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  1. 150 Dn: Justanotherbottle225 Dn: Shine So Bright300 Dn: Royal Crusade335 Dn: Logician410 Dn: Forbidden Land445 Dn: Bayroot555 Dn: Kitaabaat
  2. 210 Dn: Di Fede240 Dn: Sleeping Lion310 Dn: Stradivarius345 Dn: A'ali420 Dn: Wichita455 Dn: Arabian Moon530 Dn: Flavius Titus600 Dn: Storting
  3. 210 Dn: Ultraviolet240 Dn: Enbihaar315 Dn: Harpocrates345 Dn: West End Girl420 Dn: The Armed Man455 Dn: Good Birthday530 Dn: Mutamaasik
  4. 150 Dn: Lazuli225 Dn: Owney Madden300 Dn: El Astronaute335 Dn: One to go410 Dn: Litigious445 Dn: Walkinthesand520 Dn: Han Solo Berger
  5. 1.50 Y: Wissahickon2.25 Y: Hamish3.00 Y: Cape Byron3.40 Y: Ben Vrackie4.10 Y: Alligator Alley4.45 Y: Society Red5.20 Y: Pass the Vino
  6. 1.55 Y: Speed Company2.25 Y: Stradivarius3.00 Y: Threat3.35 Y: Ten Sovereigns4.15 Y: Kumasi4.50 Y: Biometric
  7. 1.55 Y: Liberty Beach2.25 Y: Show me show me3.00 Y: Wafy3.35 Y: Enable4.15 Y: Frankellina4.50 Y: Chaleur
  8. 1.55 Y: Arecibo2.25 Y: Persuasion3.00 Y: Logician3.35 Y: Crystal Ocean4.15 Y: Makawee4.50 Y: Pop Dancer
  9. 150 Gd: Mokaatil225 Gd: Outbox300 Gd: Enbihaar340 Gd: Gulliver415 Gd: Persuasion450 Gd: Blown by wind525 Gd: Aiya
  10. 150 Gd: Jubiloso225 Gd: Momkin300 Gd: Mojito335 Gd: Battaash410 Gd: Dark Silver440 Gd: Mirage Dancer515 Gd: Deal a Dollar
  11. 150 Gd: Victory Command225 Gd: Royal Commando300 Gd: Dal Horrisgle335 Gd: Hermosa410 Gd: Dragon Command445 Gd: Good Reason520 Gd: Blame Roberta
  12. 150 Gd: Ventura Knight225 Gd: Pinatubo300 Gd: Hey Gaman335 Gd: Stradivarius410 Gd: Written Broadcast445 Gd: Maygold515 Gd: Al Messila Good luck all!
  13. 230 As: Montanari305 As: No Nonsense340 As: Mirage Dancer420 As: Dream of Dreams500 As: Gifted Master535 As: Paddys Motorbike