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  1. WNBA 2018

    Seattle -1.5 $1.91 Dallas -4 $1.94
  2. WNBA 2018

    Good win Washington $$$
  3. WNBA 2018

    One bet for tomorrow washington @ NY bet:washington -5.5 odds: $1.94 bookie:crownbet good luck guys
  4. WNBA 2018

    Hey mate, you can contact me on my site at
  5. WNBA 2018

    Sorry for the late post forgot to put it here, Dallas -5.0 $1.96 against Washington
  6. WNBA 2018

    Hi Gilberto, I tried to message your profile, but it wouldn't let me. Not sure how else I can contact you as I probably can't post emails. I'll try to contact you if you post contact details
  7. WNBA 2018

    Phoenix @ Sun Bet: Sun -6.5 Odds: $2.38 Bookie: Crownbet Sun by 12 Cheers!
  8. WNBA 2018

    Tonight's early games Game: Lynx @ Indiana Bet: Indiana +10.5 Odds: $1.86 Bookie: Crownbet My odds app says elsewhere is +9.5 $1.90, you can take that but do not go any lower then +8.5, +7.5 and less is off limits
  9. WNBA 2018

    Good win by the Aces, you'd think its strange backing a team to win with only a 2 point win prediction but with the underlying statistics and proven POT % it was a great bet.
  10. WNBA 2018

    WNBAAces @ ChicagoBet: Aces win Odds: $2.48 Bookie: Crownbet Aces win 82-80 As you can see above, under similar data used from my database and bookmakers odds it has a historic POT of 29.2%. Cheers and good luck!
  11. WNBA 2018

    Good win, got them at $3.55
  12. WNBA 2018

    Bet: Washington ML Odds: Take above $3.30 In comparison, this statistical filtering from similar games has a +50.8% POT within my database. Cheers and good luck!
  13. WNBA 2018

    Bet: Seattle -6.5 Odds: $2.10 on Crownbet Prediction: Seattle win 87-77
  14. WNBA 2018

    Hi, good to find a forum with others who have interest in WNBA! I run basketball algorithms I created, I used to run them in excel until I had my algorithm made into software, It allows me to pinpoint statistics with filters to see profit instantly and has allowed me to broaden my strategies for long-term profit for both WNBA and NBA. My algorithms focus is the teams winning margin, I predict it down to the very point, but all focus is in winning handicaps which comes down to underlying statistics, not just a score prediction. These predictions have years of proven profit from data and my own personal bets, negative swings come and go so please be patient if there is a negative swing. My aim is season profit, not one or 2 games,1 or 2 weeks or 1 or 2 months, the entire season. I also bet on teams incentives. Teams incentives are keeping a 2+ possession lead, opposition teams incentives, if they are losing, will always foul when it comes down to it until they are losing by 3+ possessions. this is why I never take handicaps higher than -6.5, or + handicaps lower than +8.5 I see you use bet365, I use Crownbet (Aussie bookie) which tends to have slightly better margins/odds on the alternate handicaps I take. Lynx @ Dallas Bet: Lynx -6.5 Odds: $2.10 Bookie: Crownbet Stake: 2 units Sun @ Seattle Bet: Seattle -4.5 Odds: $1.89 Bookie: Crownbet Stake: 1 unit Cheers and good luck!