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  1. If not I'll go with Inverness 1.66 & Dundee Utd 1.57 £50 double if L1 & 2 are available i'll change prior to Saturday if that's ok?
  2. @BillyHillsNo Scottish League 1 or 2 prices this weekend?
  3. Apologies for no show last week. Everton 1.61 Inverness CT 1.85 £40 double
  4. Didn’t get involved this weekend as was on holiday, will take a couple of weeks to get my ratings together and should be posting more from there. well done on atleti selection.
  5. Not sure where the bets place to post is, but managed to snag some 4/5 about Atletico w/o big 2. Been cut not but I think it's probably still a great bet at 4/6. Simeone has never finished outside the top 3 in his full seasons ion charge, he finished 5th the year he took over in decemeber. Sale of Griezmann obviously makes them slightly weaker but they seem to have signed well in Felix.
  6. My bad, missed then Div Post and been away all weekend. Won't miss again!
  7. Where do I enter my selections? Was looking for a Div 8 thread.
  8. Had a decent bet on Spurs top 4 at 4/7. With Ndombele already in they should be continuing to strengthen. I see them closing the gap on the Top 2 this season and see them being miles better than Arsenal/Chelsea/Utd. 4/7 seems a bit of a gift IMO. Think I'll be adding that into a few multis too!