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  1. Sunday November 20th 4pm Qatar Vs Ecuador (D) (0-0) 2 Monday November 21st 1pm England Vs Iran (H) (1-0)3 Monday November 21st 4pm Senegal Vs Holland (A) (0-2)4 Monday November 21st 7pm USA Vs Wales (A) (0-2)5 Tuesday November 22nd 10am Argentina Vs Saudi Arabia (H) (3-0)6 Tuesday November 22nd 1pm Denmark Vs Tunisia (H) (1-0)7 Tuesday November 22nd 4pm Mexico Vs Poland (D) (1-1)8 Tuesday November 22nd 7pm France Vs Australia (H) (2-0)9 Wednesday November 23rd 10am Morocco Vs Croatia (A) (1-2)10 Wednesday November 23rd 1pm Germany Vs Japan (H) (2-0)11 Wednesday November 23rd 4pm Spain Vs Costa Rica (H) (2-0)12 Wednesday November 23rd 7pm Belgium Vs Canada (H) (2-0)13 Thursday November 24th 10am Switzerland Vs Cameroon (H) (2-1)14 Thursday November 24th 1pm Uruguay Vs South Korea (H) (2-0)15 Thursday November 24th 4pm Portugal Vs Ghana (H) (1-0)16 Thursday November 24th 7pm Brazil Vs Serbia (H) (2-0)17 Friday November 25th 10am Wales Vs Iran (D) (1-1)18 Friday November 25th 1pm Qatar Vs Senegal (A) (1-2)19 Friday November 25th 4pm Holland Vs Ecuador (H) (1-0)20 Friday November 25th 7pm England Vs USA (H) (2-0)21 Saturday November 26th 10am Tunisia Vs Australia (H) (3-0)22 Saturday November 26th 1pm Poland Vs Saudi Arabia (H) (1-0)23 Saturday November 26th 4pm France Vs Denmark (A) (1-3)24 Saturday November 26th 7pm Argentina Vs Mexico (H) (2-0)25 Sunday November 27th 10am Japan Vs Costa Rica (H) (2-1)26 Sunday November 27th 1pm Belgium Vs Morocoo (D) (2-2)27 Sunday November 27th 4pm Croatia Vs Canada (H) (3-1)28 Sunday November 27th 7pm Spain Vs Germany (H) (3-2)29 Monday November 28th 10am Cameroon Vs Serbia (A) (0-2)30 Monday November 28th 1pm S.Korea Vs Ghana (X) (1-1)31 Monday November 28th 4pm Brazil Vs Switzerland (H) (3-1) 32 Monday November 28th 7pm Portugal Vs Uruguay (A) (1-2)33 Tuesday November 29th 3pm Ecuador Vs Senegal (H) (2-1)34 Tuesday November 29th 3pm Holland Vs Qatar (H) (2-0)35 Tuesday November 29th 7pm Iran Vs USA (H) (2-0)36 Tuesday November 29th 7pm Wales Vs England (A) (0-2)37 Wednesday November 30th 3pm Tunisia Vs France (A) (1-2)38 Wednesday November 30th 3pm Australia Vs Denmark (A) (0-3)39 Wednesday November 30th 7pm Poland Vs Argentina (A) (0-2)40 Wednesday November 30th 7pm Saudi Arabia Vs Mexico (A) (0-1)41 Thursday December 1st 3pm Croatia Vs Belgium (H) (2-0)42 Thursday December 1st 3pm Canada Vs Morocco (A) (1-3)43 Thursday December 1st 7pm Japan Vs Spain (A) (0-2)44 Thursday December 1st 7pm Costa Rica Vs Germany (A) (0-3)45 Friday December 2nd 3pm S.Korea Vs Portugal (A) (0-2)46 Friday December 2nd 3pm Ghana Vs Uruguay (A) (0-2)47 Friday December 2nd 7pm Serbia Vs Switzerland (H) (2-1)48 Friday December 2nd 7pm Cameroon Vs Brazil (A) (0-2) 1 Croatia 2 Argentina 3 Brazil 4 Denmark
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