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  1. If he comes back from this dimitrov should just retire lol
  2. Kyrgios... Just when you think hes changed he does something like what he did today to prove what a joke he is. To top it off his comments about Verdasco and Djokovic are so hypocritical.. he is literally the guy that acts like ‘I’m here, I’m so cool ' and ' cringeworthy'. Hope he gets some debilitating injury soon so i don't have to hear about another one of his antics..
  3. The problem with Ruud is he rarley beats anyone hes not suppose to. Looking at his results this season the only stand out one I see is demolishing Paire 6-1 6-1. Im guessing Paire had a meltdown in that match like you are hoping Kyrgios will. If Nick is motivated willing to fight, I can't see Ruud with much chance.
  4. Typical... Kovalik beats Bublik but he cant beat Napolitano.... ah tennis is a funny old sport!
  5. Joseph Kovalik to beat Stefano Napolitano 1.72 with bet365 Sorry bit of a late one but ive only just got a chance to check the matches for tomorrow. I feel its only a matter of time before Kovalik starts to string some wins together after coming back from injury as he a soild clay courter with some great wins last year. Napolitano, on the only hand, isn't particularly great on clay although he has been in good form recently, his wins have come on hard courts. The odds are only close because of the contrast of form rather than ability.
  6. I understand the thinking behind it but it still isn't a rational reason to make a bet. Each individual match up is independent of the other, so what happens in the earlier matches has no bearing on the later ones - i suppose it just feels like it does. I think we are all guilty of thinking this though.
  7. Hello all, I view this fourm quite regularly and there are some great informative posts and tips so i thank you all. I had to respond to this comment though: @vvararu and I think you should look at how big the chance this upset is going to happen. The chance for an upset increases by the day if there has been only favourites winning and so far in Estoril and Munich there has been no upsets as Berrettini is cruising for the win in the last match of today in Germany. Now there's only Malek Jaziri and Yoshihito Nishioka left as upset possibilities in todays ATP tennis and at least one of those two should be an upset.  That is classic gambler's fallacy and i would not use that as a basis to make a bet. Its exactly like betting on red on a roulette table because black has come up 10 times previous. Its just not something that should be done if taking sports betting seriously.