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** July Naps Competition Result: 1st Gary66, 2nd BBBC, 3rd kenisbusy, 4th Johnrobertson. KO Cup Winner tonythepaint. Most Winners Budgie65: **


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  1. Denolly v Simon, M15 Bressuire, 1.72 with bet365 Brouwer v Durasovic, M15 Bressuire, 2.10 with bet365 Khirin v Sakellaridi, W15 Antalya, 2.10 with bet365
  2. Stats since the last roundup: Total stake: 85.00 (17 bets) Total winnings: 84.55 (80.32 after tax) Since the beginning of the thread: Total stake: 740.00 (148 bets) Total winnings: 814.45 (773.73 after tax) ROI: 10.1% (4.6%) I'll be back posting in the week of Jan 4th. Merry Christmas and happy new year everyone!
  3. The models were wrong about Cengiz, but luckily the other two picks worked out.
  4. One more for tomorrow, even though it goes against my rules (I initially vowed against taking odds above 2.90): Parry v Cengiz, W15 Antalya, 3.00 with bet365 My models tell me it's basically a coinflip, so I'm happy to instabet anything above 2.20 on Cengiz here.
  5. Erler v Giacalone, M15 Monastir, 2.20 with bet365 Kravchenko v Orlov, M15 Antalya, 2.25 with bet365
  6. Berfu v Craciun, W15 Antalya, 1.72 with bet365 Lopatetska v Dinu, W15 Antalya, 2.62 with bet365
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