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  1. FootballBettingPredictor

    SELECTION Single Norrby IF vs IK Brage Superettan / 2nd Jun 2018 @ 15:00 Match winner • IK Brage Odds: 2.55 Stake: 10
  2. FootballBettingPredictor

    SELECTIONS Single #14 Montreal Impact vs Houston Dynamo Major League Soccer / 3rd Jun 2018 @ 00:30 Match winner • Houston Dynamo Odds: 2.80 Stake: 10 Single #15 New York City FC vs Orlando City Major League Soccer / 3rd Jun 2018 @ 00:30 Match winner • New York City FC Odds: 1.44 Stake: 10 Single #16 Portland Timbers vs LA Galaxy Major League Soccer / 2nd Jun 2018 @ 22:00 Match winner • Portland Timbers Odds: 1.75 Stake: 10 MORE SELECTIONS ADDED
  3. FootballBettingPredictor

    Profit/Loss of the day +5.40pts Overall Profit/Loss +145.60PTS Month Profit/Loss:- -64.50pts Overall Selections 144 Won 86 Lost 57 Strike rate :- 59.72% AVG ODDS 1.92 R.O.I +10.11% so with that game out of the way leaves me with -64.50pts for the month on this thread can't get any worse in June can it ?
  4. FootballBettingPredictor

    here is some data I can see what leagues I do well in and ones that need work. I'm doing better at 1x2 rather then double chance. I'll be back over the weekend to update my process
  5. FootballBettingPredictor

    Single #1 IK Frej Täby vs Östers IF Superettan / 2nd Jun 2018 @ 15:00 Match winner • Östers IF Odds: 2.25 Stake: 10 Single #2 Degerfors IF vs IFK Värnamo Superettan / 2nd Jun 2018 @ 17:00 Match winner • Degerfors IF Odds: 1.86 Stake: 10 Single #3 Gefle IF vs Helsingborgs IF Superettan / 5th Jun 2018 @ 18:00 Match winner • Helsingborgs IF Odds: 1.76 Stake: 10 Single #4 Atlanta United vs Philadelphia Union Major League Soccer / 3rd Jun 2018 @ 00:30 Match winner • Atlanta United Odds: 1.56 Stake: 10 Single #5 Columbus Crew vs Toronto FC Major League Soccer / 3rd Jun 2018 @ 00:30 Match winner • Columbus Crew Odds: 1.97 Stake: 10 Single #6 Sporting Kansas City vs Minnesota United Major League Soccer / 4th Jun 2018 @ 01:30 Match winner • Sporting Kansas City Odds: 1.35 Stake: 10 Single #7 Corinthians vs América Mineiro Série A / 31st May 2018 @ 22:00 Match winner • Corinthians Odds: 1.54 Stake: 10 Single #8 TPS vs KuPS Veikkausliiga / 1st Jun 2018 @ 16:30 Match winner • KuPS Odds: 1.98 Stake: 10 Single #9 Oita Trinita vs Roasso Kumamoto J-League Division 2 / 3rd Jun 2018 @ 06:00 Match winner • Oita Trinita Odds: 1.78 Stake: 10 Single #10 Fagiano Okayama vs Montedio Yamagata J-League Division 2 / 2nd Jun 2018 @ 11:00 Match winner • Fagiano Okayama Odds: 2.10 Stake: 10 Single #11 Omiya Ardija vs Kamatamare Sanuki J-League Division 2 / 2nd Jun 2018 @ 08:00 Match winner • Omiya Ardija Odds: 1.51 Stake: 10 Single #12 FC Gifu vs Mito Hollyhock J-League Division 2 / 2nd Jun 2018 @ 07:00 Match winner • FC Gifu Odds: 2.48 Stake: 10 Single #13 Avispa Fukuoka vs Tokushima Vortis J-League Division 2 / 2nd Jun 2018 @ 06:00 Match winner • Avispa Fukuoka Odds: 2.69 Stake: 10 so 13 selections I've just noticed I've got a game tonight in there . So that game will be added to May's total. I'm not sure how often I will update this if daily every 2-3 days.
  6. FootballBettingPredictor

    So after taking the rest of the month off on this thread I'm currently still just over 14pts down on the month with 6/7 winners last couple of days. But for this thread it stands as May :- -69.90pts April:- +213.10PTS which = +143.20pts overall which means somewhere my working out on this has gone wrong so from now on I'll use the site I use to calculate my picks and let them do the maths for me What I will do from now on as well is each month reset from bet 1 and at the end of each month add it to the overall at the end of each month. I have a good idea who should win and teams that have a better chance of winning so selections now are the teams I feel have a good chance of winning and not always a value selection. The reason for this I'm not a bookmaker I don't need to balance a book when I place a bet I'm a punter. So like I've said before its impossible to get a exact percentage to who will win a sporting event. So I will use my methods to predict outcomes of football matches as well as what my eyes are seeing. lets see how it goes selections have been made and will post them now.
  7. FootballBettingPredictor

    Profit/Loss of the day -17.30PTS Overall Profit/Loss +140.20PTS Month Profit/Loss:- -69.90pts Overall Selections 143 Won 85 Lost 57 Strike rate :- 59.44% AVG ODDS 1.92 R.O.I +9.08% ok over the last couple of days I've looked in depth at many things into compiling odds and match predicting. I have always believed that in order to beat the book you needed to understand how they make the odds and just do it better then them. I have a good idea how they compile the odds at bet 365 as my odds are fairly close to the odds they have when first compiled. Now do I wannabe a odds compiler or a punter ? a question that I needed to answer. I watch a lot of football and love analyzing data in sports. I also like predicting outcome of events and enjoy putting my knowledge to the test. I understand why the bookmakers set percentages on sporting events in order for us punters to have a bet. In a sporting event its impossible to put an exact percentage on an outcome happening. With a flick of a coin its 50-50 there can be no argument about that. But Man city at home to Swansea we can all have a percentage of what we think it could/should be but no one can have an exact percentage. I've mostly been a value punter betting when I believe value is there. I read this is the only way to win long term which make sense right ?. Even though I'm in profit with this over 400 selections overall (143 on this thread) could that just be luck ? Back to the question odds compiler or punter ? I'm a punter but I do enjoy compiling odds so the question is do I just predict which teams will win or try to give a percentage to an outcome that is impossible to get 100% exact ? answers I'm currently looking for anyone else asked this question ?
  8. FootballBettingPredictor

    Selections Single #142 Östers IF vs GAIS Superettan / 22nd May 2018 @ 18:00 Match winner • Östers IF Odds: 2.22 Stake: 10 Single #143 Örebro SK vs Kalmar FF Allsvenskan / 22nd May 2018 @ 18:00 Match winner • Örebro SK Odds: 2.27 Stake: 10 Single #144 IFK Mariehamn vs FC Lahti Veikkausliiga / 22nd May 2018 @ 17:00 Match winner • IFK Mariehamn Odds: 2.87 Stake: 10 Single #145 TPS vs FC Honka Veikkausliiga / 22nd May 2018 @ 16:30 Match winner • FC Honka Odds: 2.70 Stake: 10 hopefully get back on track
  9. FootballBettingPredictor

    Profit/Loss of the day -32.20PTS Overall Profit/Loss +157.50PTS Month Profit/Loss:- -52.60pts Overall Selections 139 Won 84 Lost 54 Strike rate :- 60.43% AVG ODDS 1.92 R.O.I +11.33% what a month just can't get anything going been working hard this week to try and see how I can better this. a revamp of odds is being looked at and strength of team rating revamp. We be back very soon
  10. FootballBettingPredictor

    Selection #141 Single Fluminense vs Atlético Paranaense Série A / 20th May 2018 @ 23:00 Double chance • Atlético Paranaense or draw Odds: 2.00 Stake: 10
  11. FootballBettingPredictor

    Selection #140 Single Chicago Fire vs Houston Dynamo Major League Soccer / 20th May 2018 @ 21:00 Match winner • Chicago Fire Odds: 2.25 Stake: 10
  12. FootballBettingPredictor

    Selection #139 Single São Paulo vs Santos Série A / 20th May 2018 @ 20:00 Match winner • São Paulo Odds: 2.04 Stake: 10 today is not going well but I'm hoping I've just came across something here
  13. The bookmakers don't care who win's as long as the book is balanced. When Compiling odds they need to know where the money could be going. You don't see the odds the bookmakers set for long as the punters shape the market the odds you see at kick off are the odds the punters have made. You say the bookmaker know 98% the time who will win ? they use overround to roughly around 6/7% to help it's very basic what they do to compile odds. Of course they need to be aware of info on team news that punters will see and use to make there selection. In many cases they will try to point punters in a direction to bet by tweeting out stats going on radio/T.V giving out who there BET OF THE WEEKEND is. But like I've send it's us the punters that make the odds move from looking at odds compiling in football for many years it amazes me how many punters bet. I'd say most do it for fun and bet on teams they think will win whatever the price they don't care about value. I've been trying for a few years to crack the code I see many systems or predictors looking to predict the outcome of the game without using percentages & saying home away or draw. I have no idea what is the best way is maybe it is just predicting the outcome and betting teams who you think will win. I for one have always looked for value by trying to give percentages to outcomes as I believe that what it should be betting when you think the price is to big or to low. But saying that if someone gives you 10/1 on heads in heads and tails and tails is flipped 10 in a row you would be very unlucky but 10 pts down and people will question if what you were doing is right. myself and many other people will try to work towards a long term profitable system/project. Most fail and I will most likely be one of them as well but it won't stop me from trying. Even though I don't post much apart from in my thread I'm always reading the forum and very interested in what other people are doing so keep up all the good work people and hope one day we find what we are looking for.
  14. FootballBettingPredictor

    Selection #138 Single Helsingborgs IF vs Örgryte IS Superettan / 20th May 2018 @ 16:30 Double chance • Örgryte IS or draw Odds: 1.85 Stake: 10 another strange price on the home side here this will be the last selection of the day
  15. FootballBettingPredictor

    Selection #137 Single Sport Recife vs Corinthians Série A / 20th May 2018 @ 20:00 Double chance • Corinthians or draw Odds: 1.75 Stake: 10 Home team opened up at 3.00 there was small value in that price. They are now 2.10 I'm happy to take them on at the price I make Sport Recife a slight fav here at 2.70.