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  1. CzechPunter, thank you for the reply. I'd like to send you a PM message but it seems that I am not allowed to? (the system says I can send 0 messages per day). How can I send you a message? Pokud by Vam to nevadilo, rad bych se jeste zeptal par veci ohledne sazeni na tenis - hlavne na chovani bookies v tomto ohledu.
  2. do not know of a data set for ITF, Challenger and Futures? Ideally in excel format. mluvite cesky?
  3. Actually, the better players are dangerous to oppose. Federer has in the past strung together 40, 41 wins in a row, so did Djokovic and Nadal. So if you oppose them, you can win big, but it can also bankkrupt you. I am thinking of opposing the players who are good but not good enough to string together 15 wins in a row. This is not a strategy to make much money, just to bet on tennis and make a little profit:). But I do worry that if my bookies see me that I am using this system, they might go against me. The stakes can get actually high at some point...500-600EUR on a match, easily. Is that a lot?
  4. Hello, I am new to betting and to this world in general. So please bear with me if this question is too simple. But I'd like to know what is your experience with bookmakers closing or limiting your account? And under what conditions this this happen? I'd like to try a system based on progressive betting (i.e. bet 2, if you lose, bet 4 etc. until you get your invested sum + some minor profit back). I wonder whether strategies based on this simple principle are banned by bookmakers? I know they hate arbing ..where there's no risk to the punter, but here obviously the risk is clear as the line of successive necessary betts ..i.e. progression can be so huge that it it will either bankrupt you or you won't be able to place the next bet (image a team losing 20 time in a row though you're betting on its success). In my case I'd like to bet on tennis..and against tennis players until they lose. Will I be banned for such a strategy?And generally speaking what is your experience with the bookmakers. Thank you!