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  1. Hi there liero, I am not asking regarding the probability to lose or win. This has nothing to do with my request. If you can, please read carefully my question and if you can answer the question....
  2. Dear Giraldi, I understand the risks of martingale. And I am fully confident of this system results that, although anything is possible, I assume the risks of not exceeding 8 losses in 15/16 games. I am attaching you an example of ACTUAL results where 8 losses were hit. See how I divided the games into 7 groups, each group means that the games in the group start at the same time. IS THERE ANY WAY to use martingale with this system? I just don't know how to spread the money throughout groups and what to do in case of AWAY win (loss). Please take a look at the spreadsheet attached and let me know.,
  3. Hi Sir Puntalot, I know the risks of martingale. I am asking about maths. Hypotheticly if the maximum of "losses" I have throughot the 15 games, is maximum 8 losses. Is there any strategy I can use to make this work? The thing I am struggling with is that the matches occur 3-4 games in parrallel. If this was game after a game, I would use martingale without a doubt. This is what I need help with.
  4. Hi guys, I am struggling with the maths to build a strategy of the following specs: 1) Pick 15 specific matches every week. The odds usually are from 2.00 - 3.5 for the away team 2) Lay the away team. Now, with my historic data of 3 years the highest number of matches in which the away teams won was 8 out of the 15. Normally it's 3-7 away wins out of the 15. THIS IS why I want this to happen. Here comes the problem. I am thinking of building a progressive strategy in which in case I lose a match, I double or bet 1.5x BUT the 15 games I pick do not occur in a sequence. Normally 3-4 matches occur at the same time... So I could have 4-5 groups of matches until the 15th game is over. Is there any possible way to build a strategy to succeed with this strategy?