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** September Nap's Competition Result: 1st Boulder5111, 2nd Craig Bluenose, 3rd Barnsley Chop, 4th Zilzalian KO Cup: Bathtime For Rupert, Most Winners: Waggy**
**October Poker League Result : 1st muttley £75, 2nd ian309 £45, 3rd thebestthere £30**
** Last Man Standing Result - Ivailobg/Cookro split 1st £125 / Larking22 1st Consolation Cup £50 **


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  1. Well, yes I appreciate what you have to say. I would never bet every 33-1 just like I would never bet every odds on fav. Finding the true odds, is of course exactly the right answer. A punter has to find where the bookies have got it wrong. I've no disagreement there whatever.
  2. Am willing to do when people like yourself show an interest.
  3. Well yes I might do. but of course everyone must realise that firstly 33-1 winners are very few and far between. To find one takes a lot of hard work and knowledge. so don't expect them very often. There might not be another one for 6 months for all I know. What i do know though is when odds -on favs are rubbish. of course I aren't always right , no one in the world can do that. (Is my paragraphing OK now?) 60% of odds-on favs win over all. So over 100 races at average of 1-3 60 win so you would put (say) £100 on each. =total £10,000 . 60 win giving a return of £133 eac
  4. There are 2 massive reasons why this was an outstanding bet. Find them!
  5. he he just like VDW did , publish result and tease!
  6. Although Speed figs are a major criteria , I also look for patterns and all sorts of other stuff, like times of year a horse performed well etc etc just to let you know my last big winner was MAQUISARD 3.35 HUNTINGDON 26TH OF MARCH 2018 W33-1 Only by a neck but that will do. I lost my voice cheering it home. it was not speed figures that got it but VAN DER WHEIL. i tried to search for the guy on here who answered my VDW question (partly) but can't find it, sorry. unless i get any serious and proper comments on here about this result you will never hear from me again. Please don't make
  7. Fair enough I did not know and am quite prepared to apologise. There was no such thing in my day. Sorry.
  8. Snoop Dog How are you going to do a place accumulator. Theres no such bet allowed. Bookies aren't stupid
  9. I accept your apology but if these insults keep carrying on , I'm gone from this forum. i find this forum at 64 years of age just totally non-constructive although I do very much appreciate the draw results you posted. I'm far too old to put up with idiots. Compared to other forums I was on 20 years ago this just seems like bollocks to me. Bar me I could not give a toss.
  10. I know the difference between a place pot and a jackpot. I don't even know why you would insult my intelligence like that.
  11. Firstly I don't copy it from word. Secondly Richard-Westwood wrote a very nice post which I answered to last night.
  12. I don't like rude people. I came on hear to enjoy my re-kindled hobby. Small minded rude people like you who have nothing constructive to say are just a waste of time to me. if I want to meet small minded idiots I can just go out to the pubs in town. i have a wealth of experience to share but I don't think I'll bother now. I know more about horse racing than you could ever know. fcuk off.
  13. Is this a cryptic clue to something? I de-code your message as ASCOT FOUND NO LUCK, SPUD. Only kidding bud.
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