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  1. BK Hacken - Orebro SK 1, 1.57, Bet365 Two teams with completely different form trends. Orebro has been a stable middle team the last couple of seasons, but have opened this years Allsvenskan awful. They haven't scored in their last 300 minutes away from home and basically just lack the necesseray attacking strength to make a threat. Hacken on the other hand got a good win away against Halmstad this last weekend and is starting to look it's usual self. They have lots of attacking power and rarely leave their home ground (even tho they play at another ground in Gothenburg at the moment due to the building of their new ground...) without scoring. They haven't got that many points yet this season, but they faced though teams, especially at home (3 top six teams). I Think they'll win easily on Sunday.
  2. Ã…tvidaberg-BP Big trouble i ÅFF tonight. They are missing important midfielder and playmaker Kristian Bergström and also suspended key players Daniel Johansson and Martin Jönsson. Blaise Mbempa has a problem with a knee and is doubtful. No worries in top flying visitors BP, for the moment with three straight wins and they are 4 points ahead of ÖSK in the fight for promotion. Unfortunately, the odds has dropped a lot, but I still see a lot of value in BP. Edit: Oops, wrong forum... My bad. :wall MOVED TO THE RIGHT FORUM. PROBLEM SOLVED.;)
  3. Re: Swedish football 23-28/8 Not such a bad day to be a swede... :ok Elfsborg: Push, after late IFK-equaliser Sundsvall, Asian 1: Push Sundsvall, O2.75: Half win, half push MFF, Asian 1: Win MFF, O2.75: Win Tomorrow, we keep our fingers crossed for Sevilla!
  4. Re: Swedish football 23-28/8 Cheers mate! Garpe just told me on MSN that Betsafe voided his bet. Then changed the odds to 1.50. :cry
  5. Re: Swedish football 23-28/8 Some reflections; Galea78: Yes, Hysén is a big loss even though he hasn't been in top form this spring. Advantage Hammarby! Garpe: Don't you think it's a bit risky to have 32 units at stake in almost the same picks? ;) Giovanni: I have no idea about Rosenborg but i wouldn't touch Barca, they didn't impress me against Sevilla and tonight Ronaldinho is missing... KostasAce: Don't miss my Elfsborg-pick on page 2! avok: A reasonable pick, but Kalmar is 2-1-4, 9-10 at home, do you call that very strong at home? ;) McFly & Galea78: GL with your bets, now let's :hope
  6. Re: Swedish football 23-28/8 Sundsvall - Qviding Senaste mötena 2006-05-27 Qviding FIF - GIF Sundsvall 1-1 GIF Sundsvall Senaste matcherna 2006-08-24 IFK Norrköping - GIF Sundsvall 4-1 2006-08-20 GIF Sundsvall - IF Brommapojkarna 2-0 2006-08-13 Örebro SK - GIF Sundsvall 0-0 2006-08-05 GIF Sundsvall - Ljungskile SK 3-0 2006-07-31 Åtvidabergs FF - GIF Sundsvall 0-1 Qviding FIF Senaste matcherna 2006-08-24 Qviding FIF - Mjällby AIF 2-3 2006-08-20 Landskrona BoIS - Qviding FIF 3-0 2006-08-13 Qviding FIF - Jönköpings Södra 2-3 2006-08-06 Assyriska Föreningen - Qviding FIF 3-2 2006-07-31 Qviding FIF - Trelleborgs FF 1-0 In the beginning, you could for sure notice a Zoran Lukic-effect (well-known and skilled manager) in Qvidings(0-3-7, 5-19 away) performances, but it's definitely gone now. Four straight losses and Qvidings relegation is practicly definite. The thing about Zoran is that he's more then glad to tell everybody how bad his players performances is when the results aren't what he want them to be, not exactly a moral-booster in the dressing room. No injury news in Qviding as far as i know, but Sundsvall (2-4-4, 10-10 at home) is having some defensive setbacks. Compared with their last game, they have to do without regulars Fredrik Sundfors(GK, injured), Cleever(D, suspended) and Lustig(D, suspended). The offensive is intact. Qvidings defence is leeking, and there's no indication they'll keep a clean sheet tomorrow either. And with Sundsvalls setbacks I think dangerous striker Gravem maybe can score a goal or two for Qviding. Same picks as in the Malmö-match; Sundsvall - Qviding, 1 (Asian -1) Superettan, Monday 18:55 Odds: 1.94, Pinnacle Stake: 8/10 Sundsvall - Qviding, over 2.75 goals Superettan, Monday 18:55 Odds: 1.89, Pinnacle (OBS! Betsson have 1.85 on over 2.5!) Stake: 6/10
  7. Re: Swedish football 23-28/8 Malmö FF - Örgryte Senaste mötena 2006-04-10 Örgryte IS - Malmö FF 1-2 2005-08-20 Örgryte IS - Malmö FF 1-1 2005-05-29 Malmö FF - Örgryte IS 1-0 2004-08-30 Örgryte IS - Malmö FF 0-2 2004-06-30 Malmö FF - Örgryte IS 1-0 Malmö FF Senaste matcherna 2006-08-20 BK Häcken - Malmö FF 1-3 2006-08-13 Malmö FF - IF Elfsborg 1-1 2006-08-08 IF Elfsborg - Malmö FF 4-2 2006-07-31 Malmö FF - Östers IF 2-0 2006-07-23 Gefle IF - Malmö FF 4-3 Örgryte IS Senaste matcherna 2006-08-21 Örgryte IS - Gais 1-0 2006-08-12 Hammarby IF - Örgryte IS 0-1 2006-08-08 Örgryte IS - Reading 1-2 2006-08-03 Örgryte IS - Hammarby IF 1-3 2006-07-29 Djurgårdens IF - Örgryte IS 2-2 I was expecting at least an 1.25-line here. Malmö is as usual very hard to beat at Malmö Stadion (4-2-1) and Örgrytes away stats ain't frightening (1-3-4). Höiland, Safari, Yksel och Skoog is injured in MFF, but they have coverage for everyone of them. Labinot Harbuzi is in the squad for the first time after his long stay in the dutch league. Örgryte is still missing the three important defenders Johan Anegrund, Valter Tomas Jr och Jukka Sauso. Johan and Jukka has been injured since the fourth match of the season but important Valter Tomas Jr is relative new on the injury list. However, Örgryte has the same squad as in their last game. One reason for the, imo, generous line would be Örgytes two straight wins, but despite of their impressive win against Hammarby on Söderstadion, I think their winning streak will come to an end at Malmö Stadion tonight. The only obstacle for Malmö to overcome is to manage to keep Ailton out of the score sheet. But on the other hand, Örgryte needs to keep an eye on both Jari Litmanen and super-duo Junior&Jonatan Johansson, who is terrorising the Allsvenskan-defenders with their hysterical scoring form. To have Jari back is a great plus for MFF, his passes is as exact as they was in Liverpool and Ajax last decade. With the given line and the fine odds I do not hesitate to call it a 10/10. MFF has so much better players in every positions then ÖIS and is really strong at Malmö Stadion. I'm also trying over despite the high 2.75-line. Malmö FF - Örgryte, 1 (Asian -1) Allsvenskan, Monday 18:55 Odds: 1.83, Pinnacle Stake: 10/10 Malmö FF - Örgryte, Over 2.75 goals Allsvenskan, Monday 18:55 Odds: 2.05, Pinnacle Stake: 5/10
  8. Re: Swedish football 23-28/8 Puh! Eslöv had 3-0 in halftime but let Svalöv in to the game in second half. But: 2-3! :nana
  9. Re: Swedish football 23-28/8 Svalövs BK - Eslövs BK Divison 4 Västra Skåne, Friday 18:55 1 Eslövs BK 16 12 1 3 39 - 15 37 10 Härslövs IK 15 4 4 7 25 - 37 16 11 BK Landora 16 3 1 12 10 - 28 10 12 Svalövs BK 16 2 2 12 15 - 37 8 Svalöv is up to a difficult task today when superior leagueleaders Eslöv is visiting. Svalöv only two wins is against Landora, one draw against Härslöv and the other draw was in the premiere... 1-0-7 in last eight. Eslöv is a quite funny team lately; W-L-W-L-W-L! Since they lost their last game, obviously they're winning today! :loon Against the relegation candidates, Eslöv has played: 2006-05-05 Eslövs BK - BK Landora 1 - 0 2006-05-13 Eslövs BK - Svalövs BK 4 - 0 2006-06-02 Eslövs BK - Härslövs IK 4 - 0 2006-08-12 BK Landora - Eslövs BK 0 - 3 Maybe a indication how the match turns out tonight. Svalöv is btw missing two regular players. Unfortunately, I got no info about Eslöv. Still a 10/10. Svalöv - Eslöv Pick: 2 Odds: 1.45 Bookie: Nordicbet Stake: 10/10
  10. Re: Swedish football 23-28/8 Gantofta - MABI Div 2 Södra Götaland, Wedensday 18:30 MABI fights in the top, Gantofta in the bottom. But with some news that puts the game in a another position, I find a little value in the home team. MABI lost at home with 3-4 against Lunds BK in their last game, they finished the match with 9 men because their two best strikers was sent off! They are suspended here, but there's another thing to. The defense has been really horrible lately after det loss of Macedonian international defender Baskim Sopi. He was a real general in MABIs defence and was the glue that hold the team together. They won 3 straight matches after summer break, admittedly against weaker opponents and after the defeat last match they have let in 6 goals in two matches. There's no doubt that MABI is the better team, but Gantofta actually has 3-1-1 in the last 5 and now have 7 points down to relegation. MABI is fighting for promotion and have impressive away stats, but with their two best strikers suspended and the gap after Sopi in defence, I'll be more then glad to accept Bet365s odds. (They don't have double chance on the match, but the odds is exactly the same for draw as for home win so I think you'll manage the math.:rollin) Pick: 1X Odds: 1.80 Bookie: Bet365 Stake: 2/10
  11. Re: Swedish football 23-28/8 Another frustrating push on BP, but i guess it's better then loosing money. ;) Here's another one for all you who love meatballs, blond chicks and Volvo: IFK Göteborg - IF Elfsborg Last meetings 2006-04-10 IF Elfsborg - IFK Göteborg 1-1 2005-08-25 IF Elfsborg - IFK Göteborg 0-2 2005-06-09 IFK Göteborg - IF Elfsborg 1-2 2005-05-30 IFK Göteborg - IF Elfsborg 1-1 2004-09-23 IF Elfsborg - IFK Göteborg 1-0 IFK Gothenburg Last games 2006-08-21 Östers IF - IFK Göteborg 1-1 2006-08-13 Gefle IF - IFK Göteborg 1-0 2006-08-06 IFK Göteborg - Gefle IF 3-1 2006-08-03 Kalmar FF - IFK Göteborg 1-2 2006-07-31 IFK Göteborg - AIK 1-1 IF Elfsborg Last games 2006-08-22 IF Elfsborg - Halmstads BK 3-0 2006-08-19 Helsingborgs IF - IF Elfsborg 3-3 2006-08-13 Malmö FF - IF Elfsborg 1-1 2006-08-08 IF Elfsborg - Malmö FF 4-2 2006-07-30 Gais - IF Elfsborg 0-3 Gothenburg is as usual a top team and with norwegian manager Arne Erlandsen, you can take for sure they're doing their dirty work and plays a simple game in every match. Unfortunely it takes more than that (yes, even in the swedish league) and for the moment it's only Elfsborg and maybe Malmö FF, who has got the qualities to play nice football and win the tough games. Gothenburg has got at serious setback in the preparations for the match on Monday. George Mourad has injured his knee, and will be gone for the next two months. He has scored 4 goals in 6 games after returning from his loan-period in Brescia this spring and is defintely one of IFKs most important player. Young midfielder Andres Vasquez missed last game but should be back here. IFK did only get a draw away against relegation-threatned Öster after a late longshot-equaliser from Magnus Kihlberg. They are not playing well at the moment and a toal 1 point against low-placed Gefle and Öster is not good enough if they want to have a say in the race for the title. Elfsborg on the other hand, has no problems what so ever and they are really impressing at the moment. Their offensive power with Svensson, Sjöhage, Svensson, Ishizaki and Alexandersson is producing in every match and the defensive work does Jon Jönsson, Andreas Augustsson and Jari Ilola(DM) handle with perfection. IFK is a strong home side but Elfsborg is still undefeated away! With the loss of Mourad i don't hesitate for a moment to play Elfsborg at the given odds. A medium-stake because IFK is after all a stable team and ain't giving anything away for free. IFK Göteborg - IF Elfsborg 2 (Asian 0) Odds: 2.20, Betway Stake: 5/10
  12. Re: Swedish football 23-28/8 Brommapojkarna - Umeå Superettan, 060824 - 19:00 Last meetings 2006-06-01Umeå FC - IF Brommapojkarna2-3 IF Brommapojkarna Last Games2006-08-20GIF Sundsvall - IF Brommapojkarna2-02006-08-13IF Brommapojkarna - Mjällby AIF4-12006-08-07Landskrona BoIS - IF Brommapojkarna0-02006-07-30IF Brommapojkarna - Jönköpings Södra4-02006-07-24Assyriska Föreningen - IF Brommapojkarna0-1 Umeå FC Last Games2006-08-19Umeå FC - Örebro SK1-02006-08-13Ljungskile SK - Umeå FC2-02006-08-06Umeå FC - Åtvidabergs FF2-12006-07-31Falkenbergs FF - Umeå FC2-12006-07-23Umeå FC - Degerfors IF1-1 A match in many way similar to yesterdays. BP is a top team in Superettan and will face a much poorer team. BP has the home record 8-0-2, but in fact their winning row is now 7 matches, with the goal difference 15-2! Umeå(2-0-8 away) on the other half has 5 straight losses away with the goal difference 3-16! Only these facts motivate a bet... One of the reasons is a nowadays common one; the teams from the north (and Elfsborg in south :$) have artifical grass and are therefor very hard to beat at home but at the same time not so good away on "real grass". It's one of the main reasons that Umeå was able to win over Örebro and Sundsvall over BP in the last round. Umeå has no definite injuries but Rikard Eriksson, Jonas Forsberg, Anders Dahl and Henrik Folkesson are all doubts. No injury news from BP as far as I know, but they have made a great signing; Stefan Bergtoft have many years experience from Allsvenskan, playing with Djurgården. He is eligible for tonights game and will certainly take place in centre midfield. As I said; a well motivated bet with only a look at the stats, but with some question marks in Umeå and a possible BP-boost by Bergtofts arrival i dare to say that this isn't far from a 10/10. Pick: Brommapojkarna (Asian -1) Odds: 1.90 Bookie: Pinnacle Stake: 8/10
  13. Re: Swedish football 23-28/8 ÖSK won the Shots on Goal with 11-3, DIF scored at their only shot on goal in the first half. But well well, you can't get evertyhing. I'll be back! ;)
  14. Re: Swedish football 23-28/8 Thanks a lot! :D I searched for this thread but i couldn't find it so I took an initiative. And now the match has started. :hope
  15. Örebro - Degerfors Superettan, 23/8 - 19:00 Local Time Last meetings 2006-06-01Degerfors IF - Örebro SK1-22005-09-24Degerfors IF - Örebro SK1-22005-06-13Örebro SK - Degerfors IF1-12003-05-28Degerfors IF - Örebro SK1-1 Örebro SK last 5 games2006-08-19Umeå FC - Örebro SK1-02006-08-13Örebro SK - GIF Sundsvall0-02006-08-06Mjällby AIF - Örebro SK0-32006-07-29Örebro SK - Landskrona BoIS1-22006-07-24Jönköpings Södra - Örebro SK3-3 Degerfors IF last 5 games2006-08-19Degerfors IF - Ljungskile SK2-12006-08-15Åtvidabergs FF - Degerfors IF1-02006-08-05Degerfors IF - Falkenbergs FF1-12006-07-31Väsby United - Degerfors IF2-12006-07-27Helsingborgs IF - Degerfors IF3-0ÖSK home: 3 goals/match DIF away: 2.2 goals/match In this local derby Örebro host a Degerfors with renewed confidence after a 2-1-win at home against Ljungskile(late scorer by Kabous), their first win in six games. Örebro on the other half haven't scored in their last two games and they need to find their scoring/winning ways again if they want to keep BP behind and fulfill their objective of promotion. ÖSK is missing Magnus Samuelsson (longtime-injury), Robert Walker (cold) and Kevin Walker (U17-national team). Degerfors will have to do without midfielder Abder Kabous (suspended), Mikael Nilsson (sick) and Mikael Eriksson (injured). DIF doesn't have any offensive power since superior internal top-scorer Daniel Mendes(10 of DIFs 26 goals) left for AIK this summer. ÖSK need to get back on the winning track and at home they are very stong (7-1-2, to compare with DIF away: 3-4-3). With players like Lars Larsen, Mirca Jelezak and Patrik Antonen Örebro got the potential match-winners that Degerfors doesn't. Pick: 1 (Asian -1) Odds: 2.05 Stake: 4/10 Bookie: Pinnacle Pinnacle just lowered to 1.98, Bet365: 2.00