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  1. I suppose that it's the matter of psychology - i've doubled my unit recently and don't want to lose too much in case it goes wrong. But it's temporary. "Insurance" took only 10% of expected profit. I have my value radat signal now to bet on Auger-Aliassime so i'm with you.
  2. I've decided to take away the liability and placed a bet on Gasquet at 7 with betfair.
  3. Second attempt of value radar: Thompson to beat Gasquet at 2.52 with Pinnacle
  4. Struff to beat Berrettini at 2.21 with Pinnacle. Value Radar.
  5. I have a signal from value radar so i'm on board! Vondrousova to beat Barty at 2.46 with Pinnacle
  6. Thanks mate, i wouldn't bet without your opinion. Universe called math, but i'm concluding that users analysis makes it much much better.
  7. Well, actually i have a signal on Anisimova as well, but i wouldn't bet at these odds
  8. Agree with Vondrousova - my value radar just gave me the signal. Vondrousova to beat Konta @ 2.28 with Pinnacle
  9. My value radar shows the same signal - but i'm still thinking about it
  10. Thanks for opinion, i'm tracking the perfomance!
  11. Value Radar: Zverev to beat Fognini @ 2.19 with Pinnacle
  12. Value radar also thinks that Warinka wins, but i'm not as confident as you, so i take regular win.
  13. Brilliant! And by the way - odds were even higher at betfair for example (2.1)