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  1. Thanks guys for the replies. Sir Puntalot, you make a good point about bookies being worried more about clever punter than they are of bigger stakes punters. I have been thinking a lot more about this, and it seems the best way to stay under the radar is to not actually win with the bookmaker in the long run but instead win with an exchange . What I plan to do now is to place my system bets and then place numerous other bets that will be "layed" on the exchange. Of course, many of the other bets might win but I expect in the long run, they will lose to the exchange. This would also hopefully disguise my system a bit better as so many other bets on other markets will be going through my account, and I also will make sure I make few if any win withdrawls with the bookie and also top up the account now and then. I would be interested to know if anyone else has a system that can only be used with a bookie, and if so have they managed to stay under the radar and kept account open and not restricted? Just to confirm, my system does not work on exchanges and only works with bookies that do Asian inplay corners. Cheers for any replies.
  2. Hello Guys, Can anyone tell me what kind of bets I can get on Bet365 on a daily basis without been flagged? I have heard of people getting accounts blocked on Bet365 so want to make sure I do not raise any flags. BTW, my bets are mostly inplay corners, so Bet365 is the best bookie for this and an exchange like Betfair would not work. I need to get on around 20 main bets per day, every day. My main bets will be the same amount of probably 50 quid, I may raise it if you guys think I might get away with it. To keep under the radar, I will be making a number of other bets throughout the day, many of them I plan to lay off at Betfair. The idea is so it does not look I have any kind of system. So, I would be looking to get through 2k a day, I know that is not a problem for many days but does it become a problem if you are betting 2k every day? I also have had warnings for been on Bet365 too long! Been more or less accused of been addicted to gambling lol. BTW, before anyone asks ;). I have been working on corner bets for 2 years, I have researched and tested many markets. I have and continue to test my main types of markets I have narrowed it down too. So, it is time to start getting a bit more serious. Thanks in advance.
  3. Cheers Guys. I still have a fair bit testing to do but not sure how many games I should test before it is likely to work. So far, I have tested over 300 games, my aim is to around 1000 games before actually going live and even then it will be smallish stakes building up gradually. How many games do you guys think should be tested before a system looks like a might work or not work? BTW, I see some scraps in the championship today with it been last day of the season, but not sure if that would create corners or actually mean the game will end in low amount of corners as teams will not want to give much away early in the games.
  4. But would they not just completely ban you instead? I think the bookie exchanges are eventually the place to be but limited markets for now make it difficult.
  5. I think the problem with corner bets is going to be able to get enough bets on without been flagged by the bookie. Putting large bets on corners will get you coming up in their system for sure. I think a absolute maximum would be 100 quick and then would be on the bigger games but smaller leagues 50 max. I am still very much in testing mode but it is very promising. The biggest worry though I get it to a decent return then the bookie restricts my account. It will not work on mickey mouse bookies who give shitty odds.
  6. Thanks. My idea was to basically narrow down the search by using tipsters and researching their games rather than I going through lots of games. Cheers, I will definitely continue my research and narrow it down to leagues whereby there is more value in the lines.
  7. Hi Guys, Can anyone recommend a good tipster or tipster site for "overs on total corners"? I have done some a bit research but I am struggling to find anything that stands out. I am looking for a tipster that has around 55% win rate on the Asian total corner lines. Basically, this is a similar rate to myself, but it takes up a lot of time and willing to pay a good tipster to save me time. Cheers for any recommendations.
  8. Ok, I definitely need to mix it up with a few different markets. I am thinking going inplay might be a better way to place bets too rather than backing too early. Cheers
  9. I am probably more concerned about the corner markets, I hear they do not like it if you specialise in a particular market. More of my bets will be corners. I have read backing inplay will cause less suspicion but not sure if that is true.
  10. When you say losing money every day, I presume you mean having some losing bets every day? I am 60% win rate so expect to have a number of losing bets in the day.
  11. Hi Guys, Hoping to get some advice about betting limits with a number of online bookies but especially bet365 and the best way to stay under the radar. Basically, I have been working on a system for some time now and I am ready to start going live with it, however I have only ever played for small stakes so raising my stakes quickly is likely to raise suspicion I presume. My system involves 2 way football markets such over 2.5gls, btts and various corner bets, I am not worried too much about over 2.5gls market as can be done on the betfair exchange but the other two, I am not sure about especially corner markets. What kind of limit would anyone advise to put on a total corner bet to stay under the radar? I will also be putting on bets and laying them off to avoid suspicion with a few silly acca's too. Would 100 quid bets create suspicion? I would be placing between 10-20 bets per day. Ideally I would want to place these bets once the game kicks off where the markets would be more lively, is that best time to place the bets? Any advice would be great. Thanks
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