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    vvararu got a reaction from Lorenzi Musetti in French Open 2019   
    It sounds like you are connected to the universe and get signals from somewhere far away
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    vvararu got a reaction from eros in French Open 2019   
    Barty - Anisimova. Barty to win @1.53 Unibet.
    Halep's defeat was the surprise of the day today. However, I've seen the match, and I'd rather say that Halep was under her normal level than Anisimova was shining. On the other hand, Barty played today very well against the power of Keys meaning that he is ready to stand the aggressive game of the youngster. 
    I think that Barty will win easily Anisimova and, for those who like bigger stakes, will take the Roland Garros this year @2.70 Unibet.
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    vvararu reacted to Foxstar in French Open 2019   
    @darko08 So, we’ve got that one right.
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    vvararu got a reaction from vikki37 in French Open 2019   
    The problem will be if none of them will win the French Open
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    vvararu got a reaction from CzechPunter in French Open 2019   
    The problem will be if none of them will win the French Open
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    vvararu reacted to darko08 in French Open 2019   
    Stan Wawrinka to beat (-1,5 Sets) Tsitsipas at 2.90 with 888
    I add this one. Wawrinka had 2 hard opponents in his last 2 matches here (Garín and Dimitrov) but he has solved them in straight sets. Tsitsipas is in a good form but i don't like what i saw from him against a fatigued Krajinovic. I saw Tsitsipas very nervous in a lot of parts of that match. Krajinovic could have won the 4 set and then that could have turned in a 50-50 match in the final set. Stan had a tougher opponent in his last match but the sensations were absolutely opposite, he was calm during all the match, playing very well the most important points of the match (even he win the final tiebreak when he was losing it 5-2). 
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    vvararu reacted to Anaxagoras in French Open 2019   
    Hey guys, I've been following this forum for quite some time. I'd like to make some contributions as well. 
    Martic vs Kanepi
    Martic seems to be in top form in 2019 clay court season. She spent around 3.5 hours on court in 3 matches while Kanepi spent 6 hours. This is Martic's match to take. 
    Nishikori vs Paire
    Main reason I'm taking Kei is because Paire should be exhausted. He was in Lyon last week and played 9 singles and 4 doubles match in a matter of 13 days. This must take its toll on him. Nishikori seemed a bit shaky in his last match against Djere but if Paire can't cut this match short, it will favor the japanese imo. 
    Parlay @ 2.09
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    vvararu got a reaction from eros in Tennis Tips - May 13 - May 19   
    Konta to beat Vondrousova @1.93 unibet. She gives very good performances last months and Vondrousova looked pretty torn in the game against Kasatkina.
    I don’t know why Konta is underdog, both of them being very good this season.
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    vvararu got a reaction from MABS in Tennis Tips - May 6 - May 12   
    Never underestimate Nole
    Of course he still can lose the match but that’s why he is number 1. He can beat anyone in a good day.
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    vvararu reacted to four-leaf in Tennis Tips - April 29 - May 5   
    Christian Garin to beat Matteo Berrettini at 1.97 with Unibet
    Unibet released their odds and they don't follow bet365 who have put Garin as 1.80 fav, they instead pick him as underdog which I think we should be happy about. It's very rarely to see a player outside of top 30 go and win two straight clay tournaments and I don't think it will happen this time either. Garin is likely the less fatigued player here and therefore should win this title.
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    vvararu got a reaction from CzechPunter in Tennis Tips - April 29 - May 5   
    Is this just to inform the people what are the odds on Pinnacle? 
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    vvararu reacted to four-leaf in Tennis Tips - April 29 - May 5   
    Malek Jaziri to beat Leonardo Mayer at 3.20 with Unibet
    I think we could see Malek fighting for everything in this match because Estoril is important to him. Leonardo wants to play in Madrid, no reason for him to have motivation to play any longer in Estoril.
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    vvararu reacted to four-leaf in Tennis Tips - April 15 - April 21   
    Taylor Fritz/Diego Schwartzman under 20.5 games at 1.79 with Unibet
    A surface that suits Diego like a fish thrives in water. They met in Antwerpen 2016 and Diego dominated and won 6-4 6-4. He won't have more problems this time. Diego will beat Taylor easy enough for the match to end under 21 games.
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    vvararu reacted to Lorenzi Musetti in Tennis Tips - April 15 - April 21   
    Last week Verdasco played horrible against Menendez-Maceiras. Many UEs, weak serve after the early games in first set and he got a bad body language. Maybe he will be more motivated in MC because its a bigger tournament with more points and money...he lead 3-0 against Herbert and he stil got a chance here. Maybe its an over game, but who realy knows...
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    vvararu reacted to South_African_Punter in Tennis Tips - April 15 - April 21   
    Anyone have thoughts on Schwartzmann v Edmund? I'm very close to picking the underdog (Schwartzmann) but then I remembered he got an injury in the South American swing and hasn't played that well since. 
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    vvararu got a reaction from Sir Puntalot in Tennis Tips - April 8 - April 14   
    Sure. Will do.
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    vvararu reacted to opole in Tennis Tips - April 8 - April 14   
    Grigor Dimitrov -1 game @2.00 Dafabet 3/10
    I like Dimitrov here for some reasons. He's living in Monte-Carlo for years now and so this is kind of a home tournament for him. He prepared well in MC last two weeks hitting with a lot of good training partners and apparently he looked pretty good. My contact in MC told me he's looking strong and pumped and i think he can deal with a guy like Berrettini on clay who is - to be fair - a really good prospect who can make it to the Top 20/30 soon. Berrettini had good tournament in Phoenix and Sofia but overall more an average year so far with a lot of early losses. 
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    vvararu got a reaction from opole in Tennis Tips - April 8 - April 14   
    Sorry for that. Just felt offended by the way how someone reacted to my analyses, using words "Zero value...". In the end it's all about winning money. If I bet 10.000 eu on 1.5 and I win, for me it has a lot of value.
    And yes. You are right about the other meaning of the value.
    Once again. My apologises.
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    vvararu got a reaction from Rypcio in Tennis Tips - April 8 - April 14   
    ATP Monte Carlo
    Hurckacz H. - Coric B.
    Two players that have not any clay games played in 2019 so far.
    Taking a look back in 2018 statistics, Hurckacz looked to be doing better on clay courts - 14 wins out of 18 games. However, 1 think to be mentioned is that he played mostly against > 100 ranked players. If I'm not mistaken, Sandgren was the highest ranked opponent (61 ATP in 2018). Generally, it looks that the guys plays better on hard courts, probably because of his strong shots and serves. 
    On the other side, Coric did not do so well clay-wise in 2018. He won just 5 games out of 10. However, he played against much stronger opponents (compared to the ones of Hurkcacz): Djokovici, Thiem, Schwartzman, Kohlschreiber, Carreno-Busta... I just think that they played different level tournaments; that's why the difference.
    Being the game on the hard court I would have thought differently, but on clay, I give much more chances to Coric. From what I saw on his twitter account, the guys has been preparing very seriously for this tournament with a new guys in his team - Antonio Veic.
    Coric to win @1.50 unibet
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    vvararu got a reaction from vicsuna in Serie A & B Predictions > Apr 12th - 15th   
    Roma - Udinese
    Total yellow cards > 4.5 @1.73 (unibet)
    Some preconditions for a lot of yellow cards in this match:
    Both teams are motivated for this game. Roma fighting for a champions league spot and Udinese for a safe distance from the relegation zone. The stakes being high, I expect a rough game.  The referee of the game is  Di Bello M, a guy who spreads yellow cards all around.
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    vvararu got a reaction from vicsuna in Serie A & B Predictions > Apr 12th - 15th   
    Spal - Juventus
    Spal to score @1.49 (unibet)
    Juventus won't care too much about this match. First of all the are playing in champions league. Second (see the screenshot) they are resting a lot of important players. Third (from a comment of a guys on another site), Juve needs just one point in order to win the "Serie A" this year and, theoretically, they might want to celebrate on the home stadium and not with all the important players being out.
    On the other side, Spal has scored at home to Lazio, Roma, Inter, Atalanta... They are also only 4 points above relegation zone.
    Having in mind the facts from above, I think it's pretty real for Spal to score at least a goal in this match.

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    vvararu got a reaction from CzechPunter in Tennis Tips - April 8 - April 14   
    Well... don't take my opinion as an expert's one, but being considered a favourite (see my post above about why), I think it's Ok 1.7-1.8 agains 2-2.20 on Andujar.
    If they were more even, Simon wouldn't be a favourite
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    vvararu got a reaction from CzechPunter in Tennis Tips - April 8 - April 14   
    Marrakech ATP semi-final
    Simon G. - Andujar Alba P.
    Simon to win @1.72 (unibet).
    Here is why I think Simon will win:
    Am I the only one who thinks that Andujar Alba cannot perform like this forever ? Almost a game every day. I know he's damn good last 2-3 weeks but I expect some tiredness in the upcoming long game. Long, because Simon is a pusher and, usually, games with him involve many ralleys. Simon is higher ranked (27 VS 70). This is gonna be the highest ranked opponent of Andujar in his loseless series. Simon has a better clay court stats (57.9%) vs Andujar (50.5%). See the screen shot below with Simon on the right. Their H2H is 2:1 for the spaniard, however, last game being 5 years ago, it's not relevant. I think that the odds proposed by the booker are correct. They are leaning towards Simon but not a big gap between them. I'm expecting a long 3 set game ending in 2:1 for the french.... and a french final tomorrow. 

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    vvararu reacted to money44 in Tennis Tips - April 8 - April 14   
    Stan Wawrinka to beat Luca Pouille at odds -154 with Chance
    Scripted early odds but won't change alot. This will be the first meeting between said players. Quality is with the Swiss player, who is also gaining some very decent form right now(even with some early losses here and there) Game is steadily improving. Both players with nice results in this tournament. Stan Wawrinka has not lost earlier than the Round of 16 since 2008. I don't see Pouille with much chances in the match. I think he's still recovering from a long Australian open, and Wawrinka will not want to lose this first encounter with a younger player. Luck! 
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    vvararu got a reaction from Robinnho in Tennis Tips - April 8 - April 14   
    ATP Marrakech.
    Kohlschreiber P. - Andujar Alba P.
    Kohlschreiber to win @1.76 (unibet)
    The reasons of this choice are:
    German is generally a better ranked and more versatile player Spaniard played last week almost every day. I think that it might affect the quality of his game against a rested opponent. I'm not sure about the info, but I've read somewhere that Andujar Alba will play qualifiers for the much more prestigious Monte Carlo ATP this weekend (Kohlschreiber being seeded). If that's true, the Spaniard might want to rest a little bit and not be very motivated for the game of today. On the other side, German will want to stay in the tournament in order to play some more games as preparation for the Monte Carlo. All this is just supposition but it might carry some sense. Yes, Andujar Alba has a 11 games win run, but all of the opponents, except Paire (69) and Delbonis (74) were > 140 ranking. Kohlschreiber (41) will be a serious challenge if we judge purely by ranking. Having the points above in mind, I believe that the German will increase the H2H from 2:1 to 3:1 today.