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  1. I had a further look at it and yes they r not worh the price they ask, however their shedule is very usefull cos is some matches they get feed from tv rather then the stadium and normally r the minor leagues where i normally bet, and it would be usefull to know which games are taken from tv and which other are not so i can avoid to bet on them since i always bet on the live
  2. Hi, I m interested in live stats programms such as the ones that provvide live feed to the bettinng website. Programs such as running ball, opta, or sportradr for istance. These programs as you might now they have a very high cost, i won t need to use it much therefore i am not willing to pay for the whole program I am after someone who can share the cost with me or even better someone who already has it and can share it with me. T