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  1. Hi, I am just wondering that I missed something or there some new hidden info about Schwartzman-Lajovic game? Why Lajovic is so underrated? He is in very good form, and last year Argentinian won here against Lajo very hard game just 3:2?? Is it something about Lajovic personality? Would be thankful for any thoughts!
  2. I took this bet as well when saw price...but unfortunately looks I did it to early as Alexandrova looks not in best physical shape, yesterday she got medical break during her match, so I just wandering about my money now...on other side, Mladenovic is in good shape, and if she will find first serve much earlier than yesterday...Alexandrova will be in big trouble. Now I see some value on Mladenovic.
  3. Well, well, well Semi in woman`s, 3 offensive players, and one I would say "chess player". I more agree with Yogg picks, just wonder if Serenas serve and offense would not finish most points in 2-4 shots, in this case there is no chance, but if Sevastova will manage to keep ball longer in court, there is chance to play chess once, hope fitness and concentration would case problem for Williams, so my pick, Sevastova win set@2.30 William Hill, and yes, Osaka as well, as its 50/50 game for me, and no bet, but if bookies can see some favorite here, I am going against them. Good luck everyone
  4. Thanks all guys for your hard work. Last week didn't watch any tennis game, but now it's time. Based on your thoughts and my feelings I decided to go with double: Dmitrov @2.1x Ruud@2.1 at WilliamHill I see that Vavrinka is coming back, but don't think he is ready for 4-5sets, this is why I "backing" Dmitrov as I see 50/50 game, but if Dmitrov will win First or even second set, I can't see Vavrinka will continue same level for 4th set... Ruud is good youngster, and if he will keep his qualification form, he should beat Pella, who have no game practice recently. I like Troicki @3.25 or over in this game, because I now Troicki can play very good tennis, but his mentality it's not strong, but I am going because Sandgren is not like he was in AO, so it's blind bet for me, as don't know what to expect from Troicki. Don't trust Giorgi, so like over but afraid she can lost it in straight sets, so will go with +5.5 @1.9 at William Hill for Whitney. Good luck for all. P.S. My favourites to win USO Tsitsipas and Svitolina. What a great start for me! Once again teenager with no fight spirit let me down to be on truck...Giorgi was nothing special, but Whitney....this f** woman's sport!!! Have a good night everyone who fallow UO...I going to bed...LOL
  5. Cilic looks good for me @2.62 bet365 It's at least 55/45 game for me, so it worth try at this odds.
  6. @CzechPunter Agree with Shapovalov, must try at this odds. What is your thoughts about Careno-Busta against Haase. I pretty Shure that Dutch shoot all his bullets in last few games, but haven't seen any Pablo's games because don't wanna risk big. For me best double for this round looks like Careno-Busta@1.57+Sabalenka to win a set@1.5=2.35 at WilliamHill I like Sabalenka's serve and how she is fighting. But again, haven't watched any Garcia's game recently. If you will share your opinion about my bet I will be very thankful. @CzechPunter
  7. Pliskova didn't won single set with Radvanska yet, so my bet is Pliskova to win a set...:D But if seriously, main thing is what are caonditon of polish at the moment, this year isn't her best, will try Pliskova on some combo, which @1.8 looks fine for me. I don't like odds under @2 on women tennis, or any individual woman sport, but today not see any interesting man's matches, so will try some not big stake combo in woman tennis. Agree with Pavluchenkova@1.285+Kuzmova@1.5+Svitolina@1.33+Konta/Ostapenko in doubles @2.2=@5.6 on bet365 Stupid bet from one side, but good money if everything goes right. Why? Pavluchenkova oponet current form, Kuzmova playing incredible at moment (18!!! aces yesterday) and Mladenovic is not in best form, Svitolina just class better and looks to be ready for something big (don't really matter Kuznecovas big winning strike), and more risk one, just because of Konta/Ostapenko oponents weekness recently...good luck, and think twice when choose woman's sport!!!
  8. I am not agree about Wawrinka. Swartzman has no big wins on hard so far, he is good fighter, but nothing more. On other side Wawrinka doesn't need advertising, ok he is after injury, but to beat Kyrgios and Fuscovics who are good players, it's mean something to me. He had good fight with Nadal as well. So seems he is back. And there will be easy victory against Argentinian one. Plus looking to bet on Kontoveit, as if she will show at least 2/3 of her power, she must beat Chech veteran easily. Double for me today: Wawrinka+Kontoveit @3.8 Good luck!!!