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  1. So he has played already 2 matches but now they're questioning if he has to be pulled out from the tournament.
  2. "Mischa Zverev just told the Eurosport Germany that the players are awaiting a decision from the gouverment of New York whether Mannarino can play or not because of the Paire incident".
  3. Really strange, Zverev is in the Arthur Ashe looking the Fritz-Shapo match so looks like there's something wrong with Mannarino..¿?
  4. Are the players who had contact with Paire still isolated? Because Mannarino was one of them. The french players who had contact (Mladenovic, Gasquet, Barrere and Vasselin) are all out of the tournament, except for Mladenovic on doubles. Zverev looked really good against Anderson and Nakashima, 2 dangerous players. Be careful with this one
  5. I have watched her and i can tell you that she's in the best form of her life. In Lexington she won without dropping a single set: Heather Watson (6-2, 6-1), Linette (6-2, 6-3), Bouzkova (6-1, 6-2), Gauff (6-2, 6-4) and Teichmann (6-3, 6-4). After that, she lost in the first round in 2 sets in Cincinatti (probably she had no interest after winning in Lexington and decided to rest for the US Open..). Here, she has destroyed Blinkova (6-3, 6-2) and Bellis (6-1, 6-2). Before the pandemic she was already in a big form, beating players like Muguruza, Svitolina and Barty. She is the favorite player to win the 1st quarter right now. 2020 Brady's record: 30-11 What have done Garcia this year? In Auckland she lost in 2 sets against Bouchard after winning against Townsend (in 3 sets). In Hobart she lost in the first round against Cabrera. In the AO she lost in the second round against Jabeur after winning against Brengle (in 3 sets). In Saint Petersburg she lost in the first round against Ferro. In Doha she lost in the first round against Pera. In Lyon she lost in the third round against Van Uytvanck after winning against Minnen and Bonaventure. In Cincinatti she lost in the second round against Azarenka after winning against Stephens. Here, she has won against Paolini and Pliskova. 2020 Garcia's record: 7-7 I have been waiting a lot of time to see the best García again but winning a couple of matches here means nothing. I did not watch her match against Pliskova but I remember putting the match at the end of the second set and the commentator said something like: "Well, Pliskova is saving an embarrasing performance in this set, at least...". It would be interesting to know if Pliskova had a very bad day or García truly played a great match (as I said, i only watched the end of the second set). Brady is currently better player than García, she has a better serve and a more powerful forehand. Is García underestimated for this one? If we take in consideration the current form: No. But if we take in consideration "the ceiling" of both players García is underestimated. That being said, I have to say that a +5,5 handicap sounds good..
  6. Brady is one of the most in-form players right now.
  7. @liquidglass Yep, I have seen those straps but.. ¿how many players are carrying straps? I have seen part of the third set and i did not appreciate any kind of physical issue reflected on her game. Pospisil required medical attention but then he won the next 3 sets (I did not watch the match after that but I'm sure he showed no signs of physical issues). Now i was watching Serena playing against Gasparyan. The russian was carrying straps but she has played a really decent second set, looking physically better than Serena who wasn't carrying straps. The point of what im trying to say is that players are cheaters. I'm not saying that Pegula has nothing (it's impossible to know for sure) but i haven't seen her game affected). Obviously, Kvitova can play a good match and destroy Pegula because she's so much better player but I rarely have seen her playing well an entire match (Inconsistency and physical issues have private her from winning more things). Pegula has good results against big hitters and I expect Kvitova to have her usual ups and downs on her game (i hope). I know Kerber will be better with every round she passes but i saw her quite vulnerable in her second set against Friedsam. In her first match she did not play good at all, which is completely understandable considering it was her first match after a lot of time (I'm sure we will agree that Alja was awful, as I expected). So, I'm still waiting to see the best Kerber and I'm not sure if only 2 matches will be enough to have an "easy" match against Li, who played an amazing match against Riske. Let's see. btw... Serena barely can breath after been playing 1.30 h..? What will happen when a player take her into a third set?
  8. Ann Li to beat Kerber at 3.00 with bet365 I'm still impress with how Li destroyed Riske yesterday. The young player took the lead on almost every single point. Riske tried to change that but nothing could do against her. She served quite well and only conceded 1 BP in the whole match, which is really impressive considering the player she was facing. I expected Kerber to win her first 2 matches here (as I said before, I wouldn't be suprised if she reaches the SF's) but she has struggled a little bit (more than I expected). If she would have lost the TB of the second set against Friedsam the match would have turned in a 50-50 match, I think. It's hard to know if Li can repeat a performance like that, but if she does and Kerber adopt a defensive style against her she can suffer more than the odds suggest. Jessica Pegula (+4.5 Games) to beat Petra Kvitova at 1.75 with 888 First big test for Kvitova. She will have to face an in-form player who has demonstrated to have the weapons to beat big hitting players. In Cincinatti she won against Anisimova, Brady and Sabalenka, which is quite impressive. Kvitova suffered against Kozlova. The ukranian was serving to win the first set and she even had a SP. I definitely expect Pegula to trouble Kvitova more than the odds suggest. Magda Linette (+5.5 Games) to beat Kontaveit at 1.72 with bet365 Maybe this one seems a little bit crazy considering how Kontaveit is playing but I think her favoritism is exaggerated. Linette's game style fits perfectly in these courts. The last year she won the Bronx Open coming from the qualy (Kanepi, Sasnovich, Muchova, Siniakova and Giorgi). She has suffered against Inglis and Kovinic (especially against the last one), but from what I have seen about her match against Kovinic, both players did really well. Kontaveit suffered against Collins (at least, in the first set..), which in some way was a little bit expected. She had an easy second round (Juvan) but now I expect a harder match for her. Novak Djokovic vs Struff Over 29.5 Games at 2.06 with 888 Ok, I edit to add my last one for the next 2 days. Actually, I have nothing much to say for this one. As I said before, Struff has been impressive these days. He has been serving really well, playing very aggressive and beating the ball with a lot of power and accuracy. The last time they played was in Cincinatti and Struff only won 4 games on that match and that's the reason why the line is so low. I really think Struff can do so much better than he did in Cincinatti and, as Czech said, Struff took a set from Nole in the AO and I think he can repeat that here, where the surface is quicker than there. Nole has demonstrated that he's not in the same level he was before. He lost the first set against Edmund, which makes me think he can lost another one here against a player who comes in better form than Edmund. This line can be covered even with a 3-0 so let's see if Struff can trouble Nole more than the odds suggest.
  9. I dont think so. I watched that match. Bolsova played like a pusher and Teichmann became completely crazy after losing the TB in the first set, giving to the spaniard a lot of free points. I did not watch Keys but she conceded 0 break points against Babos (6-1, 6-1). I know Babos is a mess but Bolsova is a claycourter and she has done nothing remarkable at this level. I expect an easy win for Keys. Anyway, GL, I expect to be wrong.
  10. Ok, Riske is being completely humiliated by Ann Li
  11. Shelby Rogers (+3.5 Games) to beat Rybakina at 2.12 with 888 2 players with really good serve. I expect a close match here and I think Rogers can cover this handicap. Kenin (vs. Leylah Annie Fernandez) + Riske (vs. Ann Li) at 1.90 with bet365 Kenin passed through Wickmayer with extreme ease. I know she's not at her best but i can't imagine the young canadian player causing an upset here. I did not watch Ann Li but I see Riske so much better than the young player so I don't expect an upset here neither. I have to add another one i have for tomorrow (later)
  12. I watched Struff and Carreño (not the whole match but big part of it). Also the last set of the Lapko-Golubic. Struff was brutal. Can't believe how this guy has not won a tournament yet, or even played a F. I did not watch Mmoh. The only concern i have with this one is that sometimes Struff struggles to break opponents serve so maybe there will be some TBs. Carreño was not good but he wasn't bad either (Uchiyama played the match of his life). As Czech said, I was impressed with how Lapko played in the last set. She has been a mess for a long time so that was not expected at all. Anyway, Lapko will need to serve really well to have a chance against Putintseva and be as agressive and accurate as she can. I think Putintseva will win.
  13. Cornet (vs. Davis) + Cilic (vs. Kudla) at 1.76 with 888 Davis is in a very bad form. She has played 3 matches after the pandemic and she has not won a single set (inlcuding a lost against a total unknown player): K.Scott (6-3, 6-4), Linette (6-3, 6-2) and Samsonova (6-4, 6-1). Cornet has played several matches during the pandemic and she left good sensations in Cincinatti, where she won in straight sets against Mcnally and Kenin. I know Cilic is not at his best form but the conditions here are great for him and he's so much better than his opponent.
  14. I did watch Osaka (2nd and 3rd sets). Despite losing the second set Osaka played well (Doi was really good, more than I expected) and the feelings were that the match was always controlled by her. I saw no signs of physical issues on her and she was quite calm during all the match. Good play, good mood and no signs of physical problems. If she has no meltdowns she looks the favorite one to me to win the whole thing.