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  1. Eric Ten Haag, as a manager for both Ajax and now Manchester United, has never lost away to any Spanish teams in European competition. He has a tendency of loosing at home ground.
  2. Not a bad choice but sometimes teams that perform poorly in league games produce good results in domestic cups.
  3. Any team under pressure fails to win. For instance, all the teams under pressure, namely; Liverpool, West Ham, Everton, Leicester, and Manchester City, all lost their matches. Both Tottenham and Arsenal are under pressure, but Spurs have a lot of pressure due to inconsistency in results,poor performance at White Lane, and pressure to finish in the top four. I think Arsenal's pressure is a bit low because Manchester City lost and the gap is 5 points and will remain 5 or more regardless of today's results. I will go for Arsenal's narrow win.
  4. Draw is a bit safe. If it were not for two hard fought wins for Manchester City and Manchester United, Fulham would be having 9 unbeaten games. Chelsea don't have the capability to win against stubborn Fulham.
  5. Tottenham vs Arsenal Odds @bet365 (1)3.60 (x) 3.40 (2) 2.00 Stats for Tottenham: Tottenham is currently ranked fifth, is in good shape, and has never defeated a team ranked higher, especially those in positions 1 to 6. The last four games played by Tottenham in the English Premier League overall (WLDW) and at White Hart Lane (LWLL). The Spurs have had a strong offensive play but average defensive play. With only one win (Crystal Palace), two draws (West Ham and Chelsea), and one loss (to Arsenal), Tottenham's performance in the four London derbies has been mediocre. At White Hart Lane, Arsenal defeated Tottenham the last time by a score of 1-0 in 2014. Antonio Conte has struggled against Arsenal, falling short five times, drawing three times, and triumphing twice. In all 61 meetings, Tottenham has had dismal results against Arsenal: 15 victories, 23 ties, and 23 defeats. Stats for Arsenal: The only time Arsenal has lost to teams below them was against Manchester United, and the team is currently ranked first, and in great shape. The Gunners have scored in all but one EPL game, a 0-0 draw against Newcastle, and are ranked second to Newcastle in both defense and offense behind Manchester City. Arsenal's last four EPL games overall (DWWW), but its most recent four away games (WWWD). Arsenal's performance has visitors have been superbly and contributed to half of its points. Arsenal has a perfect record in the four London derbies, having won all four games (against Crystal Palace, Tottenham, West Ham, and Chelsea). In 2014, Arsenal defeated Tottenham 1-0 at White Hart Lane for the last time. Mikel Arteta has a 3-3 record against the Spurs, losing 3 and winning 3. In all 61 meetings, Arsenal has had successful outcomes against Tottenham: 23 victories, 23 ties, and 15 defeats. In the 2014–2015 season, Arsenal defeated Spurs in both of their Premier League games. Hot stats: Antonio Conte will try to put on a strong performance because he is under pressure to do so in order to either defeat Arsenal or refrain from losing two straight games at White Hart Lane for the second time. Tottenham will strive to defeat its London rivals in order to maintain its chances of finishing in the top four. In contrast, Mikel Arteta will be aiming for his first victory at White Hart Lane and his second straight victory over the Spurs, which occurred last in the 2014–2015 season. Arsenal, which lost out to Spurs for fourth place last season, will be aiming to keep Manchester City at bay and at the very least win the English Premier League, which they last did in 2004 when they were considered Invincible. Furthermore, the Gunners will attempt to maintain their best away record by winning at least the game and maintaining a commanding lead. Prediction 1-2FT (2) 2.00
  6. Fulham vs Chelsea Odds @bet365 (1)3.75 (x) 3.50 (2) 1.95 Stats for Fulham: Fulham is currently in position 7, is in good shape, and has never had any issues playing against teams in lower positions, particularly groups in positions 8 to 15. Fulham has won 2, drawn 1, and lost 1 of its last four home games. Fulham's record in the four London derbies has been dismal, with only one victory (Crystal Palace) and three defeats (to Arsenal, Tottenham, and West Ham). The last time Fulham beat Chelsea 1-0 was in 2006. Marco Silva has lost several times to Chelsea, losing four times, drawing once, and winning once. Fulham has experienced poor results against Chelsea in all 30 encounters: 1 win, 10 draws, and 19 losses. Stats for Chelsea: Chelsea is currently in position 10, is in bad shape, is going through a goal drought, and has struggled and never prevailed over any team higher than them. It has not won the last four away games; it has drawn two and lost two. Chelsea has excelled in the four London derbies this season, winning two (West Ham, Crystal Palace), drawing one (Tottenham), and losing one (Arsenal). Since a 1-0 loss in 2006, Chelsea has never lost to Fulham. Chelsea has beaten Fulham six times in a row since 2013. Graham Potter has lost once and drawn twice in his three games against Fulham. In all 30 meetings, Chelsea has prevailed, with 1 loss, 10 ties, and 19 victories against Fulham. Hot stats: Graham Potter is under pressure, so he will try to perform well and avoid losing two games in a row by scoring or at the very least defeating Fulham to keep his job. Marco Silva, on the other hand, will be aiming for a fourth straight victory, break the curse, and at the very least produce positive results against Chelsea. Prediction 1-1FT (x) 3.50
  7. My Predictions Arsenal vs Newcastle Home win Everton vs Brighton Draw FT Leicester vs Fulham Home win Manchester United vs Bournemouth Home win
  8. Leicester City have actually lost 3 home games this season to; Southampton, Manchester United and Manchester City
  9. EFL CUP. LAST 16 Manchester City Vs Liverpool Odds @ bet365: (1) 1.67 (x) 3.75 (2) 4.33 The two teams will face off in the round of 16 after Manchester City eliminated Chelsea 2-0 and Liverpool defeated Derby County on penalties following a 0-0 FT. The two teams excelled in every competition during the 2021–22 season. Both Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp can assert that they are the best and most successful coaches currently working in the English Premier League. However, Liverpool had a rough patch prior to the FIFA World Cup, particularly in the English Premier League, but was doing better in the UCL and EFL CUP. Man City, in contrast, had success across the board in every league, including the EPL, EFL, and UCL. H2H: EFL Meetings They have previously faced off six times in the EFL CUP, with Man City winning once (16%) and tying twice (34%) while Liverpool has won three (50%). EFL CUP Recent Champions This EFL Cup was almost renamed the "Pep Cup" or "Man City Cup" after Man City won four consecutive EFL Cups under Pep from 2018 to 2021, giving them an overall total of 8 EFL trophies. For the first time since winning the trophy in 2012, Liverpool won the EFL CUP in 2022. The club currently has 9 EFL trophies. In the previous five seasons, the EFL CUP champions were 2022's Liverpool, 2021's Man City, 2020's Man City, 2019's Man City, and 2018's Man City. In light of the current EPL situation, where Man City is up against tough competition from Arsenal, led by Arteta, the former Pep's assistant coach. Mancity won't relinquish this EFL Cup. Klopp, on the other hand, is ambitious about winning it again to add to his trophy collection after relishing the EFL victory in 2022. It'll be a tough game, and penalties might be necessary. My Prediction 1-1 FT Draw (3.75) BTTS Yes (1.52)
  10. Round 17 EPL Predictions Monday 26th December 2022 Odds @ bet365 Brentford – Tottenham Odds: (1) 4.00 (x) 3.40 (2) 1.91 1-1 FT Draw 3.40 Everton – Wolverhampton Odds: (1) 2.25 (x) 3.30 (2) 3.20 1-1 FT Draw 3.30 Southampton – Brighton Odds: (1) 3.50 (x) 3.50 (2) 2.05 1-1 FT Draw 3.50 Leicester – Newcastle Odds: (1) 3.30 (x) 3.30 (2) 2.20 1-1 FT Draw 3.30 Crystal Palace – Fulham Odds: (1) 2.00 (x) 3.75 (2) 3.40 2-1FT Home 2.00 Aston Villa – Liverpool Odds: (1) 4.50 (x) 3.75 (2) 1.73 1-2 FT Away 1.73 Arsenal – West Ham Odds: (1) 1.50 (x) 4.33 (2) 6.00 2-0 FT Home 1.50 Tuesday 27th December 2022 Chelsea – Bournemouth Odds: (1)1.33 (x) 5.00 (2)9.00 2-1 FT Home 1.33 Manchester Utd – Nottingham Odds: (1) 1.30 (x) 5.50 (2) 8.80 3-0 FT Home 1.30 Wednesday 28th December 2022 Leeds – Manchester City Odds: (1) 7.50 (x) 6.50 (2)1.28 1-2 FT Away 1.28
  11. Everton vs Wolves Odds: (1) 2.25 (x) 3.30 (2) 3.20 Games on Boxing Day (December 26) They have not played at Goodison Park on Boxing Day. However, in four Boxing Day matches, all of which were held at Molineux Stadium, Wolves won 3 while Everton won 1. 1974: Wolves 2-0 Everton 1970: Wolves 2-0 Everton 1904: Wolves 0-3 Everton 1901: Wolves 2-1 Everton H2H: Games on Monday On Monday, Everton has not lost at Goodison Park to Wolves, they have met twice, with Everton winning on both occasions . However, in two matches played at Molineux Stadium on Monday, the Wolves have won one and drawn one. EPL: Home vs Away Form 2022-23 season At Goodison Park, Everton has played 7 EPL games with 2 (29%) victories, 2 (29%) ties, and 3 (42%) losses. Wolves has participated in 7 away EPL contests, recording 0 wins, 2 (29%) draws, and 5 (71%) losses. Frank Lampard vs Julen Lopetegui In two encounters, Lampard has never lost to Lopetegui. Both times they met at UCL, Lampard was in charge of Chelsea and Lopetegui was in charge of Sevilla. Chelsea never lost in either encounter, drawing 0-0 at Stamford and winning 0-4 at Sevilla. Lampard has coached Everton since January 31, 2022. In his 18 games at Goodison Park, he has won 9 (50%), tied 3 (17%), and lost 6 (33%), with one defeat coming at the hands of wolves. Progress after the World Cup break For any team, the break is a disguised blessing because it gives them time to reinvent themselves and fix their mistakes. Everton had a rough stretch before the FIFA world cup, and Lampard was under pressure. Additionally, the Wolves were in poor form and fired Bruno Lage as their coach before the World Cup. After being fired from Sevilla, this will be Lopetegui's first game in the EPL. Julian as a coach made his debuts at Rayo Vallecano (lost 0-2), Real Madrid B (won 0-2), Porto (won 2-0), Real Madrid (lost 2-4), and Sevilla (won 0-3) in his previous five matches. Lopetegui's won his first game for the Wolves after beating (2-0) Gillingham in Carabao Cup encounter. However, Gillingham plays in English League two, is last in the table, poor stretch of form, and has played 20 games so far and won only 2 of them. The win gives them confidence to approach Everton's match, which is on a higher level not comparable to Gillingham. Both teams have already competed in two friendlies with the majority of their starting lineup. Results for Everton (0-0 vs Celtic, 5-1 win vs Western Sydney Wanderers.) and Wolves (3-4 win vs Cadiz, 1-1 vs Empoli ) In Summary On Boxing Day, the Wolves has a 75% chance of winning. On Monday at Goodison Park, Everton has a 100% chance of winning. Lampard has never lost to Lopetegui. At Goodison Park, Lampard has a winning rate of 50%. In Lopetegui's debuts history, he has a 60% chance of winning. At Goodison Park, Everton has won 29% EPL games this season. The wolves has recorded 0 wins in EPL away this season. My Prediction Everton vs Wolves 2-1 or 1-1 FT
  12. Winning Mentality: Coach Aspects Lionel Scaloni Milestones Lionel Scaloni, 44 years old has been in charge for 4 years now, having been appointed to be Argentina's coach in August 2018, in his first task, Scaloni reached the Semi-finals of Copa America in 2019 but lost to Brazil and won Copa America in 2020 against Brazil. In his first spell at FIFA World Cup, he reached the finals which is a great achievement. However, Scaloni as a player never won the FIFA World Cup, played in a few games in 2006, and managed to play also with Messi,Tevez, Mascherano, Mauriccio Pochetino, et al, in 2006 world which they were eliminated in the quarter-finals. Didier Deschamp Milestones Didier Deschamp, 54 years old has been in charge for 10 years now, having been appointed to be France's coach in July 2012, in his first task, he reached the Semi-finals of the World cup in 2014 and lost to Germany, won the 2018 world cup against Croatia, and now in 2022, he is in the FIFA world cup consecutive finals. In EURO competitions, Deschamp has not attained any achievements, in 2016 he was eliminated in the finals by Portugal and eliminated in the quarter-finals by Switzerland in 2021. However, Didier Deschamp as a player won the 1998 world cup in which he played with the likes of Zinedine Zidane, Thiery Henry, Thuram, Petit, Barthez, Viera, et al. Summary The two coaches are almost even in a winning mentality, but Didier Deschamp due to experience is a bit ahead of Scaloni.
  13. Mathematical Winning probability Argentina vs France Opening Odds: (1) 2.80 (x) 3.00 (2) 2.80 Closing Odds: (1) 2.70 (x) 3.10 (2) 2.88 FIFA World Cup Finals Appearance Argentina has played in five finals, losing three and winning two. This accounts for 40% chance of winning the finals. France has played in three finals, losing one and winning two. This accounts for 67% chance of winning the finals. H2H against opponents in the last 7 FIFA world Cups (since 1998) Since 1998, Argentina has played 21 games against European teams, winning 8 (38%), drawing 7 (33%), and losing 6 (29%). This accounts for a 38% chance of winning against European opponents. Since 1998, France has played 11 games against South-American teams, winning 7(64%), drawing 3 (27%), and losing 1 (9%). This accounts for a 64% chance of winning against South American opponents. According to the mathematical probabilities, France has a better chance of winning than Argentina. In football, anything is possible, and the outcome of the game depends on the strategies used by the teams, so aspects like discipline, offense, and defense are crucial. However, I have some misgivings about Argentina's small odds. My Prediction Argentina vs France 3-2 FT
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