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*** Punchestown Festival Competition: Well done to 1st. Craig Bluenose, 2nd. Lee Grays & 3rd. Carole Dawney ***
** April Poker League Result : 1st kevsul, 2nd Rob Valk, 3rd McG **
** Last Man Standing Results - glavintoby & Redno2009 both win £125 **
** April Naps Competition Result: 1st Sugardaddyken, 2nd TRAINMAD091, 3rd Harry Faint99, 4th Gary66. KO Cup Winner Waggy, Most Winners: Xtc12 **

black rabbit

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  1. Fethard veterinary hospital in ireland tipperary  use a special product [ Nuevoagri ] disinfectant

    99.9999% effective against all pathogens in contact with horses  they apparently have not had an outbreak of any infections in the 3 years they have been using it   perhaps our yards in U K should follow their lead 

    1. black rabbit

      black rabbit

      have you a twitter following sir puntalot  perhaps if you have and tweet it out there some trainers may pick up

      on the info re Fethard using  that product  [ lets hope we dont lose cheltham 

  2. well done bill id love to know the P/L total on your

    posts in this section since you started

    i bet their very good  

    1. BillyHills


      Cheers mate, not sure to be honest,

      Always seems someone gets the big winner each Saturday, juts having a lucky streak at the minute:ok

  3. Hi Bill, yes my posting was incorrectly up on Nap Of The Day Section 

    sorry about that  should have been in Racing Chat Section

    its been going in the right direction since i started posting 

    couple of months ago  the  P/L account is  + 80 pts  up 

  4. hi sir puntalot  can i please enquire if PL keep a record of members 

    P/L  figures on posting of selections [ similar to what i post on my submissions] 

    expect bill has got the bubbly out after to day  :beer

    [ they dont do an imogee for snorting a line do they ?] 

    1. Sir Puntalot

      Sir Puntalot

      Hi @black rabbit

      No, it's up to the member if they wish to do this or not. ;) 

  5. guys earlier problem with my pose on daily chat now resolved  thank you all

  6. hi bill  for some reason i cant seem to load my update for daily racing chat section ? 

    keeps rejecting to post  thanks  the black rabbit

    1. BillyHills


      Sorry mate only just seen this, maybe there was a fault earlier on?

    2. black rabbit

      black rabbit

      thanks bill  sorted itself out in the end  [ account going ok  p/l  =  +  77 pt ]  

      you had a nice 50/1 winner on your racing chat on saturday  

      well done to that man 

  7. richard   may i ask if you have rated the epsom dash and if so how does [ a momentofmadness ]

    figure or not perhaps  [ owners very sweet on it] i understand     thank you

    1. richard-westwood


      I haven' yet ......too many entries at moment ....Will probably be around weds thurs before entries are finalised and I can rate .....I'll have a look later though to see what entries are doing 

  8. hi there bill  can i ask if perhaps you could tell me if its possible to create a tread on my bets i posted on your daily racing chat tread  [ should i post these somewhere else on site forum ]  

    regards  the black rabbit 

    1. BillyHills


      Feel free mate, try to tell us a bit about your method :ok

    2. black rabbit

      black rabbit

      hi bill  having recently won a reasonable sum of money from the bookmakers  i have decided to give it a bash on a full time basis   i have set bank of 200 points from which i shall be working from     bets shall be mainly 1 to 2 points  and a few very rare 5 pointers      as for selections well some from my race watchers notebook  my own ratings and some from the dreaded inside info  [ as i supply an equine product to various stables]  i get lots of it  the majority total rubbish [ stable info ] but that said there are a few who know the time of day        could you drag over my selections today to a new tread of some sort  then ill post on that as of tomorrow to keep continuity on a p/l  basis     this looks a great site you have here at punters lounge  my partner told me about it as he's a member   hope i can add something to it [ like the odd winner or  two  regards   the black rabbit 

    3. NOSBOR


      Billy Robson

                            retired railway manager 83 years old living at Berwick upon Tweed

      Northumberland. confind to wheelchair also Dementia still able to do my horses with help

      from my daughter.

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