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  1. First and foremost thank you. And I will have a look into that thread, I use laying because I am terrible with selecting winners and laying just tickles my fancy because I like having the odds on my side, in this case having 5, 6, 10 horses racing for me.
  2. I recently got into a system that lays horses (yeah, I know, exciting), and the system has an expected strike rate of 86%, with odds varying between 3.00 and 16.0, and I am wondering what the best approach or staking plan would be for this kind of system. I was thinking of doing either the Lay 1-4 or the 1% daily compounding, my worry would be that during the 1-4 sequence I would lose while in recovery mode things could go south fast, as for the 1% stake landing 2-3 winning horses in a row could kill 4-5 days of work.