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  1. Professor MJ, Please advise that Bruins would be a qualifier under The Stingy Goalies rule if Blue Jackets price (current Pinnacle price is 2.25) would less than 2.25. And than would disqualify that game (Blue Jackets v Bruins) for betting. Thanks
  2. I see, I might mixed wording. English is not my first language. Please advise than that The Scoring Drought is based on 2 straight lost games or on min 2 straight lost games. Thanks.
  3. Hello Professor MJ, I thought you discarded 3+ Losing Scoring Drought option and kept only 2-Game Losing Scoring Drought as more profitable. Am I wrong?
  4. Got it, thank you giraldi. Will have some time after Xmas so will test it and give you a feedback. Thanx, mate.
  5. Hello giraldi, Would love to test your statistical tool with full access. Looks very promising and read a lot of good things so quite excited to learn it myself. If you would not mind to give me a VIP licence it would be awesome. Thank you foryour answer in advance. Regards, Josy
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