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  1. Wales Premier 12-13.10

    Hi - any welsh experts out there? I fancy Aberystwyth away to Llanelli tonight on paper. I’ve read the home team have a few players missing and sit bottom of the table while aber have picked up the last couple of games with two clean sheets. They seem good value at evens.
  2. Small percentage gains

  3. Small percentage gains

    Hi all I’ve read this forum for a while but never posted so please be gentle! I think this is the most appropriate section for my post, but happy for it to be moved. Ive often wondered about two things about how to ‘win’ when betting (football). The first is a small percentage returns process. For example, how many times in a row could you win a bet that is 1/5. I have calculated if you started with £50 and aimed to return 20% profit each bet, you’d be up to near a couple of thousand if you could do is for 20 times or so. Of course if you lose, you’d be wiped out. The other one is doubling up on evens (like the nightengale roulette system). So for example you bet £10 at evens. If you lose, you bet £20 on an evens, doubling it up each time if you lose. Is that a good way to go? appreciate any thoughts!