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  1. lol so funny you are fan of guys who dont know you and totally dont give a crap about you, like little girls being fan of justin bieber or a boys band because they are handsome, how pathetic that a grown man has to do that to find a meaning to his life :-D
  2. at half time in the locker rooms Liverpool must be laughing really really hard, they came to play a Champions League final but they are actually playing against a bunch of clueless bums from Bulgarian 3rd division
  3. Frankfurt what a disgusing missed opportunity two minutes before the end, the player alone in front of the empty goal was late one hundreth of a second otherwise easy goal to win the game
  4. Man United goal keeper is such a clown, such a stupid mistake just before half time
  5. considering fognini +5,5 games since in his last match he could have given up but did not and came back to win so he has the motivation, anyone else consdering the same bet?
  6. croatia messed up big in the first half offering two goals to france , after that they lost the moral, plainly stupid.
  7. croatia how pathetic the first half , offer a goal to france with own goal, very quickly and in an impressive manner comes back to 1-1 , and then offers an other goal to france with a stupid retarded handball. 2 goals gift to france in one half, pathetic clowns.
  8. djokovic what a clown, 0-3 to 3-3, 3-5 then up 40-0 on Nadal's serve and loses 5 points in a row to lose the set 3-6, really pathetic.
  9. any opinions / analysis of how odds will evolve until the last minutes before the game? will the favorite become even more favorite and the dog even more dog?
  10. what on earth did Belgium do during half time, smoke mariwana? take sleeping pills? drink vodka? they were energetic and confident in the first half and suddenly in the second half they were totally out of it playing on a much much lower level.
  11. kiki bertens so pathetic at the end of the 2nd and in 3rd, scrambling and choking in an incredible way. the end of the match was like 20 points won by Georges and only 2 points won for Bertens, absolutely LOL.
  12. thanks, i also agree with what you wrote, Mbappe was great against a weak argentina but for example against weak uruguay i dont recall him being very decisive or present, lets not forget he is only 19 and has tons of pressure from french media and all the social medias. i am annoyed that Meunier is missing for Belgium and that from the last 3 games Belgium has had 2 days less rest between games than France (france 11 days 3 games, belgium 9 days 3 games) but i will still take belgium for their non stop attack and also because france to me is slightly over estimated.
  13. interesting stat for France, their last 6 shots on goal were all goals, 6 out of 6. french media are saying how it shows that France is incredibly efficient, but you can look at it totally the opposite way, in their last 3 games they had only 6 shots on goal and a little bit of luck made them score all of them. i personally wasnt impressed by France, it feels like they lack harmony and fluidity as a whole as a team as a group.
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