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  1. I’m going ALL IN on the islanders in 10 min. Risking 10.000 to win 10.000 profit. also islanders -1 risking 2.000 to win 4900 profit. GL no time to write anything
  2. Any thoughts on the Cilic - kohlschreiber match? I think kohlschreiber can match him, but I need some feedback. Ty
  3. @opole dude, if I ever meet you in real life, imma give you sooo much love. Wish I got it when it was 15x money. But my money was locked in another bet at that time. But I had a veeeeery good night, thx to your advice.
  4. Thank you for the tip. Already got x5 my money back cus he won second set. I got him on x10 in live, hope he will pull thru. But anyways thx for the tip again, I wouldn’t have won on live if you didn’t post this. BIG UPs
  5. First of all, thx for the welcome. And second, thx for your share of advice. I was looking for something with a good value, I got the over 22,5 games on another cupon, included Copil, and Stephens. So im just waiting for the match to begin. I just find the value of Medvedev very interesting, and considering to place a small bet. So I needed some thoughts on the match
  6. Thx pal, I will remember that. Yea, same I think ill go with a small bet on Medvedev.
  7. What do you guys think of Tsitsipas S. - Medvedev D. ? Cus in my mind Medvedev could win this, and theres a fine value in it.