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  1. Padeborn @3,40 10 point single I have to post singles in separate posts? or only one bet at a time?Dont have this in rules
  2. 10 point Watford @2.87 10 point Tottenham @2,30 10 point Swansea @3,40 10 point Everton @4,50 10 point Atletico de Madrid @1,90 All singles
  3. Shahktar Donetsk are Ukrainian league leaders but have struggled in the Champions League and until the last match against Dinamo Kiev in the Ukrainian Cup, being in a group with Atalanta, Dinamo Zagreb was expected to qualify for Shahktar for the woods kills, but is fighting point to point with Dinamo Zagreb who will face Manchester City in the next round, and face Atalanta in Italy in that one. Manchester City have been dominant as always, but have struggled to score goals and put themselves in more favorable situations in the match, against Chelsea was a 2 to 1 where could have suffered a draw at any time. As much as the team has difficulties in the Premier League, in Champions in this group stage you face weaker teams than in the national league, and if even in Ukraine the City team managed to come out with a rout. The difference between the teams is abysmal, and even with Shahktar needing the win, they should not make it, it should be a very easy game and a possible defeat by Man City, which will not count on Aguero, but Gabriel Jesus this season has been in the same. Argentine level, two bad but the Brazilian is more likely to improve. Man City -2.5 @2.05 Pinnacle 10/10
  4. Atletico Madrid is in the process of transition, it was Griezzman's team and is now becoming the team of João Félix and for the next few years will be so, in addition the defending Spanish defender left in weight keeping only Oblak. Juventus have Cristiano Ronaldo on a clear decline, although his decline is still greater than 99% of the world's players, but it is still less decisive than in previous seasons. Juventus have struggled to win games in the Italian league and even in the champions league, but they have won and that is how it has always been with the Italian team, a very slow pace and solid wins. If the game had a -0.75 here I would not go to Juventus because I find it very difficult for them to win by 2 goals, but with this team facing Atletico Madrid also very fickle in the Spanish league, I see this line a little short too -0.25, it's a much better team, a lot more experienced and maybe the only thing that looks like Atleti's side is Simeone x Sarri in the beginning, but I don't see that being enough to take Juventus's big favorites here . Juve -0,25 @2.05 Pinnacle 8/10
  5. Paris Saint German thrashed Real Madrid on the way, where we went here, this PSG team is the best French team in recent times, although the popcorn labels that have no control over the team ended up creating fallacious analyzes, the PSG team He never lost because he was small or didn't have enough tradition, but because he had gaps that with a squad that spent a lot where it didn't need to end up missing at important moments. Real Madrid have had a lot of crises in the last two years, the last one being Bale saying that the team is in third place of their priorities, but despite all that, the team is getting better and has been playing a lot better with great evolution of Modric and of Hazard, besides Benzema being one of the best European strikers in a long time. It will be a balanced duel, but I see PSG winning and a more capable team having such a marker midfield with Gueye and Marquinhos against a much softer Real Madrid midfield that has Kross and Modric that should be a big factor. Having Neymar's option on the bench to take Di Maria's place and the clueless Mbappé is a big factor in this bet as well. PSG against Real is the perfect match for teams that have similar formations but different game styles, but I see it as a duel of generations despite having Hazard and Rodrygo, it's Real time and it's time for PSG to start winning. These big games. PSG DNB @2.30 Pinnacle 2 units
  6. Dont make any sense but they are expecting a evolution in Leverkusen because of a win against Atleti
  7. Tottenham switched coach who was 4 years at Mauricio Pocchetino and brought Mourinho, bringing a bit of antagonism, as Tottenham is the third best team in the Premier League in recent years and yet is a team seen as a small team not presents a great rivalry, having a cast of good guys players also helps with that, with Son, Kane and Dele Alli. Speaking of non-subjective things now, as much as the team is very swinging and bad in the Premier League, in champions the team has been different, and proves that a positive regression to the Tottenham team is very likely. Olympiakos no longer have a chance to qualify, the team only had a draw in this champions exactly against Tottenham, but it was in the first round and in a very complicated environment to play in Greece. I see Tottenham with great chances to beat here, is a much better team, comes with new coach who always gives a fresh gas, and has everything to improve and be a great team of previous seasons, the line is at -1.5 that makes it very valuable for the great possibility of the Spurs win by at least two goals. 2 units Tottenham -1.5 Pinnacle @1.97
  8. 25£ Swansea ML @1.90 25£ Arsenal ML @1.90 Both single bets
  9. Internazionale x Slavia Prague Internazionale were one of last season's disappointments, managed a heroic turn against Tottenham in the first round, and were able to pass even in a group with Barcelona, Tottenham and PSV. The team went to the last round needing only to beat PSV, but was eventually eliminated by Lucas Moura's draw in Barcelona. For this season the team lost some players with Perisic and Icardi, but under Conti's command the team already changes its threshold on the field and how it behaves. The Inter team has no desire to be mediocre another year and the 3 wins in the first three rounds, besides hiring Lukaku, Sanchez and Diego Godin proves it. Slavia Prague have won just 3 games in their last 17 Champions League games, all of them for Champions Qualify. It's a team that has beat Cluj by the minimum score and really should be the group's punching bag. If it were their house with this handicap I would understand, but at San Siro against a much stronger team and a handicap line so short that even returns if we win by only 1 goal is very worthwhile. Internazionale -1 @2.03 Pinnacle 2 units
  10. Chelsea x Valencia Chelsea have shown little solidity this early in the season, which is normal for a team that loses its best player, and loses its coach who had only one season's job. With a team unable to hire having to give value to young people like Mason Mount and Tammy Abraham the team has fared better than expected, even in the rout against Manchester United. Valencia are beaten 5-0 by Barcelona, and the team fired their coach at the start of the season, who managed to win the Copa del Rey and still qualify for the Champions League, made very big for Valencia, as 3 places already are practically guaranteed, and in Spain as well as England there are several good teams able to fill the fourth wave. Valencia have scored just 4 points in their first 12 games, and Chelsea are routed against a team that is similar to Valencia in play style and of similar level as Wolverhampton. I consider this line wrong, but I understand that an international competition is difficult to evaluate momentum and a possible matchup, but I see value in the pure Chelsea win here with a great 1.85 odd at 1xbet Chelsea -0,5 @1.85 Pinnacle
  11. Borussia Dortmund x Barcelona Borussia Dortmund is one of the teams that never appears as a Champions League title contender and is totally overshadowed as if there were only Bayern in Germany, Bayern's dominance says more about the strength of the team than the weakness of its biggest rival. present. Borussia Dortmund do have one of the strongest teams in these champions, and I see them as a possible candidate to surprise and eventually win. With a strong quarterback, and an amazing mid-front team, especially with the signings of Thorgan Hazard and Brandt the best players from Leverkusen and Borussia Gladbach, joining them with great pieces like Reus, Witsel and Paco Alcacer, I see this team with a very well defined style of play and with total conditions to beat Barcelona, even more against the yellow wall and its stadium with a very strong field command. The Barcelona team has been having a lot of flaws at the beginning of the season, although they have hired Griezzman and De Jong the team will still depend a lot on Messi as last season, many players like Suarez, Arthur, Rakitc among others are still good players, but It's not like you could say that this Barcelona is an exquisite as many people think of the team and already remember the Barca de Guardiola, Xavi and Iniesta. I see Borussia at this start of season stronger than Barcelona who have a chance to count on Messi, but even if the greatest player of all time acts, he will not be 100% fit, so let Borussia Dortmund DNB pay 2.07. Borussia DNB @2.07 Pinnacle 2 units
  12. Man City x Brighton Manchester City are even better than the team that scored 100 points and what made 98 last season and were champions above Liverpool. The team continues to have the same dominance as ever, and are increasingly managing to create chances for clear goal goals, and Kevin De Bruyne's fit form, who is the team's best technical player giving many goal passes and giving a very high speed in midfield. Sterling is a very solid player and a world football star, as is Bernardo Silva who has turned into a top player and probably a top 5 season in the world. I see this Manchester City increasingly able to win the Premier League and Champions, has depth and has an increasingly squad cast and have better plays like Rodri and Joao Cancelo who comes to add much as a side, and Phil Foden who is a potential replacement for Silva in the coming years. This line of -2.5 is very wrong, Manchester City against Bournemouth away, had a -2.25 paying just over 1.8, against a Brighton that is a weaker team with much less offensive capacity, I do not see a scenario that not a thrashing for the Manchester team here, so -2.5 at City looks like a pretty quiet bet. Man City -2.5 @1.86 Pinnacle 3 units
  13. Southampton x Man United Manchester United comes from defeat to Crystal Palace at home where we hit the bet here, the team has a lot of difficulty against closed teams and I don't see it being the case of Southampton in today's game, which is a team that despite defending well, It has a style very similar to that of United itself, of building faster moves and fewer passes. The house is much more aware of the weakness of Manchester United and Chelsea that are giving ML line just away from home, and I think it's time to turn the key, the English teams do not have such a high field command, the fans they don't scream so much, and the crowds can make it, facing Southampton away is only worse because you're away from your fans, but otherwise it remains the same, I see United in a lot of conditions to win this game, despite finding a team too limited to do much this season, still has much better pieces than Saints, and has been playing much better than the table shows too, so I see value in Red Devils ML Man United -0,5 @2.05 2 units
  14. Ceara x Flamengo Flamengo comes from a big win over Internacional by Libertadores, Bruno Henrique was decisive once again and the team will take a great two-goal lead for the return game. And this should help here, Flamengo is disputing point to point with Santos, Palmeiras and Sao Paulo and this should be a dispute that will last until the end of the championship, which makes it impossible to use reserve team here. William Arao said in an interview that about 4 players should be spared, and probably will be Arrascaeta for the entry of Gerson, Rene in place of Filipe Luis one of them. Flamengo has the best cast in the country, and a much higher gross level than Palmeiras, which despite having great players in key roles, not enough decisive players besides Dudu and Scarpa. For today's game, Flamengo will have a difficult task, Ceará beat Palmeiras playing alongside his fan, and thrashed Chape as should make every decent football team, and the team has Thiago Galhardo in great phase, since that came from Vasco has been the highlight even in vocal form, and led Ceará to another stay in series A. If Bruno Henrique and Gabigol play, in addition to having a great offensive power, greatly increases the chance of scoring goals of the red black team, the two probably have the best phase in Brazil, and have been a great pair. Another strong point at Flamengo is Rodrigo Caio and Pablo Mari's defense, which was a great sign and a find from the board of Flamengo, an unnamed player who has been great, and much better than Léo Duarte who was very raw despite being doing it. more than it should be new. The -0.25 line in a team as strong as Flamengo is very hard to miss, although the team has some difficulty playing away from home, but I see the team in a great phase and getting closer to getting it. end the drought of important titles. Flamengo -0,25 @1.88 2 units Pinnacle
  15. Vasco x São Paulo Vasco welcome Sao Paulo in Sao Januario at their best moment of the season, despite having been beaten by Flamengo 4-1, the team showed some improvement and did not diminish as is usually happening in almost all classics, the team pressed Flamengo and could have gone ahead of the scoring but failed and ended up with a well deserved defeat but a very exaggerated score. Sao Paulo is experiencing a moment of grace in the Brazilian championship, the team is very good after the Copa America, and has not lost point, besides giant wins like against Santos by 3 to 1, and against Athletico Paranaense. playing in the Arena da Baixada. For this game, you can not expect less than the victory of Sao Paulo, or at least the intention of it, the Vasco team is very limited, and has players of terrible technical level as Marquinho, Lucas Mineiro, Richard and Bruno Cezar. Several of these play in the name, although they are very bad and still have the opportunity. The good news for Vasco is striker Thalles Magno who is a very promising player, and has been more effective than he should in a situation like this one, and such a young player's swing is mega normal, something that makes Vasco worse still. This -0.25 line for Sao Paulo, is a very big mistake in my view, and should be at least a -0.5 with low odds, but it's a -0.25 above 2, which makes this bet very valuable, since the chance of Vasco win this game is minimal, even knowing that the team is different when it operates in São Januario. Daniel Alves was a great addition, but this Sao Paulo team was already good enough to fight for the title, and Cuca was not able to make the team surrender, even without Pato and Hernanes, the team follows well and has had enough depth in the cast to keep up the pace, and I see this victory coming safely here. São Paulo -0,25 @2.13 Pinnacle 2 units
  16. Santos x Fortaleza Santos faces Fortaleza today with the need to win so as not to lose the championship lead. In the last game against Cruzeiro it was a very atypical game, since after 1 minute of the game the Santos team was already with one player less, which makes it impossible to win a game, even against a team so bad as the other. Cruise Fortaleza were disappointed in the last round as well, although having had more play against Internacional, they left something to be desired, and even facing the reserves, they lose to Internacional playing at home, and it is very likely that the team will fall a lot under their command. Zé Ricardo, without Ceni, who set up this team, and was taking much more than Fortaleza could give. For this match, the Santos team will be able to count on their best players, and the only casualty is defender Gustavo Henrique suspended for being sent off against Cruzeiro and the doubts in the lineup are the midfield where Jorge Sampaoli can pot for Felipe Jonathan, Jean Mota or even Evandro, and in the attack, where Derlis Gonzalez and Marinho compete for the starting position, but I see the Paraguayan more likely to start this game, since it is a very good time. Santos -1.5 @2.05 2.5 units
  17. Bournemouth x Man City Bournemouth is a totally low profile team, nobody talks a lot about it, it doesn't have very trendy players, much less a stadium that fills the eyes. It's a very small team in a giant league like the Premier League, although it looks helpless, the Bournemouth team is a great team and really hard to play against, especially in their stadium. With Lerma and Billing in midfield, the team gains much more security in defense of the defense, and I find it difficult for the team to be scored by 3 goals right here with Manchester City on the other side. In such cases a bet is really quite difficult, because it is such a high handicap and such a discrepant difference between the teams, but I can see value here. With Fraser and Harry Wilson on the tip and King and Wilson on the offense they make a team, in addition to the midfielders already mentioned. I see Bournemouth a much better-balanced and better-trained team than many Premier League teams, such as West Ham, who at home were beaten and had no chance of a draw. I see this safe +2 line here, and a very possible push scenario, but on a shorter field, and with pieces that can protect well from the machine that is this Manchester City, I can see value in going lay on such a strong team. like Pep Guardiola's team here. Bournemouth +2 @2.05 Pinnacle 2 units
  18. Tottenham x Newcastle Tottenham have a very balanced team and have already established themselves as one of England's greatest and a team that really wins big games, it was against City, Ajax, and last season's Premier League, despite as many problems as the World Cup. from Asia, Kane injury, lack of stadium, the team still managed to be solid as far as possible, reaching the Champions League final. Newcastle have always had problems with Rafa Benitez, and the coach had a lot of prestige with the fans and you could clearly see why, since the team yielded a lot more than expected, and still without the coach who assembled this squad and rose with the team for the first division, to hire Steve Bruce, a very weak, underworked coach, who won't add anything to this weak team that still sold Ayoze Perez to Leicester. I see one more misguided line here. Newcastle must be a punching bag in this Premier League season, and unlike the team with Rafa Benitez who parked the bus, this team has conceded a lot of goals, and must suffer a lot here against such a strong Tottenham and at home. I see no way for Newcastle to hold a 1-0 loss here and I see a full-blown Spurs scenario. Tottenham -1.5 @1.85 Pinnacle 3 units
  19. Swansea x Birmingham Swansea have been one of the coolest teams to follow in the Championship, after great work from Graham Potter in the off season, where the experienced players left the new players room to develop, so it was with McBurnie who went to Sheffield United and with Daniel James who is already taking place captive at Manchester United. In addition to these new players, the team keeps many players formed by the club in the team and are really promises with possible highlight if the team is promoted to the Premier League. The team, besides having a base with great names such as McRoberts, Grimes and George Byers, has hired Celina from Man City who is a great player despite the lack of goals, and has combined it with players who are down in the league. at the moment but has the potential to surrender a lot like Borja Baston (the biggest signing in club history) and Andre Ayew, who does many offensive functions and is also an excellent player. Birmingham lost their best players in Jota and Che Adams, who went to Aston Villa and Southampton respectively, and besides having a very weak team, they also have a squad that really doesn't seem to have much room for evolution. Swansea playing at home is a very good team, and it has appeared to be a team to fight for access this season, this one simple win line pleases me a lot, but I still find Swansea superior enough to be able to meet the - 0.75, so let's go. Swansea -0,75 @2.16 Pinnacle 3 units