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  1. 130 Ch: Allmankind 210 Ch: Aramon 250 Ch: Latest Exhibition 330 Ch: Clan des Obeaux 410 Ch: Shantou Flyer 450 Ch: Monkfish 530 Ch: The Bosses Oscar
  2. 130 Ch: Itchy Feet 210 Ch: Third Wind 250 Ch: Riders on the storm 330 Ch: Paisley Park 410 Ch: Deyrann de Carjac 450 Ch: Concertista 530 Ch: Deise Alba
  3. 130 Ch: Envoi Allen 210 Ch: Champ 250 Ch: Sempo 330 Ch: Defi du Seuil 410 Ch: Easyland 450 Ch: Aramax 530 Ch: Panic Attack
  4. 130 Ch: Asterion Forlonge 210 Ch: Cashback 250 Ch: Vinndication 330 Ch: Pentland Hills 410 Ch: Benie des Dieux 450 Ch: Espoir du Guye 530 Ch: Springfield Fox
  5. My first runner as an 'owner'! Definitely adds an element of excitement ?
  6. Like you've never been away Darran! ?
  7. A Christmas present sees me onboard with the Racing Emporium (the Easterbys) who are only based 25 miles away so should make a stable visit nice and easy. Shares in Cottam (named for Easterby racing HQ) a two year old gelding they are planning to take into bumpers ahead of a career over the jumps. All a bit of interesting fun really but looking forward to the updates etc.
  8. 1.55 Y: Gunmetal2.25 Y: Persuasion3.00 Y: Logician3.35 Y: Crystal Ocean4.15 Y: Mancini4.50 Y: Hard Nut
  9. Just wondering if the top ten thread is coming back now the flat season is well underway? A tough winter over the jumps but the flat did us well last year.
  10. No problem. Actually hoping Darran's footie tips for tonight improve what's been a pretty terrible couple of days at the races!
  11. No slight on Darran's tipping at all (which has been excellent). Just sparring with Lisa - some you win and others you lose...
  12. 130 CH: Lostintranslation 210 CH: A toi Phil 250 CH: Un de Sceaux 330 CH: Paisley Park 410 CH: Janika 450 CH: Epatante 530 CH: It's all guesswork
  13. 130 CH: Battleoverdoyen210 CH: Delta Work250 CH: Brio Conti330 CH: Altior410 CH: Tiger Roll450 CH: Coko Beach530 CH: Envoi Allen
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