big one too (line 23,5 about 2,6 in odds). The JingDong is one of the better first blood chemistry in the league and that's why the ratio for such an event is now profitable. Interestingly, one team has a shorter game in the league (Top Esports vs Team WE (22 minutes) and the second longest JD Gaming vs FPX (almost 42 minutes). The strength distribution looks more or less similar and proportional with the difference of a slightly more aggressive jungler on the Top Esports side. In fact, depending on the first map I will be analyzing if the line for killings is profitable so this bet is on 1 map and not on the next. I would like to remind you that every match is a 1u bet regardless of whether I play 1.7 or 4.5. Info and tips from
  14. CSGO Elisa Invitational / Nordavind vs KOVA Esports 12:00 / bet: Over 26,5 @ marathonbet We're in for a very pissed-off duel here. The form of the players is on a very similar level as well as the style of playing the duo Uli and Derkeps to the feats of TENZKA and HS. I don't see a clear favourite here. These teams often give rounds and don't finish matches too fast. Kova does not have to be crossed out, they should fight with Nordavind as equals. The line in the b365 25.5 is more secure but the odds are much smaller (1.65) hence the risk is slightly higher but at a good odds.
  15. Anybody is here? . . Schalke 04 Esports vs Movistar Riders / EU MASTERS 19:30 1.05 bet: Movistar Riders odds: 2.96 MARATHONBET Tipster prediction from The average is about 2.6 and here's almost 3. It's a viable risk for me. Ok all of us know from the beginning that 04 is the main favorite of this tournament. No one is hiding from it. The team openly confesses and announces it to everyone and because they put a lot of emphasis on winning the EU masters. This team has already proved many times that it can win against the best, such as G2. However, it can also play completely below expectations and fail with very weak rivals. Movistar is a team from the heavy Spanish league which is not weak and which will have great motivation to show its best side against 04. The Germans will feel a lot of pressure today because I think subconsciously they know that this will not be an easy duel. Movistar has 23 wins, practically the same percentage of wins (about 70%) and is in big swing. A very solid selection of well-played characters on honey (32% of the total insults) the case that Shalke may have a problem already at the draft stage. The last game against Team Singularity confirmed the good disposition of Xiko and Elyoya, of course, leaving aside the fact that TS surprised me negatively this year.
  16. ForZe vs Nemiga 30.04 15:00 Pick : Nemiga +1,5 @ 2.02 pinnacle ESL RIO 2020 // esports betting from In the forZe we have much more effective competitors but Nemiga also surprises positively. In the Belarus - Estonia team on the other hand, a pretty pleasant series against the background of average rivals, but the stable and solid form of the lollipop21k, box and joy player surprises. I don't think Nemiga will be able to win it, but one map for me is very likely. The players feel pretty confident on the viaducts and are able to fight the Forze, which has the resources of the last strangely weak duel with Spirit.
  17. LCK - SANDBOX Gaming vs Team Dynamics, 10:00 Team Dynamics 4.04 Sandbox is overrated.Team Dynamics is here to take the full jackpot. Comparing recent matches, Team Dynamics has a much better win rate of almost 65%, while Sandbox has only 50%. SANDBOX Gaming plays much more matches. For one better for the other not necessarily. Of course TD has much weaker rivals, but the winning series adds wind to the sails and today they can fight against a stronger rival. TD will play with Seong-hyeok, Do-yeop, Kyu-seok. Dae-gil and Jae-won . One the others side Sandbox has 4 changers to choose from.A little lottery. Only small stake.
  18. League Home Sweet Home 2020 Match: 1win - SinnerS / 9:00 28.04 Bet: Sinners @ 5 bet365 stake: 1u Czech CSGO league is not among the best, but SINNERS definitely stands out from the rest of the teams. Their series is dominant. They also showed themselves well against the background of Navi - of course the young team. Today for this team it's a kind of test against the better rivals. WIN has players whose skills are greater, however, course 5 to win Sinners is a good opportunity for a small minimum risk. If today they don't play 120% of their abilities, they will waste their chance, which they have because WIN doesn't have much experience on the European scene. Source: