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** November Poker League Result : 1st ian309, 2nd juanmoment, 3rd McG **
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  1. 23.3.2019 - LPL Week 9: Royal Never Give Up vs Invictus Gaming RNG ML @2.41. Stake: 2/5. MY ODDS! As season progressed to the last weeks, there is still lots of to play for. The first two finishers of the regular season gets bye to the semifinals of play off. This basically means, in playoff there will be 1-2 less matches to be played in order to get the title. These two spots are curently in hands of Topsports gaming and FunPlus Phoenix with 10-2 record. 3rd is Invictus Gaming (9-3) and 4th is Royal Never Give Up (8-3) with one more match to play this week. As topsports awaitings tought match ups next week, i see one of possible TOP2 spots open and its expected to be heavilly contested by TOP contenders in last weeks, which IG and RNG definitelly are. RNG after the slowish start is back in title race mode. Their main superstar ADC Uzi had longer vacation at the start of the season, like every year. And like every year, RNG started this season with modified line up, what cost them some matches. Now, they are playing with full power and in order to reach the TOP2 regular season, they idealy need two wins this week against good opponenst. Next week, they should get two "easy" wins against mediocre opponents, so all focus goes in to this week. I expect them win this on-form JDG gaming and then basically coin toss with IG, in this HUGE match up. I think, who wins this one, will get better play off spot. Between these two, IG has slightly better early game and always trying to snowball these early leads. As it is harder to do against teams of RNG caliber, during the last season, i rated RNG against IG as slight favourites due to their slightly better late game and teamfighting. But hey, it was the IG who took last year the ultimate trophy of World Championship Champions, what proves that IG became a little more complex team. Anyway, there will be lot of to play for, this match will be hyped and will be decided by slight margins on the given day. This match is pure 50/50 and I am taking the dog here. GL, whos in!
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