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  1. Belgium vs Tunisia Both sides' performance in the 1st leg in the group stage is quite different. Belgium have beaten World Cup debutants Panama with 3 goals, thanks to a steady offensive performance. On the other hand, Tunisia have suffered a defeat to England at the last minute and failed to grab any point. If Belgium can beat Tunisia in this match, they will have the initiative to advance into next round, while Tunisia will try their best to play in order to keep their hope of progressing alive. So this game will be crucial for both sides. Even though Belgium have not scored any goal until the 2nd half, they are expected to improve their ability of grabbing chances after playing their opening game. On the other hand, Tunisia have met several giants. In addition, their core goalkeeper Mouez Hassen is doubtful in this match, which will influence their morale. The line is -1.5 for Belgium with odds at medium level. On the whole, 7M Sports believe Belgium are expected to win over Tunisia in this match.
  2. South Korea vs Mexico South Korea have sent 3 strikers plus Lee Jae Sung and Koo Ja Cheol in the first game, aiming to beat Sweden, but they only got 5 shots without a single one on target. Therefore, South Korea are still not as strong as world-class teams. On the other hand, Mexico made a stunning victory over defending champions Germany in the 1st match with incredible performance. After that, they earned all kinds of support from companies. The line rose up from -0.5 goal to -1 goal now. Accordingly, 7M Sports believe that Mexico are expected to win against South Korea. For more information, please visit the 7M Sports site.
  3. Germany vs Sweden AH market provided Germany a -1/1.5 line for this game, which is not deep for must win Germany. After last defeat, Joachim Low will adjust their squad. Germany can not afford any loss and they will play with huge power. So 7M Sports believe that it's likely for Germany to win this game, and also win in AH. For more information, please visit the 7M Sports site.
  4. Serbia vs Switzerland Serbia's players not only have both skill and strength, but also have a high technical and tactical literacy. On the other hand, Switzerland have a strong style of playing, and in recent years a number of highly skilled players have emerged. Given both sides' performance in their first games, Serbia's ability of grabbing points needs to be improved, while Switzerland are superior to Serbia in overall quality and experience. So 7M Sports expect Switzerland to keep unbeaten in this game.
  5. Brazil vs Costa Rica As the favorites to lift the World Cup, Brazil's quality is beyond all doubts. However, they are held by Switzerland in the 1st match, which is a big surprise. So Brazil cannot afford any mistake in the 2nd game. Costa Rica are the poorest side in Group E, and Brazil are absolutely superior in terms of skills and tactics. The AH line changes from -1.75 to -2.00 for Brazil in this clash, which is in favor of Tite's team. In conclusion, 7M Sports expect Brazil to win this game as well as in AH payout.
  6. Nigeria vs Iceland Nigeria are hopeless if they cannot take point or points against Iceland. In their opening game against Croatia, they have shown their big weakness in defending set-pieces.On the other hand, Iceland continued their great performance from Euro 2016. They took 1 point against Argentina with stable offense and defense. It looks like they are not afraid of any team.Therefore 7M Sports expect Iceland to draw this game at least with progression in sight.
  7. Real Madrid vs Liverpool Real Madrid can play a full team in this Champions League final, and Liverpool are lacking three players. However, their offensive trident are healthy, so it wouldn't affect them that much. Check more information about both teams' analysis at In terms of strength on paper, the Glaticos are better for sure. However, the AH line of this game is only Real Madrid (-0.25), which is confusing. Besides, there is only 60% buying them in Betfair Exchange. It is obvious that people are not in favor of them with the fears of amazing Liverpool under Jurgen Klopp. Overall speaking, the odds not showing the gap between these two teams in strength and go with people's expectations. Actually, it creates some protection for the favourites. Therefore 7M Sports believe that Real Madrid are expected to win this game within 90 minutes.
  8. Serie A Predictions > May 19th & 20th

    Lazio vs Inter Milan Lazio and Inter Milan hope to secure a UCL spot in this final league game, so both of them are fully motivated. Lazio have suffered 2 successive draws lately in the league, while Inter Milan are also in shaky form. However, Inter Milan have good defensive quality, so they may be able to halt Lazio's attack in this match. Besides, Inter Milan have remained unbeaten in their last 2 league games against Lazio, so they have better mentality in this match. In conclusion, 7M Sports believe that Inter Milan are expected to grab 1 point at least in this match.
  9. Chelsea FC v Manchester United Both sides are mediocre this season, especially for United who spent big money during the summer. On the other hand, Chelsea are only the 5th team in the league this season as the defending champions. Moreover, Antonio Conte already lost his control over the players. FA Cup is both sides' only possible title this season, and their lineups are full. The AH opening line of this game was 0.00 with short odds for United. Later, the odds increased to near short odds. These two teams each took 1 win in their 2 face-offs this season in the league. However, the Red Devils' recent form and morale are better. Not to mention that the Blues are in a turmoil. Therefore 7M Sports believes United are expected to draw this game at least in regular time.
  10. Bayern München v Eintracht Frankfurt Bayern Munich are still the giants this season in Bundesliga. Jupp Heynckes leads his team to a 6th successive triumph, but they have shockingly suffered a 4-1 crushing loss to VfB Stuttgart in the final league game.As for Eintracht Frankfurt, their quality is not so good as Bayern Munich's, and they are inferior in both sides' past encounters.The AH odds are now absolutely in favor of Bayern Munich. In conclusion, we expect Bayern Munich to win this match and lift the trophy of German Cup.
  11. Karlsruher SC vs Erzgebirge Aue This game is crucial for both sides' future, so they are all motivated. Karlsruher are great in Bundesliga 3 with a solid defense. Although Aue are from a higher level division, their overall performance was poor. Moreover, their recent form has been not so ideal. Therefore Karlsruher should be supported in this game.