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  1. Tracking/Feed for jockey's

    That's the one, cheers :-)
  2. Tracking/Feed for jockey's

    Hi, I'm looking for a feed to let me track my favourite jockey's. I can find feeds for horses but not for jockey's. I just want to choose my jockey's and be able to receive info on their future races. Anyone got any tips? Thanks! :-)
  3. Newbie question

    Then yesterday their opinion was spot on at some tracks and way off on others. More or less broke even with 1st and 2nd favourites. The predictor did just as well though ;-) Thanks!
  4. Newbie question

    Any idea why the Racing Post "Post Pick" gives different results than the Predictor? I think the Post Pick does better on average.
  5. Newbie question

    @estiban Thanks, that sounds about right given the differences between the two. I've been sticking to the Racing Post ;-)
  6. Newbie question

    @Sir Puntalot Thanks :-)
  7. Horse racing live streams

    That sounds good for the money, but I assume with a delay like the other's said and no good for trading?
  8. Horse racing live streams

    Ah I see haha. Well definitely not worth the bother then because the subscription prices here are much higher than the other options, and the companies keep getting shut down, along with your subscription money....
  9. Horse racing live streams

    @The SecretJockey OK thanks. Seems like there's no point in trying any of them if they're all delayed. Does anyone know if there's any radio commentary with no delay?
  10. Horse racing live streams

    So that's how you operate
  11. Horse racing live streams

    I'd better get posting then
  12. Horse racing live streams

    Thanks for the tip on the delays, I thought as much. I just looked for IPTV in Belgium but all the sites offering it look a bit shady and their business addresses are mostly home addresses on Google maps. Also lots of news reports on Google about IPTV companies getting shut down here so it's probably banned in Belgium. I don't know why you can't send me a message, I can't see anything in settings to change this, although I see I'm a "restricted member", don't really know what that means... @The SecretJockey @Valiant Thor
  13. Horse racing live streams

    So basically if you want coverage of all UK courses you'd have to subscribe to both, because for example Ayr, Catterick, Newmarket and Newbury are not on the ATR list. Though ATR's coverage is pretty comprehensive to be fair. How naive of me, I thought there'd be a number of options available with full coverage haha Betfair live stream would be fine but i can't use Betfair from Belgium. I use Orbit exchange through an agent but there's no stream as far as I'm aware of. Guess I'll look around for decent radio options first, thanks for the info.
  14. Horse racing live streams

    Thanks :-) So ATR covers all UK racing but Racing UK doesn't cover all the UK courses? Think I'd rather use a vpn with ATR then. I've been using the william hill radio commentary as well but I have no idea whether there's a big delay or not.
  15. Horse racing live streams

    Hi, I'm looking for recommendations on horse racing live streams. If I search around on Google then Racing UK keeps popping up. It seems a bit pricey but I don't mind that if it works well. I'm in Belgium and would like to watch live UK racing (for trading on exchanges) and possibly some US racing. I will be watching on desktop pc. Thanks in advance :-)