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  1. I haven't been back to the forum for a while but it looks like things in the UK haven't changed, I have had accounts gubbed in the past ( not for a long time now mind you ) but lately I overcame it by betting with Bitcoin bookies.  

  2. On 13/03/2018 at 5:33 PM, Carol said:

    Apologies. They paid up. Very very reluctantly. They tried to link to an old Ladbrokes account that had an incorrect DOB, wrong address, no email address and no phone number, wasn't even a username! I'd pulled their T&C's apart and they offered to settle on the last day before I commenced court action as a goodwill gesture, yeah right!

    Good news @Carol.  What was the trick?  I have a young friend who is going through the exact same thing with Crownbet (who just purchased William Hill Australia) they are an Australian bookmaker.  They were taking her bets on eSport she beat them to the tune of around AUD$ 50,000 (about GBP 27,000) they refunded her deposits and said that she had committed fraud, apparently they rang her on a Saturday morning at around 9am and her phone ran out of battery so she called them back on another phone and they claim this proves its not her account.  It is before the Northern Territory Gaming Commission, who said they are handing it to the racing board.....  Its been around 6 months so far  :@ 

  3. On 31/01/2018 at 5:16 AM, Caan Berry said:

    Totally agreed.

    Only thing that's worth adding to the general flavour if this thread; I think it's very little to do with how much you've won, but more to do the prices at which you have done it (and how fast). Industry is certainly changing. 

    I agree it has a lot less to do with how much you win and more to do with how you bet.  I had an account limited at Marathon in around half an hour for sniping prices.  Bookies call it "Twigs and Leaves", what they mean by that is that they leave some prices out there on obscure markets trapping snipers into taking the bait.  Or if you consistently take a price prior to a market move they will ping you.  My side of the world calls it getting clipped I believe you guys call it gubbing (dont know why)????  

    My solution was to bet with crypto sportsbooks, they don't have any way of clipping you.

    I'm new here so I don't know if I can post bookies names or not, if its allowed I can give my review on a few of the crypto bookies.

  4. Nicky Henderson has an unbelievable strike rate at Huntington (34%+) and his runner in the 5th ROYAL RUBY looks the goods, his last win was this time last year at Southwell over the same distance with similar going the 4/1 on offer seems ripe for the picking...

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