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  1. Can't believe they would do something illegal, I've been using them for some time, not so long, but havent' had problems like this or anything else. I can tell you tho other bookies, and even such that don't have to do with UK licenses, have asked friends of mine to send pictures like that, so why should William Hill be an exception. Bottomline, I'd send it too, don't think it's illegal and it's exactly as @harry_rag said, they may have the reason so suspect a double account, some fraud activity or wtv and just need to make sure it's not the case, and pics like this are sort of a procedure wit
  2. Hi, Im also looking for agency. Heard of yours @Uriel18 + also premiumtrqadings and sportmarket. Dont know which is better tho. They all have Skype betting which is pretty nice but thats all I know. Anyone with experience and account in any of those?
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