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  1. Right now I'm doing high frequency. Meaning on average I would bet around 300bets and 40000eur per month I'm hoping for a 5-7% yield long term and would love to eventually get to bet 100000eur per month. (when my bankroll is sufficient). I've had different ppl tell me that getting 2-3% long term is already very hard. But at the same time when I study different tipsters and their performance, I see many that can achieve over 5% in a period of over 5years. Just wanted other pro bettors advice and view on long term yield.
  2. I guess I just want someone who have had experience in the sports betting to confirm that 5-7% is achievable long-term. Thanks liero1
  3. My own experience with bet365. I have had 2 accounts limited by bet365. My own and my wife's. 1st account I had for over 2 years. 1st year normal punting, 2nd year I followed Goranswinners live bets. During 2nd year after I won quite a lot, they limit my account. 2nd account even worse. Following tipsters I placed 15 bets approx 2000euros in 2 days (different soccer leagues). On the 3rd day, they informed my account is limited. I won 90euros My point is, that they have different filters on how to limit players. My 1st experience seems "normal". My 2nd experience, they probably realised I was following tipster, because I put in multiple value bets in short time period.
  4. Wow, maybe I posted this in the wrong sub? If so, can someone please help and inform where I can post this question and get some comments? Just to update on my betting numbers: 21 days of betting - 182 placed bets at approx 29400eur - Profit 4620eur Alltime Yield is still high at 15.7%.
  5. Hi everyone! Sorry for the poor english, but it's not my first language. New member, old gambler here. Been punting/gambling many years but have actually yet to take it seriously. Now am in the position that I have a big enough bankroll to bet but not enough time to place bets. That's why I'm using autobetting bots and sites like: smartbet and inbetsment. I started following 3 tipsters in different sports at the beginning of this year and am aiming to bet around 40000eur / month for the first year and double that when second year comes by. As for the last 17days of betting, I (or the bot) have placed 142 bets at approx 23000eur and won 3600eur. The yield for this short period is around 15%. I understand that this yield is not going to be this high in the long term. I am very very happy if I can even get half of that long term. So I would really like to ask the pro bettors here: what kind of yield% is achievable long term? Is 5-7% achievable long term in your opinion?