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  1. I'm definitely getting some stick round these parts anyway.
  2. I am on a treble this week, I can see Wolves winning convincingly against an out of form Brighton side so it is -1 for me. Later in the week I expect Tottenham to keep up the pressure to Brighton's sphincter until they're shitting blood so this will also be on the -1 and then finally next week I am adding Newcastle to win with a healthy handicap against you guessed in Brighton, who ironically will need a wheelchair by then what with the prolapsed anus and all. Treble x -1 on Brighton getting buggered in every game comes in at 11.5.
  3. Tiffy I have just seen you are from Brighton. And a fan, I assume. What are the chances of Brighton getting bummed off the park in tonights game?
  4. Can see Brighton getting another bumming away to Wolves this weekend. Feel a bit bad fo them but there's value on the -1 at 2.8.
  5. Bloody hell Brighton gonna be walking funny for months after the bumming they endured today. Anyone got a butt plug?
  6. You've got this wrong. Wolves raise their game for the big GAMES, not the big teams. Can see th qualifying today, and probably in regulation time.
  7. The Scotland tipping ruined my 5 fold and cost me a payout of 2.1K, that's without the Scot result. Devastating.
  8. Have a look at tbe FA cup thread mate. Interesting fact about home upsets. 

  9. Odd. You would think there'd be a bunch of home team upsets in the semis. Haven't been for ten years. Last one was 2008. Chelsea beaten by Barnsley. Odds 9 to 1.