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    Over 0.5

    A quick Google search, suggests that around 8% of football matches end in 0-0 draws. Using this figure, gives less than a 1 in 4000 chance of picking 100 matches in a row which aren't 0-0! For a payout of around 6/1 !!?! I think that I've done those calculations correctly, I hope I've not made some silly mistake, but if not, the bets are even more ridiculous than I first thought! Either I'm missing something or this thread is severely misguided. Can somebody clarify those calculations, or give their own interpretation please? I tend to bet on unders for goals in football, rather than overs, since football is such a low-scoring, defensively-dominated sport.
  2. Stegosaurus

    Over 0.5

    100-in-a-row is a ridiculous target isn't it? I'd have thought 20 would be tricky enough, 100 is bordering on impossible, given that 0-0 is one of the most common scores in football.
  3. Stegosaurus

    Over 0.5

    Do you mean that you’re aiming for 100 winning bets in a row?
  4. Australia and England’s kits both look horrible.
  5. Australia to win the tournament for me. I think England’s price is far too short - the straight-knockout format of the semis and final doesn’t give enough advantage to the better teams - the tournament should have gone with some sort of weighted play-off structure. England will surely find some way to mess it up, I don’t think their bowling will hold up under pressure and they’ve always got a batting collapse in them. India won’t win outside the Indian sub-continent, especially with Kohli out of form. Australia are proven winners time and again, and Smith and Warner will feel they have to redeem themselves. Warner’s IPL form was ridiculously good, and if he can repeat that in one of the two knockout matches, Australia will be well on their way to winning the tournament. By the way, I only started following cricket in 2013, through the IPL. Was MS Dhoni an amazing player before this? I regularly hear commentators and Indians going on about how great he is, but I’ve seen very little evidence of this in the past six years. He scores so slowly (out today for 17 from 42 deliveries), he usually kills an innings stone dead. On the occasional occurrence that he manages to stick around and then make up his scoring rate enough to win the match, he is hailed as a legend. The only role I’ve seen him able to do is come in in the last four-five overs of a comfortable T20 chase and finish the job calmly, but I’ve not seen him do enough to be included in a team, let alone hailed as a legend!
  6. I think that that bet is basically ‘Can Jos Buttler hit 30 sixes in the tournament?’ And at 13/8, the answer is probably no.
  7. I was just trying to help - with all due respect you have been losing vast sums of money on your threads on here, I just wanted to point out that horse racing and ‘Both Teams To Score’ are definitely losing bets for you - no wonder, as they are tremendously difficult markets to bet on. If you could avoid those two types of bets, then perhaps you could see an upturn in results, although I’m not sure it’s possible to beat the bookies as easy as you seem to think it is! If that comes across as criticism, then I’m sorry about that, but surely that’s more constructive and useful to you than people just saying ‘Unlucky, better luck next time.’
  8. I’m not betting very much at the moment, trying to cut down, as it was a bit out of control. If I see something of value, I’ll be sure to tip it, but I’m a bit wary of posting anything that I’m not definite on, as I wouldn’t want people losing money because of something I’d tipped!
  9. ...... closely followed by ‘Both Teams to Score.’ Another quick route to the poor house. Why are you such a fan of betting on both teams to score in football matches?
  10. I’m sure others would agree, you should stay away from the horse racing waggy, that’s always been your fastest route to failure on here.
  11. I had a feeling that you were going to stick the rest of your bank on England to beat Pakistan today, so well done for showing some control.
  12. Better, but still not good enough! Also, I assume if it’s a boosted bet, they limit how much you can put on it to £10, or £50, or something like that? If the two teams couldn’t meet until the final, then fair enough, but the fact that they can meet each other in the semis takes a huge deal of value out of the bet. (The World Cup really should have gone with an IPL-style weighted play-offs system, rather than straight semis and final. Not sure why they didn’t.)
  13. 4.5 seems really short for England and India to both reach the semis, then avoid each other, and then both win their semis. Not sure there’s any value there.
  14. I’d normally be the last person to defend Nick Kyrgios, and the offensive language he used here was indeed disgusting and merited some kind of serious punishment. However, the thing which set his anger off - spectators walking about during the games, is hugely frustrating and disrespectful to the players. I’ve been to a few major tennis events as a spectator, and I wouldn’t dream of walking about unless it was during a changeover. The selfishness some of these spectators show is mind-boggling.
  15. Actually, thinking about it now..... in terms of self-destructiveness, waggy and Nick Kyrgios probably have a lot in common!