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    As I'm still learning bout this betting world, I'm curious and I think most of the times is better to check things by yourself, i searched whats the thing with the brokers/agent to undersand why my friends use it and wanted to share for those curioues or that are new at this like me.
    Brokers or bet agents provide clients with single accounts from which their cliets can take advantage of the best odds among the bookmakers. An agent can help you to improve the process of placing bets, it decreases the bookmaker commission and gives you higher limits than the offers by single bookmakers.
    This are the advantages: best odds, singke accounts, higher limits, more access, no geographical restrictions.
    This is what you should consider:
    -Safety of your money: we should check the reliability of the broker we want to use (friends, forums and reviewas can help)
    -How much it cost: accepting the cost and charges from a broker depends on you and your pocket (cheap service isn’t equal to good one)
    -Odds you can get: some brokers may offer lower odd but with higher limits so it depends o n your likes as bettor.
    So, this is a summary of what i found. In my country, there are many restrictions on gambling and using foreign currency so i thnik it worths giving a try. Let me know what you guys think 
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