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  1. Results Profit/Loss for above table +51.70pts Overall Profit/Loss 85.70pts Overall Selections 52 Won 34 Lost 18 Strike rate :- 65.38% AVG ODDS 1.86 R.O.I 26.78%
  2. I have to post this now as I missed a team off for midweek plus some games are on Friday odds will be updated soon for games without odds and tomorrow morning I will update results for the midweek games.
  3. On Saturday had 1 win out of 9 Sunday 19 winner from 22 just shows results can swing one way then the other I really need to get a huge sample of results. Overall Profit/Loss 34pts Overall Selections 32 Won 20 Lost 12 Strike rate :- 66.67% AVG ODDS 1.87 R.O.I 10.63% will add odds for the midweek games that don't have odds as soon as they are compiled
  4. Profit/Loss of the day Overall Profit/Loss -11.20pts Month Profit/Loss:- -45.10pts May Overall Selections 35 Won 16 Lost 19 Strike rate :- 45.71% AVG ODDS 1.73 R.O.I -12.47% April +34.60PTS R.O.I 8.24% So a small loss overall to end things. I may revisit it but I need to see results as it performs well when looking back at resuts and has also had little success over periods but that's been a couple of month here and there. So I'll check results on the other part of the forum
  5. Hi all, I will each week post Selections I feel have a good chance of winning without taking price into consideration. Where I used to have stats to help me make team ratings here I will only use my own eye's to rate teams. So new ratings have been issued and will be used in here for selections. Teams that I have not seen will for now be based on a few stats but I will look at watching them teams within the next 3/4 weeks. All prices here are taken from a website I use to track my bets. The prices you will see posted here are the odds I have been given on the site and are the BEST PRICE for each selection. I will not be backing all these teams with real money but wish to track them here. The teams I selected with real money will be kept away from the forum as I wish this to be abit of fun. Of course I want this to make profit and it could make profit but wish to make it clear any Profit or Loss here does not mean I have made that profit or loss away from the forum. So my advice to anyone do not follow this with real money and view it as entertainment. If this can or does turn over a profit then at a later date I may look at this a little more. after having a play around with this over the past few day's I believe our eye's and knowledge when it comes to ratings work better the stats but not everyone has the time. Results will be posted at the end of the last match on this list below so I will see you all on Monday
  6. Hi all, I think it's time to abandon this approach of working out a probabilty of a football game :(. The problem I have is ratings need to be spot on from day one in order for it to be profitable. I've tired a few new things and thought I'd found a way to rate teams. Sport is Sport and it's impossible to get a true Probabilty on it I'm sure most will agree. I tired hard for many years now to develop a football predictor with odds but at this moment in time I till don't have it. I will carry on predicting football matches as I enjoy it and can pick selections that have a good chance of winning but what I can't do is put a percentage on that outcome (well I can just not close enough). So what I'm going to do is clean this thread up when the selections have finished and move away form this approach. I enjoy posting on this forum so will continue to do so. I will more then likely post on the Glory Hunters forum using the methods I have used to predict football matches just without my compiled odds. Thanks all for looking in and I'm sorry I was unsuccesful with this. See you all soon
  7. Selections Single Ehime FC vs Kagoshima United Japan J2 League / 12th May 2019 @ 11:00 Double chance • Kagoshima United or draw Odds: 1.62 Stake: 10 Single Kyoto Purple Sanga vs Fagiano Okayama Japan J2 League / 12th May 2019 @ 06:00 Double chance • Kyoto Purple Sanga or draw Odds: 1.53 Stake: 10 Single V-Varen Nagasaki vs Albirex Niigata Japan J2 League / 11th May 2019 @ 06:00 Double chance • V-Varen Nagasaki or draw Bet365 Odds: 1.53 Stake: 10
  8. Single Lillestrom SK vs Rosenborg BK Eliteserien / 11th May 2019 @ 17:00 Double chance • Lillestrom SK or draw Odds: 1.57 Stake: 10
  9. Midweek Selections the forecast for midweek is teams to win Between 1/2 Profit/Loss Between -14.50pts & 8.00pts
  10. Single FC Inter Turku vs RoPS Rovaniemi Finland Veikkausliiga / 7th May 2019 @ 16:30 Double chance • RoPS Rovaniemi or draw Odds: 2.05 Stake: 10
  11. Selections Single Ilves vs FC Honka Espoo Finland Veikkausliiga / 7th May 2019 @ 16:30 Double chance • FC Honka Espoo or draw Odds: 1.55 Stake: 10 Single FC Cincinnati vs Montreal Impact United States MLS / 11th May 2019 @ 18:00 Double chance • Montreal Impact or draw Odds: 1.73 Stake: 10 Single Vancouver Whitecaps vs Portland Timbers United States MLS / 11th May 2019 @ 03:00 Double chance • Portland Timbers or draw Odds: 1.70 Stake: 10 Single Colorado Rapids vs Real Salt Lake United States MLS / 12th May 2019 @ 02:00 Double chance • Real Salt Lake or draw Odds: 1.83 Stake: 10 When all selections are selected they will then be put into a table and a forecast will be made.