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  1. Hi Yossa, that's about what i made it too just just wasn't sure. I am going to take my cash out (50% of the return) because if it wins, that's about what I would get anyway and if it loses (worried about Flower Power) I would lose it all. Thanks for taking the time to respond
  2. With the 2nd and 3rd Favs now out of the 2:45 at Beverley, any idea what the Rule 4 is likely to be, i'm wondering whether to take the cash out?
  3. Are you still doing theses Note3?
  4. Hi, where can I see the rules for this competition please?
  5. Brilliant Froment, thank you so much this will do the trick nicely. Once again, thank you Ratso
  6. Hi Sir Puntalot, any news on this request yet?
  7. Only began following quite late but thanks for all the work VT and Happy New Year
  8. I think you are right to concentrate on the areas that have previously proven themselves. Your excellent Ratings are now the basis for my betting and I apply a few rules of my own which so far have netted over 15 Points profit since the 15th December. I will continue to test this and perhaps illuminate further in the New year. Keep up the brilliant work Mr Hills
  9. Brilliant yet again Xtc
  10. This is an excellent thread VT, thanks for taking the time to post these up
  11. Morning Xtc, with your rules, what do you do if the selection drifts alarmingly like Troubled Soul did yesterday? Brilliant work mate