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  1. @giraldi I find your software very useful. Just like every other tool, the onus is on the user to interpret the results. I wrote a program in R using Poisson Model to predict goal expectancy, then I realise that decisions on preferred number of matches played, probability (of any outcome) >=70?. I figured there is no general rule. So tables are meant to guide our decision in betting. Having said that, could you please include indicators that would tell users a likelihood that the home or away team would win, draw, expected number of goals in a match, etc. A bank role management system or an advise on amount to stake considering a set of conditions. This would help improve our decision making using the cgmbet system. Thank you!
  2. Dear Giraldi, I have been on request for VIP access since July. If you can please email me with I really do want to follow up. Thanks in anticipation.
  3. I am unable to to follow up because I haven't got access to the VIP. I didn't in August and September, I hope I would be considered in october.
  4. The temporary license restricts users from most access. I see this as a great tool and very helpful. U have done a lot of work bruv! Please consider my request below; "E-mail Address; User code: 53112-50918-27006-54746-37717 Thanks
  5. I checked your site and didn't quite understand the prediction. Are all the tips BTTS?
  6. Thanks for the vip access. Would study the system and give u feedback shortly. Is there any quick guide to using the system though?
  7. I just downloaded and registered for the CGMBet system too. Can you grant me VIP access please?