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  1. That sounds pretty neat. My friend has his own new strategy I'm looking to automate, do you care to elaborate more on the lay the draw strategy?
  2. Oh cool you removed it? Thanks for looking out for me.
  3. This is interesting, have you had any updates on this?
  4. No cost at all, just want to mutually help out people and better my bot-creating skills (and hopefully make some profit as well). :~)
  5. Hey, I did a post recently and I'd like to help automate your process. I'll do it for free, I just ask that you'll allow me to use it personally.
  6. Hello, punters, strategists and betters! I hear of a lot of stigma behind bots, but I'm new to the punting community and want to help out anyone who's got a manual strategy into having their strategy turn into a passive-income generator. Traditionally betting isn't passive income unless it's in a bot, so that's why I want to both help out myself and others by helping automate these systems, with the mutual understanding that I'll use it as well if it's profitable (but do it for free). I'm a developer with a new spin on the ability to automate bets, with a few robot tests for finding arbitrage betting opportunities created and tested in production successfully doing their job. Thing is, arbitrage opportunities between two bets are rare, so I'm looking to create automated "systems" for punters and betters with proven strategies. I'll do it for free, but all I ask is that I can have the use of it after I ship it to you personally. I want to make it clear that I'm not going to be reselling these ideas and strategies to other players, since this will be development mutually between two. I'm quick developing, and I just want to help out other people who aren't sure about automating their manual betting strategy. One example is this article on the BetFair forum with someone manual strategy that wasn't turned into a bot: What I've created so far I created a bot to search pages for arbitrage betting opportunities, and left it on all night to find one or two at 0.1% return rates. It was enabled to find these opportunities, and quickly make the calculations for the bets for each side and make them live. Further, I've also created another alteration for horse racing and dogs, for finding matching arbitrage laying odds. Supports dogs, tennis, horses, afl, (all on BetFair in general), but if you have other areas that aren't exactly betting (such as crypto, forex, trading) and a simple system you want to automate to make profitable, I'll be very keen to do that. Basically, I'll automate anything you do to make it more profitable. If you supply your manual strategy with some backing behind it (record of profit over a period of time) and make it nice and clear behind the bot, I'll most likely get onto it as soon as possible and get something to show you in under 24 hours. If not, I'll assess it with you and we can structure a meeting or call and talk about the idea more. I want to be a friendly face you can come to for automation, as I don't know anyone else similar to this in the community.