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  1. Me too! But as far as betting goes would you lay 2.5:1? I wouldn't. The likely result is berretini v novak in the final and it's very easy to say that and be right often. But the value isn't on betting those guys is it? MDLP
  2. To me the best bet moving forward is to bet both men's underdogs in the semis. Hurkacz is about 2:1 and is playing well enough to make it worth it. Now my favorite bet is Shapovalov to beat Djok at 7:1. Why? Well Djok hasn't been tested yet and if you watch carefully his favorite neutralizing shot is the 2-handed cross-court backhand which against a lefty isn't going to work because it falls straight to the forehand! Shapo has an incredible forehand and while his backhand is a one-hander if he is on point he can fire back some rockets and really make it happen. Of course I think Djok will win but 7:1 justifies this as a reasonable +EV bet in my mind. Thoughts? MDLP
  3. Just want to note a few things. I find it strange how I am such a winning player but when I post a pick online it is very often a loser. Random but weird lol. I really struggled during the first 2 rounds (as is often the case) then I just killed it in rounds leading to now. So much to learn. But this forum is the best one I know of and I really enjoy the comments. By the way @liquidglass really enjoying reading the profundity of your comments. Very deep and intellectual and I have long yearned for a forum where the intellect rises up and we can debate to a point of converging on success. So tired, cannot wait for this to be over and sleep a few days well before Ostrava! MDLP
  4. I think siniakova at +148 has to be good against sabalenka who was lucky to slip past a weaker blinkova yesterday. Siniakova really impressed me in her last match and against kerber in rome and i think she wins today.
  5. Do you guys know any good blogs or websites that discuss upcoming matches? I've been reading lastwordontennis.com and enjoy it but wondered if anything else was out there. As far as forums go I find only this one to be useful. Any others? Czechpunter hang in there man things always turn around if you make good bets! Thanks in advance! mdlp
  6. Gonna sprinkle on shapo thanks you guys! I was struggling in rome and tossed a decent bet on diego yesterday to claw back to a profitable tournament. Did super well on cincy and us open and really trying to catch momentum on clay...
  7. i agree about marketa and im in big on her at +143 bookmaker. The type of forehand that she hits is going to make it very difficult for Plíšková especially the wide angles. Pliskova succeeds when you put the ball right on her forehand and don't make her move a lot but that will not be the case today and that is what the market doesn't realize. Mertens just doesn't have the correct style like marketa does.
  8. I think the transition from hard court + the US OPEN hangover has created a strange dynamic which requires watching all the matches without betting them. To truly be a talented handicapper and bettor I think this is paramount at this time. MDLP
  9. Kerber had more errors than usual but she didn't play horrific tennis. What really happened is that Siniakova played like she used to back in 2017 and was lights out. Very unexpected but this is tennis!
  10. A few matches I think have to be value bets on the clay tomorrow in Rome(all prices here are on bookmaker and using american odds): 1-Sevastova -230 over Paolini: Sevastova has come into form lately while Paolini keeps losing to everyone she plays. Paolini actually knocked off Kasatkina in Palermo a month ago (by the way who hasn't beaten kasatina lately??) so I started watching her a lot w hope. Regardless, she kept letting me down. I see no way Sevastova loses this and would even grab the game spread here. 2-Kerber -215 over Siniakova. Siniakova should be playing challengers and Kerber is playing well and has a style that loves clay and long rallies. This is pretty much a guarantee win. Game spread of -4 is amazing EV too. 3-Bouzkova over Tomljanovic at -115. Yes I know that Tomljanovic beat her a year ago but times have changed. Tomljanovic isn't playing very well while Bouzkova is really looking great. Go watch her recent match w Pegula (pegula barely won) at the US open. Bouzkova fought hard and did very well. She just loves longer rallies and can stay in the point forever while Toml cannot. Any thoughts about these 3 or any others would be greatly appreciated. I have posted a few overconfident winners on this site and for that I apologize. You would never guess that I am actually a very winning bettor who made a ton on Cincy and the US open LOL. Thanks! mdlp
  11. i could beat babos and im a 4.0 come on!!
  12. madison keys likely to fall today. her opponent is almost a 7:1 dog. im in for $500 i have watched bolsolva and she is legit...she easily took down an in-form teichmann in last round completely under the radar.
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