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  1. How are Roma gonna play then if they need to force the issue? There is no tactic in the world that involves going for 3 goals while limiting space in behind. Look at their game against Barca they sat on the half way line and squeezed Barca for 90. Very effective tactic because Barca refused to use long balls or pace up top. Liverpool will only hit long balls and run at pace. In fact Roma were so incensed by the effectiveness of this tactic they complained after the 1st leg about how Liverpool were just a long ball team hahaha...hahaha. What so they shouldn’t use a tactic that you have no answer to. Oh dear. Anyway maybe my perspective is wrong and Roma win. GL to all.
  2. Just to add a bit more detail about Roma as a home team. They have been good in the UCL, unbeaten to this point and not conceded a goal. However in Serie A at home they are frankly gash. As far as I can see they've lost to every top 8 side they've played at home...Napoli, Fiorentina, AC Milan, Inter, Atalanta, Sampdoria and yet to play Juve. Looking at these game highlights they are getting burnt regularly by pacey forwards on the counter which is exactly what Liverpool have. I mean it's stating the obvious after the 1st leg but it does beg the question how good are Roma really? Despite the Barca game, their poor home form for me says they don't enjoy having to force the issue and break teams down and much prefer hitting at pace. No chance they can do that in this game.
  3. Steven Gerrard is a youth coach so unlikely to have any impact whatsoever. Also Buvac loss shouldn’t be felt much if at all given the position Liverpool find themselves in up 3 goals on agg. I’m sure Klopp can tell his players to defend with everyone behind the ball and when you get the chance kick it long to Salah. Haha...but seriously that is how easy EDF made it for Liverpool in the 1st leg. He should check his Italian birth certificate. Roma have a very good record at home, however I’ve rarely been that impressed by them in home games this season across Serie A and UCL. Okay beating Barca 3-0 is impressive but I think that was a freak result which I lay largely at the inept feet of Valverde. Prior home leg against Shakhtar was so dull they were unconvincing and squeezed by 1-0. Against At Madrid in the group stage they should have lost 1/2-0 if not for Alisson miracles. I do not see lightning striking twice here and with EDF being forced this time to leave space in behind chasing the tie I expect Salah and co to hurt Roma often. Liverpool on the AH 0 for me.
  4. This doesn’t make sense, respectfully. Roma conceded 4 goals away to Barcelona while Liverpool conceded 1 to Man City away and zero at home including zero shots on target. Also before the Barca tie Roma conceded 2 goals to a Shakhtar team that is well below this standard of competition. 6 months ago I’d be banging on about Liverpool’s poor defence, but more experience for their young defenders and the addition of VVD has changed that for me.
  5. I agree with your thoughts on the announcement of Wenger’s final exit from the club, however that shouldn’t change the 1 focus that the club has had for some time now which is winning the Europa League and qualifying for the champions league. For that reason I will wait to see if key players like Ozil and Ramsey start as Aresenal will need to be at their best to beat this -1 for me. Further, the matchup between Wenger and Moyes has always been a tight one going back to Moyes years at Everton with Arsenal rarely beating -1 handicap and Moyes tactics.
  6. Liverpool's main focus will be on their midweek 1st leg semi against Roma with the chance to reach the UEFA CL final for the first time in over 10 years. Klopp's team selection reflects the importance of this match with a number of key starters being left on the bench, however importantly Salah is in the starting lineup. The Hawthorne's have been a very unhappy hunting ground for a number of years for Liverpool with an inability to win consistently at this ground over the last 5 years. No doubt they will be happy to see WBA relegated to the championship which seems very likely. However Darren Moore has managed to achieve what seemed impossible which was another win this season and achieved that feat at Man Utd no less. He is unbeaten in his 2 games in charge and based on this turn of form for the home team, their record against Liverpool and the away team's focus being on the crucial midweek game and not wanting to risk themselves too much I will be taking WBA +1.00 AH here @ odds of 2.00. Also feel that WBA at 7's represents very attractive value for an unlikely double over 2 top 4 sides. Note.. Moreno starts at LB so we'll probably see a few goals in this one.
  7. I like the under 2.5 pick above in Nor v Aus, with my only concern being Norway seem to be the sort of team that like playing open games with goals. Aus lack goal scoring power and haven't been that defensively resolute, however under the new guidance of Maarwick I expect the whole team setup will change from the more expansive possession style under Ange Postecoglu to a more defensive style 4-5-1 which looks to hit teams on the brake. Unless Norway are in the mood for gifting goals, then u2.5 seems likely.
  8. Iceland at 200 look stand out long shots to me. Ordinarily I'd agree England are over hyped and of little value, but I have a feeling they'll surprise a little this time around. Not saying they will win it, but reckon they could reach a QF with some luck. With a number of England's players playing under the genius of Pep I reckon that could have a flow effect both in terms of football IQ and confidence. Doesn't hurt that possibly Europe's number 1 goalscorer also leads the line.
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