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  1. Very good points you make especially about O'Brien's horses and I reckon that one always has to have a saver bet on his outsider runners as they are not put in the races for fun. However, none of us would last very long puting half our betting bank on any selections over a long period of time. I appreciate it was a tongue in cheek remark but I wouldn't want anyone to go over the top with staking especially in highly competitive events.
  2. Had £4.30 at 3.45 3TBP = £10.32; Thanks
  3. Steady on, Audarya is not worth half of anyone's betting bank. It has to give 9lbs to Joan Of Arc which is now promoted as favourite for this event
  4. 3.35 Good Audarya one point win at 15/8 with Betfair
  5. Sold. I just had £10 to win at 3.1 = £20.58 if it wins
  6. RESULTS UPDATE My last two races at Sandown were cancelled and the first part of my post seems to have gone missing so a right mess. Anyhow, after all my efforts I am up 86p so that is what I will put down for today. I am still annoyed over the running of Fizzle Rock earlier. It shakes my confidence in racing when so called in-form horses run like donkeys. My new balance is £701.05 (Bank £1056.22). More Goodwood tomorrow; let's hope for a better day
  7. Well I don't mind being beaten by a better horse but Fizzle Rock should not have run today. Shocking effort; well beaten by a 50/1 shot 🥵
  8. 7.25 San Vino Victrix one point win at 6/4 with Bet365
  9. I can't seem to find my earlier post but only had Nagano as a winner for £8.04; Achelois won ins bet £4 returned. £19 staked so far at Goodwood My Trixie is: 4.55 Perth Fizzle Rock 9/4 5.35 Leic Magnolia State 9/4 7.25 San Vino Victrix 6/4 One £1.50 win Trixie = £6 with poss return of £78.79 Some singles: 5.35 Leic Jumbly £2 win at 6.8 = £11.37 if it wins 7.25 San Khaiz £2 win at 5.6 = £9.02 7.55 San revel Territory £3.20 at 4.9 = £9.29 with £3 win on Bashosh at 2.22= 45p Ins bet Total of these stakes = £16.20
  10. RESULTS UPDATE No winners today but Monets Sunrise got close but Hollie Doyle was in such outstanding form that it got beat (Ryan Moore, best jockey around said Frankie Dettorie recently 🤣. Also I can't believe the crap ride that Will Buick gave on Space Blues, didn't make its run until oh so late. £21.95 loss on the day but I was so pleased to see some of the fancied selections win. I never mind losing when a favourite wins a race; one for the punters, I say. And of course @TheBrigadierdid his followers proud. Very well done to him. My new balance is £700.19 (Bank £1056.22) We go again at Goodwood tomorrow. I will stick to the non-favourites throughout this festival and, because of the fiercely competitive nature of these event I won't put my Trixie on here. Unfortunately when I look elsswhere there seems to be a lot of short priced favourites in the class3/4 events. Despite all this I am looking forward to tomorrow's racing
  11. No probs Michael. So sorry to have troubled you on this; I know that you are busy
  12. 7.25 Perth Thomas Todd one point win at 13/2 with Bet365
  13. My Trixie today at Perth is: 6.55 Mr Jackman 5/2 7.25 Thomas Todd 13/2 7.55 Story Rory 5/2 One £1 win Trixie = £4 = poss return of £156.62 if all 3 win I have also had £2 at 4.2 = £6.27 on Store Rory to recoup my stake should the first two fail. I may of course cancel this if the first two win You'll all be relived to know that this is it for my selections today. I'm having fun win or lose. Good luck to all the serious punters on here 🙂
  14. Wonderful with the favourites obliging, I do hope that my PL members are making some money The last of my fun bets at Goodwood are: 4.10 Blue De Vega £1 win at10/1 4.45 Monets sunrise £1 win at 12/1 5.20 Separate £5 "free" bet, with Bet365; don't know how I got it ) at 10/1 5.50 Shepherds Way £1 win at 8/1 Looks like my total stakes are £11.35 at Goodwood today
  15. I am loving it seeing some well fancied selections going in 3.35 Gd Nayef Road 3TBP £2 at 6.0 = £9.80 if within the first 3 4.10 Gd Blue De Vega £1 win at 10/1 with Oisin aboard. Has form on soft
  16. My first 3 fun picks at Goodwood 1.50 Majestic Dawn 70p win at 9/1; Caradoc 70p win at 12/1 and Its a Good Laugh 70p win at 8/1 = £2.10 total spend 2.25 Eldrick Jones £2.10 win at 6.2 3.00 Space Blues £2.15 win at 4.4 = £7.16 profit if it wins. Interesting that Will Buick is on this instead of the favourite £6.35 total spend on glorious Goodwood so far 🙂
  17. I reckon that my best tip for PL mermbers today is to look at Perth for their selections. I haven't got around to it yet but will do so later. You can lose a lot of money fast on these festival meetings. However, I will be back with small stakes for selections so as not to be a complete party pooper Yet to look at Perth but: 7.05 Neachells Bridge £2 win at 11.5 = £20.58 profit if it wins 8.35 Worc Right Destination £4 win at 7 = £23.52 profit if it wins. Trying to £2 win matched at 3.0 on Pillar Of Steel (gone up a lot in the weights recently) as an insurance cover bet um 2.76 right now Poss £8 staked so far
  18. I don't see that. I think that my bet was struck well after Gweedore was declared a non-runner. However, although I had the time of that yesterday on Betfair I can't find it anywhere now.
  19. Hi @MCLARKE I thought my new balance would be + £7.00 with my 3/1 winner as I was on +£4 yesterday. No probs if I'm wrong
  20. RESULTS UPDATE Thinking about it had used the old addage that you can give away weight but not distance I could have chosen Chez Hans. Also, I think I was wrongly influenced by the RP and ATR with Ayr Of Elegance. The timeform and RPR ratings also impaired my judgment. This means that there was the possibility of me choosing the right selections but I got side tracked. My singles bet paid off and I made a tiny profit of 11p on the day. My new balance is £721.54 (Bank £1056.22) Will only be looking at glorius Goodwood tomorrow. Some big fields so a definite caution with regard to stakes, bookies specials or no bookies specials
  21. Looks like you and your followers saved a bit of money by not doing some win bets each way
  22. this isn't going well but hats off to Chez Hans for clobbering my selection though it had a significant weight advantage. I have struggled to get a good price for my last gasp singles bet to recoup my losses on Global Humour. I managed to get £2.35 matched at 3.65 = £6.10 profit if it wins. Contrast this with having to put around £3.50 on it at its current price of 2.78 to get my £6.00 back. Therein lies the proof of getting value. £1.15 or £11.50 at tens times the stake; win or lose
  23. I suspect that there is value to be had in checking the Betfair betting exchange for 4th and 5th places but as you say the odds are cramped when one looks. I would need something like 2.02 which means I would be staking around £20 as I would on an even money shot. For those who want to look and try and get a good price e.g. at least 1/4 the odds as they would get from the special offer bookmakers then this may suit them. I am very apprehensive about puting £20 on even money shots anyway so with all the work involved for me it is not worth the effort. Many thanks for your reply
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