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  1. Watch OUT Zverev's leg!... (injury during Haase match)... Johnson break Zverev serve in first set at @ 2.10 with Bet365... Bautista win a set + Wawrinka win a set + Kevin Anderson win the match @2.01 with Bet365.
  2. Struff win a set vs Khachanov + Herbert win the match vs Stakhovsky + Coric win the match vs Sousa at 2.32 with Bet 365. Not much to say.... Struff is playing a brilliant tennis and is facing Khachanov who's not an specialist in the surface at all... + Herbert that won hes match against Monfils without too much problems facing Stakhovsky (dont like the physical and emotional way that he face the matches.. sometimes it seems that he dont even want to play tennis)... + Coric (needs to defend the title in halle) facing a decadent Sousa... The logic says... no surprises here...
  3. oh!, hello my friends. Yesterday we have very tough matches for betting... but today everything is more reliable in my opinion.. I got 3 bets that could be interesting..: 1. Struff wins 2-0 vs Djere + Federer Wins 2-0 vs Millman (@2.0 Bet 365). 2. Evans Wins a set + Fucsovics Wins a set (@2.073 Bet 365) 3. Berrettini Wins a set + Auger Wins a set + Bautista Wins a set (@2.086 Bet 365) Why I'm picking this bets?. Well, Struff is playing the best tenis of his career getting nice results last week in Stuttgart, loosing against the Champ... (and is playing grass in his country), vs Djere who already play only 2 oficial grass matches in his entire life, he has not experience in this kind of surface. Then, I think I dont have to explain why im betting for Roger (you know what happen when he play just well in grass).. Then, Evans allready won 2 challengers in grass this year, with a record of 10 of 10 and is playing at home, with his people, is facing Stan Wawrinka a complete alergic to this kind of surface, is the first match of stan in grass this year, and he has a lot of problems trying to train due the weather last weeks... so, I think at least, Evans will win a set... Fucsovics is facing an specialist of grass, the spanish López (champion in 2017), but Feliciano is getting old, and thesedays is the shadow of his good mood. Fucsovics its playing really great tennis, and, looking the odds, its worth to take that chance. Then, the best surface for spanians is clay, but it is not for Bautista, he loves the grass, and is gonna play agains Fritz how is lack of experience in this surface, we are asking just for 1 set for Bautista, as well as 1 set for Berrettini (it is no recomended to bet for a recent champ, but Basilashvili winning in 2 sets???, i dont think soo)... And the last match is FAA against Dimitrov.. (the odds are really a joke, considering the lack of confidence of the Bulgarian in the last year...)... If the canadian plays just good as the last tournament, he will get a set againts Dimitrov... its a fact... Well, have a good day!.- PD: my english is a mess, sorry about that.
  4. thanks my friend!, and thanks for all your help and coments.. @CzechPunter
  5. Hello my friends, this is my very first post here, but I've been follow this forum for a long time.. Well, today was a very nice day for betting, I thought is the more profitable day since a long time... Starting with the fact that the grass season is here!, and all matches are more even. For example... today where a lot of very profitable bets like Mannarino wins a set against Verdasco, or Jarry +4.5 handicap against Tsitsipas, or Kudla +4.5 handicap against Monfils... well, a lot of oportunities... But, I thought the most clear bet today is: Felix Auger to beat Gilles Simon at 1.5 with Bet365... don't miss the chance to see that match, we have value here...