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  1. This late drift on Vondrousova made me think before the match. That performance by Marketa is a big, big joke, she looks totally unmotivated, without any will and chance.
  2. I can't understand why Vondrousova should be the outsider tomorrow. Barty was not good today and the conditions here don't suit her. Vondrousova has beaten the much tougher players than Barty and to me she's the better clay court player. Vondrousova @ 2.40 Pinnacle 10/10
  3. Totally disagree here and Ivo with a very bad game yesterday.
  4. Value clearly is on Anisimova and especially on Vondrousova.
  5. You must be a hero if you hit an odd of 1.60.
  6. The best match so far, wawrinka with 7 lifes. Gw @darko08
  7. Tough match for both, a great match to watch, but to me Tsitsi still is the better player to be honest. Anyway I think rather Tsitsi nor Stan will have a chance against a relaxed Federer.
  8. No matter how it will end I always wish the best for you my friend.
  9. Seems Wawrinka is going to be the public bet no1 today. Everyone is saying stan is on fire, didn't they say that recently before Nadal creamed him in Madrid? Reviewing his recent match history I don't see a single evidence of "on fire". Stefanos is much fitter and has plenty of weapons at his disposal. Gogogogogoooooooooooo Tsitsiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. Stefanos Tsitsipas @ 1.84 Pinnacle 6/10
  10. If someone uses phrases like money print etc. he normally must get banned without hesitation.
  11. Strong game by Tommy Paul so far. If he plays always like he is playing now against Thiem he would be Top 10.
  12. It was Potapova, but I didn't post it. And after a good start Janko seemes hopeless.
  13. As my first outsider pick is delivering that easily it seems I've decided to post my already yesterday taken pick where I see great value. Dimitrov has struggled, by his whole performance, especially on clay, and with injuries. Tipsarevic leads the head to head 5-2, and Dimitrov's confidence is near zero. Janko Tipsarevic @ 5.68 Pinnacle with 4/10