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  1. Guess I was right in regards to the NK meltdown???? Cheers for that call.
  2. I'm going to say that Ruud makes all things in the world right and beats Nick. Nick will get frustrated at Ruud's ability to keep grinding and I'm banking on him having one of his Nick meltdowns. Obviously Nick on serve is top 10, arguably top 5. Ruud will have to break but I'm hoping he takes advantage of the one or two looks he'll get in the first set. Hence setting the Nick meltdown and tirade.
  3. well as u folks know this tournament plays a little differently than the other clay m1000, and 500. because of the altitude balls will fly a bit faster. serves will b a bit bigger. big hitters will b able to play their game a little easier. The weather is supposed to b dry and no wind too. Dampness would slow them down a little. The conditions are courts play to the games of the guys i'm playing below. this could all be for nothing and i could lose but this is what i've witnessed and documented in my many years of watching tennis. I'm not (and never will b) a tipster or anything like that, i just love to watch and analyze tennis. Expecting a Khol hangover from Munich to be honest. That said, I'm liking Kukushkin at +4.5. I think Seppi could take a set from Monfils. Historically Seppi plays him quite well and Monfils seems to play a lot of 3 set clay court matches. So I like the +1.5 sets. Like Fokina to keep rolling too. Also think Klizan can trouble Cilic with these conditions but unsure if I want to bet it.
  4. Monfils and Garin! Let's see if I can make it to 3-0. I'm going with Nishioka for my next bet. He really seems to be undervalued on clay. I don't know why the books have this perception of him lately. He's gritty and can push people on clay. I've watched a lot of his matches. He handled McDonald rather easily so I don't see any issues with fatigue. He played Schwartz and Sonego really well, taking sets from both of them on the dirt. I like his odds at +157. But I'm going to play a little more conservative and take him at +1.5 sets at -142. I definitely think he can win this match and I may go with the +147 too but right now, just +1.5 sets. Anyone else liking him?
  5. @money44 You are right about the value and it not being sharp. I didn't bet it yet and I appreciate the warning. I might heed you on it. Still looking at the other matchups.
  6. @money44 I'm going to try and post more. Mainly for tomorrow I like Monfils but I'm afraid so does everyone. Almost too obvious that he should win. I feel like with his ridiculous wingspan, he's going to get more than a few shots at breaking Opelka. Then when that ball gets into play, Monfils has the advantage almost automatically especially if he starts the rally to Opelka's BH. Monfils' style is to force his opponent into making the error and if he can wait out G. Simon, he can wait out Opelka. I mean he can play aggresively when he needs or wants but usually on clay, he'll grind with the best of them. Assuming he's healthy and motivated of course. When Monfils is serving, Opelka will not have the looks that Monfils will get IMO. For Garin I feel like it's almost even from the baseline except his serve gives him a few easier points than Diego's will. At + money I'll take a 50/50 matchup.
  7. Opole please post more. Your takes are so informative and i love reading them. Any leans for tomorrow? I feel like Monfils will have no problem with Opelka. He's got a nice return on clay and he can counter these servebots like Opelka. His ability at the baseline is way higher than Opelka's especially backhand to backhand. No comparison. Also feeling like Garin can take care of Schwartzman. Feel like Diego needs faster courts to thrive and this is exactly the type of court that Garin enjoys.
  8. Tsits 2-0. Struff hits a clean ball and he's big and strong. His movement is worlds apart from Tsits and I think Tsits is going to keep him moving and uncomfortable. Love Tsits to win easy today. Any opinions on Pliskova? I like her over Azarenka but I try and stay away from WTA. Hard to resist this match for me though.
  9. Not too bad. I was wrong regarding Opole's read. But my max play came through. What a sweat from Djere though wow!
  10. Constantly great reads and input on this site. I have enjoyed reading all the analysis whether a pick is a win or loss. I'm going to try and be a contributor to this site more often. It's too bad that my first pick is the opposite of this play. I'm loving Barranco in this and he's a max play for me. I feel like Barranco is deservedly favored. Even though he hasn't lit the world on fire I feel like he's on the verge of something in this tournament. I have him beating Koepfer and Travaglia. I think he's going far. I also think Cuevas against Maden and then beats Cilic in the next round. Millman to win, defending his points. Ferrer 2-0, which isn't exaclt going out on a limb. I also think Munar/Tiafoe will be closer than expected. Line is rising but I love the +1.5 sets for Tiafoe. Max play parlay for me is Cuevas/Djere. No way Djere is losing to Gulbis on clay. Thanks for reading.