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  1. I'm super excited to release automated email bets at your selected time slot. This means that between 12am ACST and 9am ACST by the hour you can choose when to receive bets emailed to you. So if you place your bets at 8am, no problem it will email the bets at 8am. This helps avoid a few issues. This helps avoid odds movement and line movement, so you can easily achieve what is recorded. If I were to send you an email at 6am but you read it at 9am, you get a completely different result. It also helps users avoid taking bets that may no longer be profitable due to odd movement for those who read emails late. Each email sends bets that are only considered profitable, so reading the email at your preferred time and placing bets then, you will know it is profitable. You can sign up for free here at It also has a time zone converter link so you know you select the correct time zone. Feel free to check out the web app, it looks like we will be betting on Philly tomorrow!
  2. The web app now records and time stamps available bets at the present moment in time by the hour from 12am ACST to 9am ACST on game day. 12am ACST = 6.30am Los Angeles time game day/ 2.30pm London time game day to give you a general idea. Bets will only appear if the odds are acceptable to take at that present moment in time. It will not say "take at -6.5" when the available line is -6.5. We are also working on a new feature that will allow all available bets to be emailed to you at your selected preferred time. I understand that people bet within their own personal schedule and odds can change between sending an email and you reading the email if the time does not suit you. So if you prefer to place your bets at 8am ACST due to your schedule, you will be able to select to receive available bets via email at exactly that selected time. That way you will know that the odds and handicaps sent will not move and will be acceptable for you to take. You will also have a better idea of how much profit you can make at that selected time which odds can vary due to syndicates betting at certain times and moving the odds. As you can see all times have different results due to what is available odds wise. Sign up at and register for an account. NBA Playoffs and WNBA are going to be very profitable!
  3. Backing New Orleans and Spurs tomorrow as shown in the available bets column Getting new features put into the app. Feature 1: I've talked to many people over the season, and it became clear that you were all interested in placing the bets in your own time that fits your daily schedule. But this can be a bit of a problem when it comes to recording results. So what the app is going to do is it's going to record the results of available bets on game day (Australian Eastern time) at 12am, 3am, 6am, 9am and 15 minutes before tip-off. You can then see all results of suggested bets from a drop down tab and see the difference if you take your bets at 6am or if you take them at 9am ect. This will also help you decide if it's worth using the app with your personal schedule. Feature 2: Along with the suggested bets it will have a new column for a suggested time to place the bets. This suggested time is when we expect the market to peak in favor of our selected team or available bet to help us beat the finishing line/odds. This may not be available to use until WNBA starts, but I'm confident this will be ready to go for June 1st in the WNBA season. Being a good handicapper is one thing, but being a good bettor or trader is another thing and I hope to be able to improve everyone in both of those areas. So if you haven't already, make an account and check out the web app predictor. it's free to use and I look forward to you all having access to it and getting some winners. Any questions feel free to contact me
  4. Good win on Spurs, while the algorithm focuses on the exact winning margin it's good to see accuracy, predicting 112-103 for a final result of 112-105, as posted pre game in the screenshot above. make sure you check out the app!
  5. Today the web app says Spurs -4.5, Timbos +9.5 and Timbos win (Only if you can get above $5+ on the ML) All of those selections are decided from over 16,000 games of data. For example, the bookmaker's odds suggest a 20% of Timbos winning. from my data it suggests a 24% chance of winning. It may not win today or tomorrow, but it will make money in the long run which is the key to being successful. Feel free to check it out, it's free to sign up and use!
  6. Hey guys, I have had my software made into a web app and put on my website which is free to use. The algorithm in the web app is focused on predicting the winning margin and has over 16,000 calculated games, starting at the 2006/07 NBA season. You can use it at this link and read a bit more on how to use it properly here The best experience is on a computer, but does work on mobile. But, mobile is limited to only showing the suggested bets. Feel free to use it!
  7. One bet for tomorrow washington @ NY bet:washington -5.5 odds: $1.94 bookie:crownbet good luck guys
  8. Hey mate, you can contact me on my site at
  9. Sorry for the late post forgot to put it here, Dallas -5.0 $1.96 against Washington
  10. Hi Gilberto, I tried to message your profile, but it wouldn't let me. Not sure how else I can contact you as I probably can't post emails. I'll try to contact you if you post contact details
  11. Phoenix @ Sun Bet: Sun -6.5 Odds: $2.38 Bookie: Crownbet Sun by 12 Cheers!
  12. Tonight's early games Game: Lynx @ Indiana Bet: Indiana +10.5 Odds: $1.86 Bookie: Crownbet My odds app says elsewhere is +9.5 $1.90, you can take that but do not go any lower then +8.5, +7.5 and less is off limits
  13. Good win by the Aces, you'd think its strange backing a team to win with only a 2 point win prediction but with the underlying statistics and proven POT % it was a great bet.