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  1. Free Football Analysis Tool

    While I was looking at the data today I've spotted an issue with the way the number of matches is calculated. There's no problem with the past data but the new seasons are starting for some countries (South America, Japan and Scandinavia) and the system is throwing out false matches, particularly for Mexico at the moment who have just started the new 2019 season as it's still looking at the previous season dates. I can't just change these dates as it will no longer pull through those old matches and results so I'm looking at other options to fix it. The same issue is going to cascade through the leagues as the year progresses but I've caught it early and can hopefully remedy it. I'm not sure of a solution at present so this post is more of a 'beware of false eligible matches' notice. Some of the affected countries are: Mexico - new season just started Japan - will start in February Norway - will start in March etc. Hopefully a solution will be in place long before the new Japanese season starts but please ignore any Mexico matches for now. I'll update again once I've sorted this.
  2. Free Football Analysis Tool

    Results up to yesterday have been added and tomorrow's matches have been uploaded too. Hope you all have a very Happy and Profitable New Year!
  3. Free Football Analysis Tool

    @Betmakavely that's excellent news - great start! What was the price for your winning treble? I've uploaded results for 26th and matches for today, there are only a few matches today. There are no matches in our leagues for tomorrow.
  4. Free Football Analysis Tool

    Hi @Betmakavely. I've had a quick look at your email, it's a busy time for me (and most people I'd imagine) at the moment so when my feet touch the ground I'll get back to you properly and make any necessary adjustments to the site. Good luck with your live testing - I've just uploaded the Boxing Day fixtures which will show up in the eligible matches section tomorrow. There are no matches of interest today or tomorrow so I haven't uploaded anything for them. I'd like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thanks for all your kind words of encouragement over the past few months.
  5. How to get a SHARK win

    I second that, @footysystems - if you're around and have the time it'd be good to have a better understanding of how this works. If I can see some value in it I could possibly include it on my rdata site to check past performance. Cheers.
  6. Free Football Analysis Tool

    Thanks for replying, @Rivilearner. The one I've been following hasn't done too well recently either, no huge losses but just kind of stagnating. I'm going to keep following it on paper for the time being though. I'll keep updating the site.
  7. Free Football Analysis Tool

    Just checking that some people are still using the data on the site?
  8. Free Football Analysis Tool

    Absolutely, that's what I'm looking at too. The multiplier will boost profits as long as the losing streaks aren't too long.
  9. Free Football Analysis Tool

    I'm still watching at the moment. The main system I'm looking at is the 'K1 MULTI DRAWS V2 MODIFIED 2'. The historical data produced some good results but that was because I used the filters to produce a decent return. What I'm watching for now is a continuing trend. Since I've been adding the daily data (around the middle of August) the profits have been quite small on this system - you can see its performance for this period here - Because of the increasing stake on a losing day it is showing a profit of £92 (based on an initial £10 stake) and a ROI of 10.75%. To level stakes it's still in profit, albeit much smaller, but only 4.5% ROI. Nothing really to write home about at the moment. The number of bets on 27th October put the balance down to around £770 from £1000, as all bets are ideally placed at the same time due to kick-off times, which is a potentially steep loss at such an early stage in the system. Fortunately there were two winners which limited the losses although it would've been a test for the old sphincter!! I'd be interested to hear if anyone else has used the data for live betting. I've added matches for the weekend and Monday so the eligible upcoming matches will be available for the next few days. Results will be published daily as per usual.
  10. Free Football Analysis Tool

    Data is now up to date with upcoming matches added until Thursday.
  11. Free Football Analysis Tool

    We're all up to date now with the exception of Tuesday's results which aren't available yet. Hopefully I'll be back to updating the data every day now.
  12. Free Football Analysis Tool

    The site will be updated tomorrow - sorry for the delay.
  13. Free Football Analysis Tool

    Thanks, Riv. All data is now up to date.
  14. Free Football Analysis Tool

    I've been out of action with an injury for the last week so it's been tough to update the site. I'll try and get it updated today/tomorrow.
  15. Free Football Analysis Tool

    I'll be adding an indicator soon to show whether or not the upcoming eligible matches have been uploaded. At the moment if there aren't any eligible matches it just says there are either none or the data hasn't been updated and there's no way to tell which one is the case. I usually upload the upcoming matches a few times a week, on Monday I can normally process Tue/Wed/Thu and then on Thursday I can do Fri/Sat etc. it all depends on how quickly Cybet get their PDFs up on the site - sometimes they put them up but don't fill in all the necessary prices we need so I have to wait. Results are still being updated every day.