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  1. I think this will be a victory for Liverpool with at least 1 goal handicap. Burnley is expected to win, and also Newcastle. For Southampton I am backing the draw.
  2. Watford, I manage to get the X. On Liverpool i lost because of that 88" goal. Last 4 games: Arsenal 1, City 1 (-1 handicap), the other 2, Xs.
  3. I didnt have time to share my bets, but overall for me it was a very good last week. System progressed, profits increased after last 10 games, following a 25 games with overall just 5-10% increase in bank. I took, Watford X, Leicester X which were the main drives for increasing in bank. Man Utd, as everyone else, i lost on them against West Brom.
  4. hi everyone, For the round I will give 4 predictions, which I also support by betting the same way: Tottenham City - X; yes it will be very disputed and frankly can go either way. But X is one chance from which you get more value (odds 3.5). Probably it will be 2-2, I expect at least 3 goals in this game Burnley - Leicester X. Teams are too alike, so a draw is very probable Southampton Chelsea 2. Both are played from bad too worse currently, but Southampton has failed a lot at home, this season. I conclude, they will fail one more time Crystal Brighton 1. It will be a close game, but Crystal have the edge. Better form, twice the goals Brigton scored this season in this setup (Crystal playing at home, and Brighton Away) Last round I did 1 mistake while predicting the 10 games, but managed to get a close to 2% profit. This time, I am targeting for 60%
  5. Premier League Predictions > Apr 7th & 8th

    I think this round had a lot of surprises, would you agree? What I mean is about Away teams to win. I did a quick check over the last 10 years for PL. Average percentage that away team to win is 28%. This round it was 50%. And it wasn't that very weak teams played at home against very good team, this wasn't the case. All games were evenly matched. Maybe with the exception of Liverpool, but Pool had a draw, anyway. Another thing that was off the statistics, it that home teams are expected to win in 46% of the games. This round, we had not a single game where HT to win from all 8 games. I think overall this round was very unluckily, so wonder what you think. Btw, my predictions, system above had 8% per game profit increase, despite all these shenanigans.. @ Magic0024, I did some checks for Arsenal, regarding points at home from totals and chance to score at home from total number of games. The link you shared shows for this season, so I added other seasons in the mix. Pls check it out - file attached. If you guys are interested in any kind of statistics I can have a look. Best of luck with the next 2 games! PS: I strongly support Arsenal and Chelsea this time, to overturn the statistics table.
  6. Premier League Predictions > Apr 7th & 8th

    My recommendation for next round: Chelsea, 1 with handicap -1 Arsenal 1 City 1 Bournemouth X Brighton 1, and tempted to take even at -1 handicap West Brom 1 Stoke 2 Watford X Leicester 1 and Everton X, but this is a risky one
  7. A bit late, here, but here were my predictions for the last round: Crystal Palace 1 - 2 Liverpool --- 2 + both teams to score, or +2.5 goals Brighton 0 - 2 Leicester --- 2 Manchester Utd 2 - 0 Swansea ---- United to win at -1 handicap Newcastle 1 - 0 Huddersfield --- 1 Watford 2 - 2 Bournemouth ---- X West Brom 1 - 2 Burnley ---- 1 (this was lost) West Ham 3 - 0 Southampton --- 1 Everton 1 - 3 Manchester City --- X (i tried the surprise for higher odds) Arsenal 3 - 0 Stoke --- 1 Chelsea 1 - 3 Tottenham ---- X2 I have created a system to help with predictions, if you are interested i can share it. This is free. Thanks and hope i posted in the right place (just joined the community which is awesome).