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  1. 230 As: Montanari305 As: No Nonsense340 As: Mirage Dancer420 As: Dream of Dreams500 As: Gifted Master535 As: Paddys Motorbike
  2. 230 As: Daahyeh305 As: Japan340 As: Ten Sovereigns420 As: Hermosa500 As: Desirous535 As: Baghdad
  3. 230 As: Maven305 As: Roseman340 As: Fleeting420 As: Stradivarius500 As: Beatboxer535 As: Fox Premier
  4. 230 As: Final Song305 As: Norway340 As: Sea of Class420 As: I Can Fly500 As: New Graduate535 As: Iffraaz
  5. 230 As: Mustashry305 As: Monoski340 As: Battash420 As: Pheonix of Spain500 As: Coeur De Lion535 As: Magic Wand Good luck all!
  6. 235 P: Josie's Orders310 P: Minella Awards350 P: Benie Des Dieux425 P: Fakir D'oudairies500 P: Acting Lass535 P: Lac Kivo610 P: Tactical Move Good luck everyone and thanks to BillyHills for organising the game!
  7. 340 P: Alpha Male420 P: Jetz455 P: Simple Steps530 P: Supersundae605 P: City Island635 P: Stand up n fight710 P: Breaken745 P: Monkfish
  8. 340 P: Put the kettle on420 P: Snugsborough Hall450 P: Josie's Orders530 P: Aux Ptit Soins605 P: Captain Drake640 P: Defi du Seuil715 P: Elfile745 P: The Big Getaway
  9. 340 P: Ballyhome420 P: Zero Ten455 P: Vision D'honneur530 P: Minella Indo605 P: Kemboy640 P: Colreevy710 P: Fitzhenry745 P: Gypsy Island
  10. 340 P: Blue Templar420 P: Klassical Dream455 P: Mitchouka530 P: Min605 P: Scalor640 P: Getabird715 P: Foxhole