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  1. 150 Gd: Puds225 Gd: King's Advice300 Gd: Manuela De Vega340 Gd: Gunmetal415 Gd: Great Ambassador450 Gd: Marhaba Milliar525 Gd: Gifts Of Gold
  2. 150 Gd: Perfection225 Gd: Biometric300 Gd: Mojito335 Gd: Battash410 Gd: Homespin440 Gd: Mirage Dancer515 Gd: Sapa Inca
  3. 150 Gd: Forest of Dean225 Gd: Threat300 Gd: Jalmoud335 Gd: Mehdaayih410 Gd: Fred445 Gd: Salsa520 Gd: Amplify
  4. 150 Gd: Dubawi Fifty225 Gd: Durston300 Gd: Raahy335 Gd: Too Darn Hot410 Gd: Mrs Bouquet445 Gd: Vivionn555 Gd: Dirty Rascal
  5. 150 Gd: Jazeel225 Gd: Mystery Power300 Gd: Pretty Baby335 Gd: Stradivarius410 Gd: Lost in Time445 Gd: Maygold515 Gd: Clara Peeters
  6. 130 CH: Sir Erec210 CH: Crooks Peak250 CH: Commander of the Fleet330 CH: Presenting Percy410 CH: Pacha Du Polder450 CH: Whatswrongwithyou530 CH: Pym
  7. 1.30 CH: Defi Du Seuil2.10 CH: Aaron Lad2.50 CH: Un De Sceaux3.30 CH: Paisley Park4.10 CH: Eamon An Cnoic4.50 CH: Posh Trish5.30 CH: No Comment
  8. 1.30 CH: Battleoverdoyen 210 CH: On The Blind Side 250 CH: Apple's Shakira 330 CH: Saint Calvados 410 CH: Urgent De Gregaine 450 CH: Band of Outlaws 530 CH: Envoi Allen
  9. 1.30 - Aramon 2.10 - Kalashnikov 2.50 - Coo Star Sivola 3.30 - Laurina 4.10 - Benie Des Dieux 4.50 - Roaring Bull 5.30 - Whisperinthebreeze