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  1. WNBA 2018

    Hey mate, you can contact me on my site at
  2. WNBA 2018

    Sorry for the late post forgot to put it here, Dallas -5.0 $1.96 against Washington
  3. WNBA 2018

    Hi Gilberto, I tried to message your profile, but it wouldn't let me. Not sure how else I can contact you as I probably can't post emails. I'll try to contact you if you post contact details
  4. WNBA 2018

    Phoenix @ Sun Bet: Sun -6.5 Odds: $2.38 Bookie: Crownbet Sun by 12 Cheers!
  5. WNBA 2018

    Tonight's early games Game: Lynx @ Indiana Bet: Indiana +10.5 Odds: $1.86 Bookie: Crownbet My odds app says elsewhere is +9.5 $1.90, you can take that but do not go any lower then +8.5, +7.5 and less is off limits
  6. WNBA 2018

    Good win by the Aces, you'd think its strange backing a team to win with only a 2 point win prediction but with the underlying statistics and proven POT % it was a great bet.
  7. WNBA 2018

    WNBAAces @ ChicagoBet: Aces win Odds: $2.48 Bookie: Crownbet Aces win 82-80 As you can see above, under similar data used from my database and bookmakers odds it has a historic POT of 29.2%. Cheers and good luck!
  8. WNBA 2018

    Good win, got them at $3.55
  9. WNBA 2018

    Bet: Washington ML Odds: Take above $3.30 In comparison, this statistical filtering from similar games has a +50.8% POT within my database. Cheers and good luck!
  10. WNBA 2018

    Bet: Seattle -6.5 Odds: $2.10 on Crownbet Prediction: Seattle win 87-77
  11. WNBA 2018

    Hi, good to find a forum with others who have interest in WNBA! I run basketball algorithms I created, I used to run them in excel until I had my algorithm made into software, It allows me to pinpoint statistics with filters to see profit instantly and has allowed me to broaden my strategies for long-term profit for both WNBA and NBA. My algorithms focus is the teams winning margin, I predict it down to the very point, but all focus is in winning handicaps which comes down to underlying statistics, not just a score prediction. These predictions have years of proven profit from data and my own personal bets, negative swings come and go so please be patient if there is a negative swing. My aim is season profit, not one or 2 games,1 or 2 weeks or 1 or 2 months, the entire season. I also bet on teams incentives. Teams incentives are keeping a 2+ possession lead, opposition teams incentives, if they are losing, will always foul when it comes down to it until they are losing by 3+ possessions. this is why I never take handicaps higher than -6.5, or + handicaps lower than +8.5 I see you use bet365, I use Crownbet (Aussie bookie) which tends to have slightly better margins/odds on the alternate handicaps I take. Lynx @ Dallas Bet: Lynx -6.5 Odds: $2.10 Bookie: Crownbet Stake: 2 units Sun @ Seattle Bet: Seattle -4.5 Odds: $1.89 Bookie: Crownbet Stake: 1 unit Cheers and good luck!