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** September Nap's Competition Result: 1st Boulder5111, 2nd Craig Bluenose, 3rd Barnsley Chop, 4th Zilzalian KO Cup: Bathtime For Rupert, Most Winners: Waggy**
**October Poker League Result : 1st muttley £75, 2nd ian309 £45, 3rd thebestthere £30**
** Last Man Standing Result - Ivailobg/Cookro split 1st £125 / Larking22 1st Consolation Cup £50 **


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  1. I bet 3:0 for TES in this Play Offs ,Chance for the fnatic to shine on one map (3:1 for me less true), but rather ez games .Fnatic must really be in shape for 150% to do something here. I do not see it. TES vs Fnatic Lol - Worlds 2020 Esports Pick : TES (-2.5) Odds: 2.53 @ marathonbet
  2. On the first fire a very crazy Flyqest vs very strong TES. Top Esports Challenger as a strong favourite but 6.5 is a big exaggeration. I would give within 4.5 max. FlyQeust can play solidly and very confidently and already in NA was too often underestimated. World Championship - League of legends Top Esports Challenger vs Fly Quest Pick: FlyQuest @ 6.5 @ 1xbet
  3. 28.09.2020 11:00 Bet for eSports WORDS 2020 in League of Legends game MAD Lions vs Legacy. Worth to risk it. Mad will not come out of the first place for sure , they will play in the second round anyway. Legacy in opposition to them has 2 matches and hypothetical games on the 1st place so it certainly has much greater motivation to win. Mad does not delight so far. Pick: Legacy +3,5 handicap kills Odds: 3.17 @ pinnacle
  4. Esport game in Nine to Five Dawn (Counter-Strike) Match MIBR vs WISLA 25/08/020 · 12:00 Look at impact palyers like kngv and hades - players we see very similar statistics and yet the class and experience of the teams is completely different. Of course Wisla has had other matches and other teams but they are the ones who are in the right moment. They can win key rounds and when necessary they have cold blood in the matches. Mibr let me down in the last important tournament for them. Not because I played them but because I only lost time watching their poor game. Mibr is an obvious favor
  5. League of legends · Mid Season Cup day 3 // | 12:00 30.05 Bet: Over 4,5 @ 2,73 Recent TES matches - two defeats under the rule with JDG winning with DWG (without convincidence) lost to FPX which played really solid yesterday. He has won a match with T1, which is already a shadow of himself with faker. Faker has flashes but young Chinese talents definitely come to the fore and nothing will stop it. Gen.G. from the very beginning I was typing as a black horse and yesterday I did. The bad luck was that I played the game they lost (in theory it was the most reliable) but still the players
  6. 14:14 ++++++++++++++++ Mid Season Cup - day 2 DragonX vs Gen.G | 11:00 Bet: Gen.G @ 1.85 pinnacle After the losses in Dota plays last times I played safely on Damwon yesterday although I wanted to play for their win - the course was very attractive because almost 4. Great game and a lot of emotions. I chose a safer option. Basically, it was a game of up to two mistakes. Today Gen G is the team that has the shane to get out of second MID cup group. They are not a favorite, but they are very unpredictable and they like to play hard, which can be hard for t
  7. DAMWON GAMING + 6,5 @ 1.87 When we look at the breath games of the teams in recent times, they ended up with a relatively small number of kills below average. They played 5 games in total. Both clashes were lost by T1 and there were relatively few killings in the whole match. This is not a small psychological advantage today. In a static clash - a result 2:0 and a definite advantage in kills (27 vs 13) - In February there were 3 matches, again 2 maps won by DWG. What's interesting is that more killers for all 3 maps had T1 but they still lost. This shows a bit chaotic approach of T1 to th
  8. 13-3 and finished 19:16 - What they did was some action movie. but the second bet + 11 rounds luckily returned..
  9. FINAL SCORE 0:2 AGAIN WIN!!!! // TODAY 15:00/23.05 RTP Arena Cup / Movistar Riders vs Giants CSGO pick from https://esporttalk.org/ Giants + 1,5 @ 2.15 The odds have definitely fallen down for several hours. It was 7 - now about 4 - 5. Whoever managed to play yesterday definitely gained a lot. Of course, the Movistar class is bigger and the recent results have not changed much while the Giants is playing solidly recently. Richard PAacheco (fox) has been in good shape for a long time, but more importantly, other players are following in his footsteps and have
  10. Counter Strike - Home Sweet Home Cup / 16 May 2020 - 16:50 Team Secret vs SMASH For me, currently Team Secret is exactly the same level and comparable to Smash players. Don't understand these odds. Although they lost to Avez I think it was a tough rival. Today 50/50. Not the worst rallen game lately, but sinnopsyy keeps the level from match to match. Smash has won the game with Skade, but it's because of fejtZ and bubble - the rest is definitely standing still. 2.2 on betfair is worth it for me today. Bettor analysis from https://esporttalk.org @ Team Secret @ 2.2
  11. Alinace played her last game in the grid Winning against Team Liquid played against Natus Vincere ,losing against Virtus Pro, winning against Nigma . Their opponents today, despite the fact that they are being crossed out by the bookmakers looked pretty good recently, unfortunately FlyToMoon put a very tough condition. Aliance is just starting to play their first match in this league. Viking is a team that lacks familiarity with the lead but today's game is a good opportunity to prove that they can fight better than themselves. Tipster bet for Dota 2 - OGA Dota PIT Minor 14 May 2020
  12. Avez - Pompa 05/10 15:00 PICK: AVEZ (-1,5) @2.850 2/10 Tipster analysis from https://esporttalk.org/- as for me, AVEZ is the only team that stands out in this country at this point and even against the background of AGO, they have recently played much more solid and better against strong rivals. The form of this team is much better than Pompa and I won't even be surprised how easy it will be today 2:0 because the course encourages me to do so. Splawik wont exist at all in the last game with Skade. Winning alone doesn't necessarily pay off anymore because, as we know, p
  13. Final score 8:16 , 19:22 WIN +++
  14. FINAL SCORE 2:0 WIN AGAIN ++++++++++++ Today / League of legends match: EU Masters semifinals It is hard to find a really profitable course here. We already have a lot of statistics and matches behind us. In many of the matches the form of the day was simply decided and basically this is where you can finish the analysis. AGO player - Szygenda is in 1 of the top five KDA players - most played: Aatrox and Renekton. The second good player in the best five of this team is Chocolate which is in the lead with KDA at 7.5 and 420 gold per minute. Syndra and Azir play most ofte
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